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(Loss Of Reputation (5)

She was willing to give up everything for Yueying, yet this woman was saying that she was useless and blamed her for not running Yueying well.

She even intended to leave Yueying to her and Xi Xinyi. How could she not be fed up when she heard something like that?

Deng Wenwen’s face turned pale as her breath was running short. She glared at Yue Lingsi and pointed a finger at her as her tone started to turn uneven. “You… You… Great! You’re so shameless being the Mayoress… and even…”

Yue Lingsi cackled, throwing the tablet in front of Deng Wenwen. “What about me now? Yes, I have another man with me. So what? So what if I’m the Mayoress? There are many men that want to be with me even if Xi Mushan doesn’t, I can and I have found someone who’s younger and better looking than him. Why should I keep myself lonely while he has always only thought about that witch Shen Wenna? Has he ever appreciated it? Shouldn’t you be grateful that I helped you to manage Yueying? Yet, you’re blaming me now. You’ve never been concerned for me even when I had to rush everywhere. You scolded me instead! Who do you think you are? You’re just an old lady lying on the bed that needs someone to take care of you!”

Her usual elegance was nowhere to be seen as her face was filled with disgust and scorn.

She was still so arrogant even when she had to stay in bed. Did she think she was still the all-powerful CEO Deng?

Deng Wenwen trembled after she heard Yue Lingsi’s words. Her eyes stretched even bigger as she panted. “You… You witch… Witch… What are you saying?”

Before she could finish her sentence, her face turned beetroot and she fell back onto the bed.

At this moment, there was a knock on the door. The nurse came in and was shocked to see the exact moment Deng Wenwen collapsed back on the bed!

“The patient can’t be provoked anymore. What did you say to her!?”

The nurse rushed over and pressed the emergency bell located behind the bed. She had been nearby when she heard the argument, so she had gone over to check.

Doctors rushed over quickly and gave Deng Wenwen a checkup, then they sent her into the operation room.

Yue Lingsi did not say a thing. She wanted to just leave when the doctors pushed Deng Wenwen away, but Xi Xinyi was right there when she walked out of the room.

Xi Xinyi stared blankly at Deng Wenwen as she was wheeled away by the doctors. She had her phone in her hand, and when Deng Wenwen was pushed around the corner, she turned towards Yue Lingsi. Her eyes were filled with complication and doubt, and even some disappointment and anger.

“Xinyi…” Yue Lingsi called out to her as she went forward.

However, Xi Xinyi backed away. “Don’t come over!”

Xi Xinyi then asked, “The news on Weibo is fake, isn’t it?”

“Xinyi, I…”

“Are they? Tell me! I want to know the truth!” Xi Xinyi started to tear up. She stared straight at Yue Lingsi as she clenched her phone tightly and her body froze.

“Xinyi, listen to me. I have my reasons…” Yue Lingsi became anxious, so she grabbed Xi Xinyi who flung her arms away!

“Let go of me! So, those are real? You’re cheating with Arthur? You had sex with him and that’s why you recommended him?” Xi Xinyi clutched her hand with her phone as she glared at Yue Lingsi coldly.

Arthur had only become the male lead for several films before, and the company was not really fond of him. When they suggested discovering new talent, Yue Lingsi highly recommended him. Xi Xinyi and Yue Lingsi almost fought with each other because of this decision!

“Listen to me, Xinyi. It was only a few times, really… Your father… You won’t understand. You have to trust me, Xinyi!” Yue Lingsi felt bitter inside as she remembered all those miserable moments. She felt a lot of pain apart from the sense of being defeated.

“A few times? Mother, haven’t you thought about the consequences if this is exposed? Look at Weibo now. It’s such a gigantic scandal! Grandfather doesn’t even dare to pick up calls at the moment. Don’t you feel shameless? Why do I have a mother like you?”

Xi Xinyi felt helpless as she leaned onto the wall and barely remained standing. “Xi Xiaye forced us out of West Park, so I can only put our things at Han Yifeng’s villa now before working on Yueying’s issue again. I didn’t expect this scandal to just totally destroy Yueying. Even Manager Zhang and Manager Liang have left. Yueying’s only left with us now. It’s an empty shell with countless issues. Are you happy now?”

Yue Lingsi was shocked to hear Xi Xinyi. “What did you say? Xi Xiaye forced us out of West Park?”

Xi Xinyi put on a bitter smile. “We can’t go back to West Park anymore. A big bunch of reporters has surrounded West Park and the entertainment circle on Weibo are all talking about it, about you… Mother, Yueying is destroyed, and you… You’d better think of a way to deal with the reporters. I just called Uncle. Grandfather was furious and even said that the Yue family doesn’t have a shameless daughter like you!”


Yue Lingsi’s legs gave way as she slumped onto the long bench on the side.

“Impossible… This is impossible…”

Xi Xinyi took a deep breath. “Grandmother met Xi Xiaye this afternoon, and she called Mu Yuchen over. They looked for Lawyer Wang and forced us out of West Park! Not only did they destroy Yueying, but they even gave us a hard time. The wicked witch!”

Xi Xinyi’s eyes were icy cold when she reported about this. She held her phone tightly as she spoke in an icy-cold tone, “I will not let things end like this, Xi Xiaye!”

“Xinyi, what are you going to do?” Yue Lingsi looked at Xi Xinyi with swollen eyes. However, Xi Xinyi glanced at her in revulsion without saying a thing as she turned around and left.

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