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(Change Of Strategy (1)

In the afternoon, the rain continued. The happy tune from the rain droplets dancing reached their ears. On the sofa beside the large window, Xi Xiaye used Mu Yuchen’s lap as her pillow as she watched the hazy world outside.

Mu Yuchen was on a call with Vice President Zhang Lan.

“Please take care of the South River project. Director Xi is taking leave for several days. She’ll send you a list of things to take note of and the work to be completed later on. Remember to submit the proposal tomorrow. Call me directly if there are any issues.”

“Noted, Chairman Mu. I’ve been following up on this project as well. I’ll take care of it. Have fun with Director Xi.” Zhang Lan laughed.

“Mmm.” Mu Yuchen gave a brief reply before hanging up.

“Isn’t this a little too much? I should be handling the project… It feels like I’m lazy at work.” Xi Xiaye turned her head around and looked at him.

He put his phone aside. “Be lazy then. We’re taking our wedding photos soon. I’ve always wanted you to rest more. You should only get back to it after our wedding. Things should be on track by then and you don’t need to feel so tired.”

“I wanted to go on a strike, but I’m also worried that I’ll degenerate from laziness.”

“Nothing wrong with a woman handling the household. What’s the point of you working so hard?” He chuckled as he ran his fingers through her beautiful, long hair.

“Because I hadn’t met the strong Mr. Mu back then… Who wouldn’t want to become a little woman who’s loved and cared for? Well, most women are really amazing now. They can be a strong, tough woman on the outside, and transform into a little woman back at home. All the strong and kind people should receive blessings from above.”

She was looking at him with her beautiful eyes as she said this calmly. She grabbed his hand on her waist and held them. Through their palms, they could feel each other’s temperatures, enabling them to feel each other more deeply.

“When I found out that an accident had happened and I couldn’t call you, I was really afraid… So I…”

Mu Yuchen’s heart softened as he smiled. “I never knew you were such a klutz. You didn’t listen to everything Li Si said and hung up… How can anything happen to me before I marry you officially into the Mu family?”

“My phone drowned in the rain. It can’t be used now…”

“I’ve asked them to get you a new one. It’ll arrive soon.”

“The Pu Er tea here is pretty good. Don’t you like this tea nowadays? I’m heading to the tea shop tomorrow. Do you want to come with me?”

He nodded with a smile. He had never told her that he changed all the tea at home to Pu Er or flower tea because he found out she had a little stomach infection. Pu Er was known to be good for gastrointestinal conditions.

Xi Xiaye never noticed that ever since she stayed with him, she had proper meals at appropriate times and stopped having gastric ever since.

Inside the Vice President of Glory World’s office in City Z.

Qi Lei came over to deliver the completed proposal personally. However, he frowned when he did not see Xi Xiaye. He hesitated for a moment when he saw Zhang Lan. “Isn’t Director Xi in charge of this project?”

Zhang Lan gave him a business-appropriate smile. “Director Xi is on leave for a while. She’s probably busy preparing for her wedding photoshoot with Chairman Mu, so I’ve been assigned to take over this project temporarily. Please do come to me if you have any questions regarding this project, Vice President Qi. I’ll be handling it for now.”

Qi Lei’s eyes darkened when he heard Zhang Lan’s update. He was getting uncomfortable inside. He wanted to ask her out for dinner as a token of appreciation. Of course, this time was just to thank her.

She had done almost all the preparations for them in order to get the proposal done as soon as possible while he had only spent less than half a day to get it completed.

He never expected her to be such a meticulous and serious person unlike how he saw her on the surface, cold and rigid.

After giving it some thought, Qi Lei could not help but ask, “When is she coming back to work?”

“I’m not sure. Director Xi is pretty exhausted from working on this project, so Chairman Mu would probably want her to rest longer.”

Zhang Lan smiled as she looked at the document in Qi Lei’s hand. “Vice President Qi, you must be here to deliver the proposal, aren’t you? Director Xi told me about it. You can just pass it to me.”

Qi Lei then decided to give it to Zhang Lan. He extended his arm to his assistant, Yang Sheng at the back, who handed him a gift box.

“This is my gift for Director Xi as a token of appreciation for her help last night. Please thank her for me.”

Her help last night?

Was Director Xi not in City B right now?

Zhang Lan was doubtful as she looked at the gift box Qi Lei handed over. After some hesitation, she did not take it and replied instead, “Since it’s a token of appreciation, wouldn’t it be better if you handed it to her personally when she returns to work?

“I think I’ll leave it to you. I don’t know when she’ll be back. It might take a long time, no?”

Qi Lei let out a wicked laugh before leaving the box on Zhang Lan’s office table. He then proceeded to turn around and leave.

Zhang Lan put on a bitter smile as she looked at the gift box, then she sat down and started looking through the documents.

“Master Qi, Chairman Mu and Xi Xiaye aren’t really going to have their wedding, are they? I heard the Mu family is starting to make preparations recently.”

The assistant, Yang Sheng, asked when they walked out of the Glory World Corporation office, “Could it be the first of May? It’s coming up in a few days, but there’s been no news about it at all!”

Qi Lei did not reply immediately as his eyes darkened. “I haven’t been back there for several days. How’s the situation?”

Yang Sheng instantly understood what Qi Lei meant by “there”. It was the Qi Residence!

“Master Qi, CEO boarded a plane to Los Angeles this morning. Your mother hopes that you can go back. Ms. Xian Er has been accompanying her for the past few days and she likes her a lot. Ms. Xian Er is quite sweet. Everyone says she’s rather easygoing.”

“Just how much benefit did you get from my mother to help her convince me right now? That Xian Er is not my type at all. Tell my mother to send her away before anything happens!” Qi Le huffed impatiently.

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