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(The Most Beautiful Wedding Photos (4)

She circled her arms tightly around his shoulders, and answered rather matter-of-factly, “The most matching couple in this world is us. Who dares to say otherwise?”

He brazenly retorted, “Can you be any more shameless? Have you ever seen someone pair a wedding dress with sandals?”

When they returned to Maple Residence, Ah Mo and Mu Lingshi were already done packing up. Mu Yuchen asked them to stay for dinner, but both of them did not stay. Obviously, they did not want to disturb the couple spending time with each other.

After dinner, Mu Yuchen went to answer a call. It was from Su Chen.

There was suddenly a strong gust of wind outside. It looked like it was about to rain, and there were lightning bolts from time to time in the night sky too. Xi Xiaye was worried, so she made a trip to the hospital. Shen Yue had already gone back while Xi Mushan had gone over earlier.

After Xi Xiaye helped Shen Wenna with her shower, she helped Shen Wenna lie down again.

When Shen Wenna lay down, she suddenly said to Xi Xiaye, “Go home. It’s fine with Sis Fu watching me here. I just can’t see. It’s not like I have some illness and can’t move.”

“When did Father come over?” Xi Xiaye helped fix Shen Wenna’s blanket as she asked.

“He came over in the afternoon. Your grandpa even…” Shen Wenna sighed, not wanting to continue. “Okay, go home. You’ve been tired the entire day. It’s fine if you don’t come. I’ll be fine on my own.”

“It’s fine. I don’t have the habit of sleeping early either. There might be a thunderstorm tonight, so I came over to take a look, and at the same time, talk to the doctor. Otherwise, I’d be worried. Go to sleep earlier then. You can be discharged when your condition stabilizes in another two days.”

“Mmm, don’t come over in the next two days. It’s going to be the first of May soon. You have to be busy delegating work. Ah Chen’s busy too. Don’t keep dragging him over. I’m fine.”

Shen Wenna obviously did not want to be a burden to them. They had a lot of things to worry about, and she heard that Shen Yue was even planning to get Xiaye to familiarize herself with Fuhua’s business. When that happened, she would have even less time and she would need to adapt eventually.

As Shen Yue’s daughter, truthfully, she had not done much for Shen Yue. Instead, she made him worry for her his entire life.

And now…

“Mother, don’t think too much. You are the mother that I respect. Taking care of you is what I should do, just as how you raised me.”

Xi Xiaye suddenly stopped what she was doing and silently looked at Shen Wenna whose eyes were hollow. She struggled for a while, before she said softly, “Mother, do you… still love Father?”

When she heard this, Shen Wenna was startled. After a long while, she muttered, “Didn’t I answer this before?”

“I wanted to ask if you still love Father now. Not if you once loved him.”

Xi Xiaye’s eyes lit up with hope. She fixed her gaze onto Shen Wenna, not wanting to miss any changes in her expression. “Father has always loved you deeply. I have always hoped that the two of you could get back together again and that Father could return to our side.”

“I know that you’ve been hurt by what Father did, but… but…”

Xi Xiaye did not continue in the end because she realized that every time she spoke about this, tears would form at the corner of Shen Wenna’s gently shut eyes. Her hands had also clutched onto the blanket tightly.

She could only sigh and finally got up to quietly leave.

When she left the ward, Xi Xiaye’s eyes were moist. She leaned against the cold wall and took a few deep breaths before she forced the numbing pain in her chest away. She was about to wipe the tears at the corner of her eyes away when a white handkerchief was handed to her.

Still in a stupor, she reflexively took it and wiped the corner of her eyes as she looked up to see who it was. Then, she realized that the person before her was unexpectedly Qi Lei!

“Why is it you again?”

Xi Xiaye was about to cry out, but Qi Lei lifted a hand to shush and stop her. She then realized that it was late at night and that she was at the hospital.

“Why are you here?” asked, Xi Xiaye frowning as her movements stopped too.

“My friend was hospitalized. I know that Aunty Shen is here, so I wanted to come over to take a look. What? Why are you looking at me like that? I’m telling the truth. Even though I do have that bit of grudge with Mu Yuchen, I’ve always had protective feelings over the fairer sex. I wouldn’t attack you. Don’t worry!”

Qi Lei was not like before this. He was always the oddball, but now he seemed much more normal instead.

“Qi Lei, I’m warning you. Don’t think about going for my mother!” Xi Xiaye scowled and glared at him.

“What are you saying? I don’t like older women. Of course, I wouldn’t think of going for Teacher Shen, but there is an extremely high possibility of me going for you. I might now be getting in touch with my future mother-in-law right now. Everyone could get to know each other better first. What’s so bad about that?”

The bedazzling smile on Qi Lei’s face blossomed like a flower as he admired Xi Xiaye’s face that darkened.

She looked so cute even when she was angry!

“I’m very sorry. I’m taken now. You’d better stay far away from me. You are the most shameless man I’ve ever met!”

“You can’t get women if you aren’t shameless! Would Mu Yuchen have been able to get you if he wasn’t shameless?” Qi Lei laughed.

Xi Xiaye was speechless. She really wanted to hit him in the head. Instead, she glared at him, then turned around to leave as she cursed, “Lunatic!”

“I’m not crazy! Xiaye! Also, hey, you dropped something, do you still want it?”

Xi Xiaye only stopped walking when he pointed this out. She turned to look and noticed him swaying a pen at her.

A very familiar pen!

It looked like hers!

Xi Xiaye’s brows perked up. She then remembered the book she had lost and this pen. It seemed like she had forgotten to bring it back after accompanying Shen Wenna on that walk.

She did not say anything, just picking up her pace and continuing to walk ahead.

When she walked out of the hospital, it was already raining cats and dogs outside. By the time Xi Xiaye quickly ran to the car and got in, she was half-drenched.

The sky continued to flicker with lightning as Xi Xiaye quickly drove away from the car park. As she was about to step on the accelerator and speed ahead, she saw that Qi Lei had caught up with her. He knocked on her car window.

“Give me a ride too. I stay in the Grand Lake Villa area. It’s on the way anyway and my car can’t seem to start,” spoke Qi Lei with a deep frown through the half-opened car window. She could see that his clothes were practically soaked while his car tires seemed to have been punctured.

As Xi Xiaye watched him in his sorry state, she suddenly laughed, rejoicing in his misfortune. She shrugged helplessly and stepped on the accelerator. The car sped ahead and left him stranded.


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