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( Happy Times (1)

Su Chen’s expression darkened as he hesitated for a moment. “Get Ah Mo to investigate it thoroughly when he’s over there this time. We might be able to find something out.”

“Qi Qiming is really skilled at anti-spying. His background has made him really sensitive about it. I tried sending people to follow him, but all of them lost him somewhere. He must be really vigilant.”

Mu Yuchen’s expression turned serious as well while a cold light was emitted from his deep, dark eyes.

Su Chen suddenly thought about it and asked, “How’s the investigation on the accident in City B? Don’t tell me it’s really just an accident. It doesn’t add up. That’s the Gu family’s turf. You might’ve been watched the whole time you were there. Moreover, it’s such massive news that you came back to take over Glory World. They must have been aware.”

Mu Yuchen put aside the spices he just mixed, then he took the potatoes Su Chen washed and started slicing them up. His expression returned to his usual calmness.

“The driver is in the last stage of lung cancer and he’s unconscious now. Before that, his lover suddenly received a transaction of $200,000. After some investigation, we found out the driver transferred it to her, but the clues ended right there.”

Mu Yuchen’s voice was calm, but Su Chen frowned. “So, the driver might have something about that person? Didn’t you check his account?”

“The driver banked the cash in. We couldn’t get any useful information about it unless the driver can talk.”

Su Chen held his forehead. “This seems really tricky. I think you should be more careful as I’m feeling quite uneasy about this. If someone were behind this, they’d be coming for you. You should be more alert from now on. Assign more bodyguards with you. You’ve got many anyway.”

He continued, apparently worried about it, “I’m worried that the Gu family or the Qi family might be behind this. You’ll be in a very passive position. Be careful before we’re clear what’s happening. The enemy is in the dark, after all, so be cautious.”

“Don’t worry. They need to reevaluate themselves if they really want to come at me.”

Su Chen shrugged when he heard Mu Yuchen’s relaxed tone. “You’re really not worried at all, huh? You’d better take care of yourself. If something happens to you, your wife might just go down with you. I know it’s not something nice to hear, but I don’t think she can take a second blow now. I heard from Lingshi that Xiaye almost broke down when Elder Xi passed away.”

When Xi Xiaye was mentioned, Mu Yuchen’s expression was not as cool as before. He paused his a little. “She’s just like that. She’s very fragile emotionally. Although she’s a totally different person than when she’s at work, I’m used to it already.”

Su Chen laughed and teased him, “Look at you caring about her. Are you really a man?”

“A real man cares about his woman. Smart men should be like me. Find someone and settle down. Zhou Zimo and you are like the clouds in the sky floating casually. I feel lonely for you guys up there.”

Mu Yuchen’s serious words made Su Chen roll his eyes at him. “Although I don’t agree with people saying that women are tools to warm the bed up, don’t you think that marriage is really like a cage?”

“A cage? That’s how they see it. I don’t know, and I don’t want to know. Only people who know how to appreciate it can be happy, wise, and accepting, and you’ll be fine.”

While Mu Yuchen felt it was relatable, his tone started to become low. “If you feel that you can live better after marrying someone, that means you’ve made the right choice, and now I’m feeling it.”

Su Chen sighed as he looked at Mu Yuchen with an envious smile. “You’re lucky to have met the right person. My father always tells me and Zimo to follow your example, but they don’t understand how hard it is to find true love in this world.”

“When I just met Xiaye, I just admired her and didn’t dislike her. Thinking back now, I’m surprised that I suggested marrying her.” Mu Yuchen stopped his hand movements and looked at Su Chen.

Su Chen gave him a wry smile while he patted Mu Yuchen’s shoulder. “You think I don’t know you? You must be lusting after her beauty. The way you call Xiaye is so flirtatious… Ah!”

Before Su Chen could finish his sentence Mu Yuchen gave him an uppercut. Su Chen groaned and then shut up, swallowing the blood that came from biting his tongue.

“That was harsh! Are we really friends?” Su Chen groaned again as he gave Mu Yuchen a frown.

“I don’t think you transferred the money to me the last time we played cards, did you?” Mu Yuchen said.

“I’ll go and see what they are up to!” Su Chen swiftly ducked away.

The dinner was a feast. It had been a long time since they gathered, so they drank a lot right until midnight, then Su Chen and Zhou Zimo went back drunk.

After sending Zhou Zimo to his car, Ah Mo turned around and told Mu Yuchen, “Master, Vice President Liu has started taking action. More than half of Yueying’s stakeholders are willing to join Chenye Movies and Televisions. I’m sure the directors, as well as the actors, will support us too.”

Mu Yuchen nodded. “I’ll wait for your good news then. After the preparation is complete over there, you can start spreading the news. Let them struggle after that.”

“Yes, Master, Li Si is working on it already. I’ll bring you positive news in a few days’ time. After everything is settled here, I’m sure you can have a peaceful wedding with Missus.” Ah Mo smiled genuinely.

“Mmm, it’s pretty late now. You should go back. Ask the chauffeur to send them home. Your sister-in-law and Lingshi should be heading back as well.”



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