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( Mu Feiran is Really Amazing)

"Sister Feiran, then what should we do now?"

Mu Feiran said, "Don't respond first. See if they really have something to show."

"Oh, alright. But is it really alright to not give a response? Many netizens are already scolding you."

"Don't worry, turning the situation around will make people angrier. There will be more hatred toward the people who started the rumors."

Mu Feiran smiled and said, "How much they scold and hate me now will be how deep the hatred they would have for those people later on."

They were struck with realization after hearing this.

They looked at Mu Feiran, feeling that they really lacked foresight.

It was as if they weren't good enough to be Mu Feiran's manager.

On the outside.

The matter developed very quickly.

The person said that Mu Feiran had a financial backer and had climbed into the company's old president's bed right from the start. Later on, she then climbed into other people's beds. It was no longer stories with actual evidence but just attempts to defame her.

Mu Feiran wanted to laugh, but she saw that quite a several people believed those stories.

This was how funny people were. It was as if things were true just from what some people said.

They wouldn't assess if the evidence were real or not, if the evidence would provide another story viewed from another perspective, or if the things said were true. They would only look at the outcome and then type away at their keyboards, expressing their discontent.

"Isn't there a single good person in the circle?"

"Female celebrities all climb their way up by sleeping with others."

"Many people know that back then, Mu Feiran had made a cuckold of her husband. It's just that this matter hadn't been brought up for very long. "

"So there's a reason Mu Feiran is now poison to box office ratings."

"She's really standing at the corners in this reality show. Look at the poster. She's standing outside. Seriously, even a senior like her has gone to get money from variety shows. This shows that she really can't make it anymore."

Zhang Tianming was delighted when she saw this.

The day for the reality show's filming soon arrived.

When the production team saw Mu Feiran, they felt a little bad.

They had already been informed that they should emphasize filming other celebrities for this episode and not to waste too much screen time on Mu Feiran. This would save them from having to cut out a lot of scenes later on.

Even Rui Xue—who had kept close to Mu Feiran in the previous episode—held reservations.

She looked at Mu Feiran, feeling that it was a pity. However, Rui Xue really didn't dare to get too close to her.

Zhang Tianming smirked when she saw this. She walked over and said to Mu Feiran, "Sister Feiran, we've heard about the recent rumors. Seriously, some people are just too annoying. They even dig out all those old stories."

Mu Feiran looked at Zhang Tianming. "Tianming, I feel that you don't have to put up such a serious act. It's clear who did this. You better off training a bit more before coming to challenge me."

Zhang Tianming's countenance changed.

"Sister Feiran, what are you talking about?"

"Since you've already gone up against me, then I won't mind teaching you a lesson this time around. I'll let you know what it means when they say that the older, the wiser."

The people at the back didn't expect that Mu Feiran's disposition suddenly became so astonishing.

Rui Xue, who was avoiding her, had her eyes opened wide.

Zhang Tianming's eyes flickered.

She didn't expect that Mu Feiran found out so quickly that she was the one who had done this.

It wasn't as if they had any feuds before this.

"How… how is that possible? We don't have any feuds with each other. Sister Feiran, you must be mistaken."

Mu Feiran said, "Aren't you aware if I'm mistaken or not? I'm already poison to the box office ratings and have had no conflict of interest with anyone in the past. At the moment, I am of no threat to anyone, and I'm only participating in this reality show. Rui Xue is smart, for she knows that she can bring attention to herself by sticking close to me. Since she wants to keep close to me, she naturally wouldn't do anything to me. You saw that my performance in the previous episode wasn't bad, and by sticking with me, you'll have more attention and screen time, just like how Rui Xue was doing. Rui Xue is your competitor, and you'll be ranked accordingly with her level. Although I am no threat, you don't wish Rui Xue to garner more attention than you and become the center of attention of this reality show. Therefore, you'll naturally raise a hand against me."


Rui Xue immediately understood the situation.

"Hah, so that's how things are? Tianming, you're the one in the wrong, then. When we came, we said that we're just here to have fun. If you care about it so much, then I'll give up the position to you. I like to follow Sister Feiran around because I can learn a lot of things if I do so. If you wish to learn, you can join in as well."

When Rui Xue saw how amazing Mu Feiran was, she immediately knew what she should do. Her emotional intelligence was really high.

She bounced up to Mu Feiran again.

She had the feeling that there was no way Zhang Tianming could win against such a smart Mu Feiran.

Mu Feiran smiled and looked at Rui Xue. "Rui Xue, your decision is right. If you were to follow me, even if there are rumors about me, the attention we'll get together would still be greater than her. Do you want to get the center position? If we were to join forces, she wouldn't be able to win against you."

"You…" How would Zhang Tianming have expected that Mu Feiran was so forthright?

Rui Xue said, "That's right. That's right. Thank you for your guidance, Sister Feiran."

The production team was shocked and even speechless before filming even started.

What was this situation?

Mu Feiran had openly crushed Zhang Tianming.

However, after hearing what Mu Feiran had said, they felt that she wasn't wrong.

This Zhang Tianming really schemed a lot in the attempt to steal the limelight.

Mu Feiran said to the production crew, "Alright, let's film. You guys didn't capture what took place earlier, right? I feel that our show is still quite harmonious, and we should avoid all the catfights. The people in the higher-ups are getting stricter in this area as well. If things look too bad, it would be bad if they were to stop our show from broadcasting. Let's just treat it as if nothing had taken place earlier. Otherwise, given that we've all signed a contract for this show, we must take responsibility. Isn't that right?"

"That's right. That's right. Sister Feiran really understands what's important."

Zhang Tianming was infuriated, but now, most people felt that what Mu Feiran said made sense.

Moreover, it was true that this show was driven by interests. Everyone wanted to rely on this show to become popular and didn't want it to become a flop. Therefore, Zhang Tianming could only bear with things.

Otherwise, all the hard work would go to waste.

The character settings continued. Although the show had just started and the production team said that they would give Mu Feiran less screen time, it couldn't be too little because she was together with Rui Xue.

Therefore, Mu Feiran and Rui Xue continued to be the ones to stand out.

When Mu Feiran's manager saw this, she couldn't help but admire her.

Mu Feiran had killed two birds with one stone. Not only had she pulled Rui Xue to join her side and fend off this matter, but she also caused Zhang Tianming to feel awkward for the entire episode. After Zhang Tianming went back, she would have to give it some thought on how she should do things. Since Mu Feiran had already found out about what she had done, it wouldn't be good for her either if they were to tear at each other too much.

Mu Feiran's attempt to pull Rui Xue to her side was a great move. She let Rui Xue know that Zhang Tianming was an opponent who was targeting her, so Rui Xue would definitely keep near to Mu Feiran. This would be a win-win situation for both of them.


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