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( Change Of Strategy (3)

As she thought about it, Deng Wenwen halted, and suddenly in a daze, without hearing what Yue Lingsi had said, she slumped onto the sofa!

“Grandmother! Grandmother! Are you okay?!”

“Mother! Are you okay?!”

Xi Xinyi and Yue Lingsi were instantly shocked. They quickly helped Deng Wenwen up together.

“Quickly get her medication!” Xi Xinyi urged.

Yue Lingsi quickly took the medication from the drawer on the side and got several pills out for Deng Wenwen to swallow.

She lay down on the sofa to ease for quite a while before Deng Wenwen finally broke free of her dizziness. When they saw her eyes open, Xi Xinyi and Yue Lingsi were relieved.

“Grandmother, you scared me! You’ve been worried about my problems recently. Now, you should start to recover yourself. Leave Yueying to me and Mother,” Xi Xinyi said gently as she sat down near Deng Wenwen.

Deng Wenwen caught her breath. Her health really was not been how it had been in recent days, especially after she was hospitalized the last time. Now, being disturbed by Xi Xiaye and Xi Xinyi’s drama, she felt extremely worn out.

“Mother, find time to relax with Grandmother. Everyone’s been quite down recently, so it’s good to go out for walks too. Tomorrow, I’ll get tickets for a recent concert. When you’ve got the time, bring Grandmother out.”

“I won’t be going to any concerts. Help me upstairs to rest first,” Deng Wenwen said, clearly fatigued. Then, she struggled to get up.

Xi Xinyi and Yue Lingsi exchanged a look before nodding. “Okay then…”

After they helped Deng Wenwen to her room, the mother and daughter returned to the living room once again and sat down close to each other.

“Your grandmother makes sense. Just leave the Han family be for now. This time, when you join the company, you must win over everyone’s hearts as quickly as you can. There are already quite some people leaning towards Xiaye that witch, and some directors and actors have also been in touch with her. Caitlin that witch has already signed on with Yueying. She came over under Glory World and became someone under Xi Xiaye. Especially now that the company has begun to unearth new talents, Xi Xiaye and their end have been grooming quite a number of newcomers. In fact, with a veteran artiste like Caitlin to keep things up, they are really making things quite dazzling.”

When this was brought up, Yue Lingsi’s expression was gloomy as the dark sky blanketed with dark clouds. Her gaze was extremely cold too. “If this continues, she’s going to be ahead of us very soon. When it comes to many of the important decisions in the company, it might reach a point where they make the decisions. They’re already getting above our heads! They might even be doing it on purpose.”

“Mother, don’t be too worried. I’ll take note of it. When I join the company, we should introduce some newcomers ourselves. We have the Han Corporation and Qi Kai supporting us on our end. There’s no way Xi Xiaye can turn everything on its head and get ahead of us. The connections that we’ve worked hard to build aren’t something that Xi Xiaye can easily ruin as she wishes, so don’t be too worried. I have my ways, Mother, trust me!”

Xi Xinyi’s eyes were filled with confidence, yet, even so, Yue Lingsi could notice that after she was discharged from the hospital, Xi Xinyi had a change in personality. She seemed to have become a whole different person, yet she could not put her finger on what had changed.

Yue Lingsi thought about it, then nodded. “We’ll go with what your grandmother said then. We’ll stabilize them for now, and not provoke that witch, Xiaye, but we won’t let go of this so easily!”

“Of course, and that goes for Shen Wenna, Mother. I’ll definitely help you get back at them.”

Xi Mushan had not gone home for the past two days, but he always came back to see Xi Jiyang before he left again. It was as if he was very busy. He had always spoken very little to them, so Yue Lingsi was already used to it. After their huge argument a few days ago, the husband and wife did not exchange another word, not even a word of greeting. Yue Lingsi could feel that apart from being hostile, Xi Mushan seemed to have become more resentful towards her.

They had been married for over 20 years now, but it seemed as if their hearts had never touched. Forget about touching, they did not even have the chance to brush shoulders!

When she thought about this, Yue Lingsi could not help but feel aggrieved and sorrowful. She sat down quietly and did not hear what Xi Xinyi said.

The mother and daughter sat just like that. After a while, the sound of a car from the outside was heard, then the maid’s voice followed. “Mayor, you’re back!”

Xi Mushan was back!

The mother and daughter subconsciously looked at the door. Indeed they saw Xi Mushan walking in from outside. He even held a green bonsai. Inside the pot, a little sapling was growing with a lot of vitality. The tender green leaves swayed gently with Xi Mushan’s steps.

At this moment, there was rare tranquility on Xi Mushan’s face.

When Xi Xinyi saw Xi Mushan come in, she could not help but call out to him, “Father!”

Xi Mushan then looked up. When he saw Xi Xinyi get up, his expression turned slightly rigid and he nodded. “Rest well.”

“Thank you, Father, I will. What plant is this? It looks very vibrant. Is it for Grandfather?” Xi Xinyi very quickly walked up.

“Your grandfather’s not been in very good health, so I bought him a pot of plant to make things livelier.”

Xi Mushan’s stern and handsome face looked indifferent. He took a glance at Yue Lingsi who seemed like she was about to walk up to him too. Then, he coldly averted his gaze and walked toward the stairs.

Xi Xinyi blocked his path as she quickly said to Xi Mushan, “Father, Mother says that it’s a good day because I was discharged today, so she’s planning on cooking. Stay home for dinner tonight.”

“No thanks, I have dinner plans, you two celebrate yourselves,” Xi Mushan said apathetically, then he walked upstairs without as much of a second look at Yue Lingsi.

When she saw Xi Mushan gradually walk up the stairs, Yue Lingsi’s expression turned extremely gloomy. Her teeth almost turned to powder from grinding. She had to use up a lot of will to suppress the anger that surged up in her chest. Breathing heavily, she glared at Xi Mushan’s figure.

Xi Xinyi frowned and watched Yue Lingshi who seemed like she was about to explode. She advised softly, “Mother! Don’t be angry! Don’t be like this. Otherwise, you’ll wake Grandfather and Grandmother up!”

“What does he mean? Huh? What does he mean?! Is he not willing to even just share a meal together?” Yue Lingsi growled with clenched fists.

“Okay, Mother! Don’t be angry! Take it slow!” Xi Xinyi looked helplessly at Yue Lingsi.


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