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~ Bimmy pov~

“What the hell are you saying dad? You’ve got to be kidding me right now ” I half yelled at my father.

“There’s no backing out in this bimmy, the contract has been signed ever since you were four years (4)” He said soothingly which annoyed me the more.

“You wanna ruin my life, you sold me for fifteen million ” I cried eyeing the fat old man I was told i would marry.

“I didn’t know i won’t be able to pay back” He says…..

“I’m here for my money or my wife , I don’t have time for this family bloody drama” the old man yelled slamming his fists on the small table we have.

“We don’t have the money right now and I’m not going to marry an old man like you” I snapped angrily at him.

“How about we take this matter to the court so we can settle it there” the man smirked.

I was boiling inside, I know if he should take the case to court I’ll be forced to marry him.

Let me try if I can make a deal with him. I thought.

“We don’t need to take it to court but please can you give us some time, I’ll refund the money ” I blurted out of frustration.

“No, I can’t ” He said.

“Please just a little time, a month” I said trying to be calm.
“I can’t give you up to a month, let’s say twenty days” the old man said.

And without thinking twice I said

The man smiled knowing fully well she won’t get the money.

~Kathy pov~

“What the heck are you talking about bimmy” I shouted at my friend.
” I needed a way out kath, else I’d have been in that stupid man’s house by now” She said.

“Now tell me where you want to get fifteen million in twenty days, you have just fifty thousand in your account and you’re looking for fifteen million, let me remember you if you forgot, you don’t have a job” I told her

“You have to help me kath ” She cried.

“I’m clueless as you” I said throwing up my hands.

“You can’t watch me marry that dirty old man,can you? ” She asked

And that’s it, I can’t bear to see her marry a 60 year old man.

“Except you’ll meet Fred to help you… your ex lover ” I threw the bombshell after being quiet for a while.

“You don’t expect me to meet Fred, I mean after all I did?” She said weeping the more.

“You didn’t do it intentionally, you did it to save him” I said trying to pacify her.

“I’m helpless ” She said.

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