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Bimmy pov
I should have known he was deceiving me, he lied to me! I thought as I cried hard.

And even Kath, she knows about it and still went ahead to push me.

They all used me!

I sat down under the bridge as I wept, it was then I felt someone touch me.

I looked at the owner of the hands……

It belonged to Alex.

” let’s go home” he coaxed.

“which home? ” I yelled jerking his hands away From my shoulders.

“your home, with your parents ” he said.

I got up hearing he wants to take me with him to meet my mom.

Miguel pov

I got home in a rush after three hours, I searched for my mother.

I found her with Steph’s mom.

“can you explain what the fu*k is going on? ” I yelled.

Steph’s mom flinched hearing me yell.

Steph chose to come in at the moment.

“honey calm down, we are getting ready for our engagement in two days ,so please calm down” she said as she tried to touch me.

” if I count three and you’re not out of here, prepare for the worst” I said angrily.

“this is my house young man, I decide whom to entertain ” my dad said entering the room.

“really? ” I said.

He nodded.

“sit let’s talk about your engagement ” dad said.

It’s my turn to claim my right.

” listen old man, this is my life, I decide whom to marry, I’m not getting married to this haggard looking lady” I spat 😡

“you won’t dare” he threatened.

“then watch me” I said and turned around to leave.

Alex pov

I took her to my house after the whole incident, Steph has called me to inform me about the engagement .

I’m glad things are working as planned.

I have to make sure bimmy takes this pills to prevent pregnancy.

Just last week I made Kath give her some pills that can make her fertile.

I had plans those weeks before the ba*tard ruined it all.

Or should I mix it with her drink?


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