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Bimmy’s pov

I waited for Alex, he had told me earlier he wants to do something.

Not long he came in with a drink in his hands

Although it was covered so I don’t know what’s in it, I decided not ask about it.

He sat down beside me as he placed down the drink in the table.

“are you okay now”? He asked.

I opened my mouth to talk, but words didn’t come out………

Memories flooded back, pain and anguish seized me, tears ran down my cheeks,

I felt pained and betrayed.

Even Kath that I had trusted betrayed me.

He drew me closer to him.

He cuddled me and pat my hair……

After the tears subsided.

“Take this, it’ll help you relax” he said handing me the drink.

I gladly took it from him.

I sneezed on perceiving the smell.


It’s a strawberry drink.

I sneezed continuously,

He got alarmed as he brought water……

I rejected it as I searched for my drugs in my bag.

Alex pov

What is it again???

Is it what I’m thinking?

Oh my!

I forgot she’s allergic to strawberry……


I should have known.

I’m sure she isn’t that take any drink again.

My phone vibrated in my pocket.

it’s Steph.

“hello” I said.

Miguel pov

I packed my stuff, I took my car keys as I dragged my bag out of the house.

“where do you think you’re going “? My father asked harshly.

I laughed.

“isn’t it obvious I’m leaving your house? ” I mocked

“step out of this house and loose all your inheritance ” he threatened.

I had known that would come up.

I’m ready for it anyways.

I did not even bother to answer him.

I left for Mexico that day.

Three months later.

Bimmy pov

I was in my working place trying to work in a file.

But I was feeling dizzy ,and I felt like vomiting.

“Weird ” I muttered to myself.

I tried working again.

But it kept doing me that way.


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