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( Not Allowed To Be Sad 2)

She just let him watch her. In his eyes, there was a tenderness that was hard to explain.

As he watched, the wet hot tears that welled up in her eyes fell once again right into his palms. The scorching fireworks instantly made him feel burning pain.

He pulled her into his arms, letting her feel his beating heart and warm temperature even more clearly.

“Don’t worry. There’s just a scratch on my arm. This time, I really have to thank Ah Mo. It was him who was quick-witted and stepped on the accelerator, stopping the car that came my way. Otherwise, your Mr. Mu might be in heaven right now. But Ah Mo was hurt quite badly. Let’s go take a look, then we’ll go back to the hotel so you can get a good shower. Be careful not to catch a cold. I’ve called Lingshi. She’ll probably be rushing over tomorrow morning since there aren’t any more flights to come here right now.”

Ah Mo was hurt quite badly!?

When she heard these words, she suddenly stopped sobbing and glanced up at him tearfully. Her voice was raspy as she asked, “How is Ah Mo?”

“He had a slight concussion. There’s a bone fracture on his left hand and some scratches on his arm. Come, let’s go and take a look.”

Then, he lowered his head to kiss her forehead before he held her and walked towards the wards.

“Sis-in-law? Why are you here?”

When Ah Mo who was on the sick bed saw the sorry-looking Xi Xiaye, he could not help but cry out in surprise. He widened his eyes and looked at his Master who was embracing her with extreme gentleness. Then, he could not help but smile again in understanding.

Ah Mo was hurt more severely. His head was even wrapped in a bandage, and his left hand was covered in thick dressing too.

“Ah Mo, how are you feeling?” Xi Xiaye looked at Ah Mo through her misty eyes.

“No worries. It’s just a small injury as long as Master is alright. Master, I’m fine over here since Li Si is around. Sister-in-law is drenched. You two should go back for a shower at the hotel and rest well,” Ah Mo assured.

Mu Yuchen nodded. “Rest well. I’ll investigate this matter. As for work, I’ll get someone to take over temporarily for now. You just rest at ease.”

When an investigation was mentioned, Ah Mo thought about it, then suddenly said, “Master, I actually think that that person wasn’t planning on hitting anyone. Maybe they were only trying to scare us because I noticed that they did slow down. In fact, they were turning the steering wheel sideways. Coincidentally, I crashed into him, so that person couldn’t escape in time…”

As he listened to his account, Mu Yuchen lowered his gaze. One could not quite tell what his emotions were from his handsome face. “I’ll handle this. Rest well.”

As soon as he finished, Li Si had returned from getting the medications. “Master, Missus!”

“Li Si, I’ll let you look after this end. If there’s anything, let me know.”

“Got it. Master, take Missus back to the hotel soon. The car’s right outside.”

When they walked out of the hospital, the downpour outside had not stopped, so the ground was covered in puddles. The black-suited bodyguard had been waiting at the entrance for quite a while.

The husband and wife dashed straight for the hotel once they got into the car.

Since it was already past 4 a.m. in the morning, Li Si had already called for the hotel to prepare supper.

With his arm around her, they entered the room and the bodyguards outside very respectfully closed the door.


Xi Xiaye’s slender body made a turn and she very quickly broke free from his arm that was on her shoulder. Blocking his way and looking up at him with her twinkling eyes, there were still faint glimmers in her vaguely teary eyes. Her fair and beautiful face was slightly crimson. Her long interweaved seaweed-like hair had been half-dried by him in the car.

Seeing her like that, he was startled. He silently lowered his head to study her too.

As she looked on, the glimmer in her eyes flickered for a moment. Her beautiful face was filled with a vulnerable gentleness. When she saw his eyes seeping with tenderness, she felt the urge to cry, yet she did not say anything. Instead, she just suddenly closed in on him, her slender arms gently hugging his shoulders, and pulling him down hard.

Her cool, rose pink lips immediately met with his lips for a kiss, while he returned the passion. As she did all of that, he instantly reached to circle her slender waist with his arms. In just one turn, he quickly pushed her against the back of the door behind him and pulled his coat that was on her shoulders off before he tossed it aside…

They closed in tightly to each other. He let her explore his turf with some difficulty and unfamiliarity. After days of drifting and tossing about this lonesome city, her faint warmth infected him too.

Her slightly cold hand passed through his thin clothes, allowing him to feel her meticulous and soft touch. In an instant, he could not help but tremble.

What an alluring woman!

He was increasingly poisoned. No matter how those other women had teased him in the past, he did not seem to be interested, but when it came to her teasing him, he seemed to lose all rationality.

Xi Xiaye could not care about restraint anymore. He had seen her at her worst anyway.

“Don’t you want to shower? You got caught in the rain…”

He panted slightly whilst his hand gripped onto her wrist tightly. His dark eyes were mixed with a blaze and fireworks that could not be concealed, yet with a final strand of rationality, he was concerned for her even if their clothes were already so rumpled.

“Hold on… I think… I…”

As her raspy voice spoke, her little hands began to explore around.

Before she could finish, he had already leaned in for a kiss and took control, pushing back the rest of the words she had wanted to say.

“It’s just the same if we shower together later.”

Then, he just carried her up by the waist and took huge strides towards the bedroom.

Their affectionate ordeal lasted till the morning before the battle finally ceased.

After they showered, Xi Xiaye could not care about supper or breakfast anymore. Mu Yuchen forced her to drink a bowl of hot ginger soup before she drowsily fell asleep.

She was already long exhausted from a whole day of running around, and to top it off, he completely wiped out her energy. Still, when she fell asleep, she was hugging his arm tightly while he slept sideways beside her, calmly watching her sleep with the dim lights from the table lamp.

A long while after that, there was a smile on the corner of his lips. He closed his eyes with satisfaction and fell asleep too.

“Mu Yuchen…”

He had just shut his eyes when he heard her call out his name and even felt her hand looking for him. He then pulled the blanket tighter around them and pulled her into his arms.

“Sleep, Missus… Xiaye…”

Earlier, when he had seen her break down to weep in hopelessness, his entire heart had melted. He felt his heart ache with her. Because of her sudden appearance, he was touched, happy, and even felt warm.

Such a silly girl…

He did not know what to say to her.

He had already decided on her, so it had to be her.

All things beautiful about her was his life. He knew he should appreciate them because his future definitely belonged to her.

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