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( How Can Love Be Explained? (2)

Xi Mushan left the room after helping Xi Jiyang lie down, taking the set of keys Xi Jiyang had given him.

He saw Yue Lingsi lying on the sofa while Xi Xinyi comforted her as he went downstairs. When they heard the sound of his footsteps, they raised their heads.

“Father, are you heading out again? Tonight’s dinner…” Xi Xinyi asked carefully.

“I have an appointment tonight. You guys have fun with the celebrations.” Xi Mushan glanced at Xi Xinyi without slowing down as he walked toward the door.

“Xi Mushan, you’re neglecting both of us right now! Do you have an appointment or are you meeting that witch, Shen Wenna? Xinyi was discharged today and we can’t even have dinner together? You bastard!” Yue Lingsi could not stand Xi Mushan’s attitude anymore. As he was leaving the house, she grabbed the ashtray on the table and hurled it towards him!



In defense, Xi Mushan raised his arm and the ashtray made contact with his arm. It was such a loud crash that Xi Xinyi was shocked.

The ashtray then shattered on the floor and Xi Mushan’s expression darkened with pain. However, it just stopped him for a few moments before he proceeded on his way out quietly.

“Mother! What’s wrong with you?! Are you trying to make Father dislike you even more?” Xi Xinyi could not believe what Yue Lingsi had just done. Every time she had a fight with Xi Mushan, her logic just vanished out of the window. Not only would she yell, but she could also be violent as well. The usual elegance that was present in her daily life was nowhere to be seen. Xi Xinyi was irritated by her irrationality.

“Father will just dislike you even more if you keep doing this. If you learn more to be like Shen Wenna, maybe Father would change his mind,” Xi Xinyi mumbled.

However, before she could finish her sentence, Yue Lingsi could not stand it anymore and glared at Xi Xinyi irately. “What did you say? So, even you think I’m not on par with that witch Shen Wenna? Just what’s so good about Shen Wenna? What’s so good about her? Huh? Each and every one of you speak of her like a holy maiden. I’m ten thousand times better than her. Just who does she think she is? Is she better than me? Why should I learn from her? I hate her self-righteous and cold attitude, always acting all high and mighty. Hmph, witch… Even her daughter is the same!” Yue Lingsi started criticizing and lashing out with all her inner anger. If she still kept it inside, she might very well go insane.

Xi Xinyi frowned quietly and just let her rant.

Night fell and the lights blanketed the whole city again, making it look beautiful and mesmerizing.

At around half past nine, the night classes at University A were ending. The bell rang and Shen Wenna started packing up her stuff before she switched the computer off.

“Alright, class ends here today. See you guys in the next class.”

“Goodbye, Teacher!”

Shen Wenna was now teaching a second-year general elective subject, so night classes were common. She would usually stay over at the school whenever there were night classes instead of heading back to the Shen Residence.

It was still pretty lively around when the class just ended. Shen Wenna did not drive today, so she walked toward her apartment after packing up and found herself an unexpected guest.

“What are you doing here?” Shen Wenna frowned as her expression turned cold when she saw Xi Mushan.

Xi Mushan looked at her without saying anything. The strong reek of alcohol coming from him made Shen Wenna frown even deeper. His eyes seemed empty. He was very drunk indeed!

Shen Wenna ignored him as he kept quiet. She took her keys out and went past him to open the door. Just as she was about to close it, Xi Mushan stopped the door from closing with his hand.

“Wenna…” Xi Mushan called out to her in his hoarse voice, trying to force himself in.

“Get out!”

“I don’t want to!”

Xi Mushan shut the door, the strong alcohol smell from him almost making Shen Wenna pass out. Looking at her with his red eyes, he mumbled, “I’m not getting out, not getting out, Wenna… I’m not going anywhere. I’ll stay here… Here… Not going anywhere…”

After that nonsensical sentence, he stumbled toward the sofa nearby and collapsed on it.

Shen Wenna was startled for a moment and only came back to her senses after a while. She turned around and saw him fast asleep on the sofa, totally ignoring how she felt. She stormed over angrily. “Get up, Xi Mushan. Get out! Go back to West Park! Get up! Get up right now!”

Xi Muhan was dizzy as she shook him. At the same time, he struggled. “I don’t want to. I’m not going back to West Park… Don’t leave me, Wenna…”

He curled up on the sofa and was determined to stay, agitating Shen Wenna.

“You’re a real bastard! I’d have called the police already if not for our daughter! Bastard!” Shen Wenna nudged him roughly several times before taking a deep breath. Then, she sat down on the sofa beside him, exhausted.

Xi Mushan mumbled as he continued sleeping with a frown. He seemed to be in a lot of pain and his face seemed much skinnier than the last time she had seen him.

She heard that Xi Jiyang was very sick right now, so he must be really worried. Xi Xiaye had mentioned it the last time she came. Things did not look well for Xi Jiyang.

Shen Wenna rarely followed up on the Xi family because she hardly had any contact with them. With the exception when Xi Mushan sent her some gifts sometimes, there was no communication between them.

While Yue Lingsi looked for her a lot of times, she hardly entertained her.

However, her peaceful life was still disrupted. If Yue Lingsi found out that Xi Mushan was at her place, it was going to be chaos.

She heard passing whispers about what had happened lately. The Xi family was having some conflict with the Han family. Shen Yue had mentioned that Xi Mushan had had a fight with the Yue family; it must be because of Xi Xinyi.

The Yues and the Xis…

She was starting to get a headache and decided to stop thinking about it. Grabbing her bag, she went into the study room.


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