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~Miguel’s pov~

I stared at her picture one more time before turning to look at the lady my mother introduced me to.

“Sit” I ordered coldly.
She didn’t flinch like I expected her to be , instead she took some bold steps towards me,

This girl is playing with fire, I thought inwardly.

She start to ruffle my hair licking her lips like she’s a dog , one thing bimmy doesn’t do.

I miss her.

Bimmy’s image was still formed in my head when I noticed something on my lips.

It was a finger ……..

I looked at the girl with so much hatred, the coldness my gaze held couldn’t be mistaken.

She scurried out of my room immediately.

Why did she have to go?

Were the questions I asked myself all the time.

I and bimmy were the best couples back then in college, it was just a night that changed everything.

She left with my best friend Alex.

She left me for Alex!

I had broken a vase this time.

If I get the chance today , she’s gonna have a taste of what she did.

Just then my mom barged into my room.

“What monster have you become son” She yelled.
Her yell drew my father’s attention cause he came into my room that moment.

“What’s going on? ” He asked.

“It’s nothing father” I replied sharply.

“He scared the girl I chose for him to marry” my mom spat.

I give you a month to bring a girl else, arranged marriage will be your portion” my father sneered.

I dashed out angrily and drove out.

I was on the high way when my phone rang,

It was an unknown number.

I picked up and a female voice could be heard.


I can get to see her after all this years.

~Bimmy’s pov~

On Monday morning I and kath boarded a cab to Miguel’s office in Texas, heavens knows I’m danm nervous.

We waited for his secretary to call him so we can proceed.

“He’s in the office in third floor,you can proceed ” his secretary said with a smile.

We took the elevator to the third floor, I looked around to see if there’s any office apart from the one at the other side of the floor.

Kath held my hands as we pressed a button.

“Come in ” his bold rasp husky voice came through.

My palms became sweaty.

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