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Miguel pov

It’s been three months now……

Like, a whole three months since my father disowned me because of that bi*ch ……

I wonder how bimmy is feeling now, Kath betrayed us, she promised not to mention a thing about it, but she went ahead to betray me.

A soft knock landed on my door.

“come in” I said.

My secretary came in.

“the board members are waiting for you boss” she said.

“I’ll be there in a minute ” I said to her.

Well I had this company when I was twenty-two.

I hate it when people say I rely on my father’s wealth,

Though I told my dad I want to have my own company but he kicked against it.

I went behind his back to do what I want.

I stood up and went into the conference room.

Bimmy pov

That day I went to the hospital for check up.

My boss is complaining about me.

In order to keep my job I have to get myself treated.

I waited for some minutes before the doctor finally called me.

“humm, miss why did you not register for ante natal care? ” he asked.

I looked around to see if there’s someone he’s talking to.

“I’m talking to you Miss” he said

“me? ,it’s not possible, I’m not pregnant ” I said shaking my head

“you’re three months pregnant ma’am do well and register for ante natal care when going, here is your file” he said handing me the file.

Thirty minutes later.

Who will I tell?

I’m carrying Miguel’s child?

But we only did it once!

Tears ran down my face.

Tears of pain and regret.

I can’t fend for myself not to talk of a child.

I can’t keep this pregnancy, I’m going to abort it.

I said going back into the hospital.

Miguel’s pov

” I’m going to see the doctor ” I said to my butler.

“okay ” he said and bowed.

I drove off.

At the hospital.

I was still talking to the doctor when another doctor came in and the voice of a crying girl can be heard.
“please I can’t keep this pregnancy, his father is nowhere to be found, I need to get rid of this baby”.

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