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Alex pov

“Nooo this can’t be, I can’t loose her to that bastard ” I yelled as i slammed my hands on the table.

“I told you to follow her wherever she goes, how was she able to go with that idiot?” I said as I slapped on of the hoodlums.

Ever since we graduated from college, I’ve been keeping an eye on bimmy, I’ve fallen for her ever since I saw her.

But she failed to see this as she went for Miguel instead.

I can’t let her be with him!

Not while I’m living!

“Boss,one of his bodyguards is one of us, we can ask for the location of their whereabouts ” the head of the hoodlums said.
“Do that immediately ” I ordered as I smashed the vase on the wall angrily.

He must not touch her , he dares not! I thought.

The door opened revealing Stephanie.

“How could you let Miguel out of sight? I yelled making her flinch.

“He left while I was in a party yesterday ” She said .

“I don’t even know their whereabouts ” She added.

Heavens knows I feel like kil*ing her.

“Just shut the hell up” I roared.

I was restless,

What if they already had s*x?

What if they’ve reconciled?

There are many if’s!

Miguel pov ~

I got home later in the evening, I was hoping I would meet bimmy in the living room, but I was wrong.

She was about to fall of the stairs, I quickly rushed forward and grabbed her from the waist, to prevent her from falling.
I carried her into the room, it seems she’s unconscious,
What could have happened?

I called the Butler to bring her food.

Shortly after knock came on.

I knee it was the Butler, so I asked her to come in.

“What happened to her? ” I asked

“Nothing young master, but she wasn’t allowed to eat” She said.

After hearing that, all blood drained from my body,

“Knowing her condition she wasn’t allowed to eat?” I yelled full of rage.

“A bodyguard said it was your order to wait for you ” She said.

“I never said such,bring me the guard ” I fumed.

After some minutes,

The guards rushed in with the Butler with the look of fear in their eyes.
“The guard isn’t one of us boss”they threw the bombshell



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