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( Change Of Strategy (2)

Yang Sheng was startled when he noticed Qi Lei getting into a bad mood, but he still tried to persuade him, “Master Qi, Elder Madam is just worried and anxious for you. She’s very uneasy that CEO still hasn’t handed over the company to you. Ms. Xian Er comes from a well-known family and she’s pretty. On top of that, she has liked you since a long time ago. This marriage is nothing but beneficial for you!”

Qi Lei’s expression turned cold.

“Master Qi, I know you don’t like to listen to this, but I’m just stating the truth. Elder Madam doesn’t like Ms. Gu, and it’s impossible between you and Ms. Gu, so why do you still cling onto her?”

Yang Sheng was familiar with Qi Lei’s mother. He had been assigned to help Qi Lei when Qi Lei first entered Qi Kai. After working with him for so many years, he was well-informed about Qi Lei’s circumstances.

“It doesn’t matter whether she likes her or not. I hope all of you can shut up regarding anything between me and Sha Sha. I don’t want anyone talking about her.”

Qi Lei was getting irritated, and a pain started to blossom in his chest everytime this was mentioned. All of this heartache originated from a woman called Gu Lingsha!

“Then, Master Qi, Ms. Xiaye…” Yang Sheng asked carefully.

“Observe Mu Yuchen’s actions. He seems to be investigating my old man. I want to know what he finds out. Even I don’t know what my own father is doing! Mu Yuchen has spent several years and doesn’t seem to have achieved much as well.” Qi Lei laughed coldly.

“Master Qi, do you think First Master and Ms. Gu are still alive? Was it really CEO who saved them back then? Elder Madam suspected it was the Gu family and that CEO is just bait. If that was not the case, the Gu family wouldn’t have kept quiet all along! Elder Madam hinted to CEO for you to take over the company for so many years, yet he did not respond…” Yang Sheng analyzed and voiced out his thoughts.

Qi Kai’s CEO Qi Qiming loved his eldest son, Qi Feng, and was cold towards his wife’s son, Qi Lei. It was a well-known fact in the circle, yet Qi Lei’s mother held a large amount of Qi Kai’s stock.

Qi Qiming planned to leave Qi Kai to his eldest son, Qi Feng, to take over. Qi Lei’s mother, Wang Qin, obviously disagreed, so Qi Feng and Wang Qin had a rough fight back then, and Yang Sheng had witnessed all of it.

Qi Feng had put a lot of effort in to take down Wang Qin, but she was not a weakling. She was powerful and very experienced in the business world.

“Master Qi, you’re actually smarter than First Master. If you can change your personality slightly, CEO might favor you. You know he likes obedient people…”

As Yang Sheng kept on with his persuasion, Qi Lei chuckled at him coldly. “Do you think I need to be a dog like him and bow down to the old man? He thought he was talented, but he’s nothing without the old man!”

After saying those words coldly, he headed into the car.

Yang Sheng watched from the back and sighed.

Qi Lei would become oddly frustrated whenever these topics were brought into conversation. For the whole day, he would be in a bad mood, and most of it was because of Gu Lingsha.

At the same time, in West Park, there was another equally frustrated Xi Xinyi.

Xi Xinyi had been discharged that morning, but she did not go back to Han Yifeng’s villa and went back to West Park instead. She did not mention a word about what happened between her and Han Yifeng.

“Xin Er, you haven’t fully recovered yet. Are you sure you can start working now?” Deng Wenwen looked at Xi Xinyi hesitantly.

“I can do it, Grandmother. I don’t really have much to do now anyway. I’ll just start working and learning now so that I’ll have an easier time in the future. There’s still Mother and Yifeng around to help me out. I’ll move back for this period of time. Firstly, it’s to spend more time with you and Grandfather. Secondly, I can report on work to you daily. I think I’ll be able to catch up very soon.” Xi Xinyi gave a humble reply while her exhausted expression seemed very pitiful. She tried to put on a calm act, which worked because Deng Wenwen seemed much better when she saw Xi Xinyi holding up.

“I’m glad that you can think this way. We can’t really do anything about the Han family, so focus on your career for now. I don’t think they can still ignore you after you give birth. I know Elder Han very well. He’ll never abandon the offspring of the Han family, so don’t worry.”

Deng Wenwen’s eyes still looked sharp as she laughed coldly. “What we need to do now is keep calm and not do anything reckless. Lingsi, I know your friction with Mushan has been getting worse lately, but don’t go and look for Shen Wenna because of this. It might trigger Xiaye and things will get even worse. As for Xinyi, be careful, I hope nothing similar will happen again.”

“I understand, Grandmother. I won’t make those mistakes again. I promise to make Yueying better since it’s the result of hard work from you and Mother. Please believe in me! I’ll put in all my effort into Yueying. I can do it with the help of Yifeng and Mother as well as my maternal grandfather!” Xi Xinyi sounded very confident. Her eyes seemed determined as well.

After all, she had a trump card!

Even if Xi Xiaye had Mu Yuchen guarding her back, she believed that if they had the will, there would be a way to break her.

“Mmm, as long as you’re aware. Go to work tomorrow with your mother. I’ve informed the stakeholders beforehand, so they are still behaving now, but you still need to be careful yourself.”

Deng Wenwen let out a long sigh, sounding tired. “This company will still be handled by you two in the future. I hope I won’t be disappointed.”

After putting in so much for Yueying, in the end…

For a brief moment, Deng Wenwen had an odd feeling. She was doubting her decision back then! She had traded her whole life for Yueying, and now Yueying was being handed to Xinyi. What did she really get in the end?

She could not get Xi Jiyang’s love or children of her own…

She did not get anything a woman should. What had she been doing all these years?

She started to feel empty inside…

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