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(She Hadn’t Forgotten About All the Schemings)

Mu Feiran said, "That's right, the show already started. We're filming right now. Why don't you say hi to everyone?"

"Ah, it already started?" Yu Minmin asked pretentiously before continuing, "Oh my, oh my, then wouldn't it mean that everyone heard what I said? Seriously… I'm not taking care of my child. I'm a youthful lady. I'm shopping, hanging out in the pubs, and going out on dates with men. I'm not a housewife yet."

Mu Feiran broke out laughing, "Is it alright for Mr. President to hear this?"

"Oh, right? Edit this part out, edit it out. I'm actually at home taking care of my child. I'm a good wife and mother."

When the director heard that their conversation was so interesting, he quickly hinted for them to continue.

Mu Feiran said, "Don't worry. There are assistants following us for the show."

The director said, "No, no one may go along. You'll be going by yourself."

Mu Feiran seemed surprised. "Huh? they aren't allowed to come along? I thought that assistants…"

"You'll be going alone. We will also confiscate your phone later."


Yu Minmin said, "Hahahaha, don't tell me you didn't know that. Don't become a village woman when you go there. People are already calling you poison to box office ratings, and you're only left with your beauty. What will happen if your image gets destroyed?"

"Scram. That's impossible. I'll bring a bunch of face masks there. I won't become a village woman!"

When everyone heard their conversation, they felt that the two were really good friends who could make such jokes. Who would dare mention 'poison to box office ratings' so directly in front of the person? This was especially when they were on camera.

However, Mu Feiran didn't seem to be angry at all. She smiled magnanimously, then looked up and asked the director, "Are there makeup artists there? My image can't be destroyed."

The director said brutally, "No, you must do your makeup yourself…"

"No, I want to go home. I don't want to take on this job anymore…"

Since this scene would not get edited out later on, it would definitely be very interesting.

Although the person next to her was a popular young female celebrity, it was true that she wasn't as experienced as Mu Feiran in times like this.

This was why younger female celebrities might not perform that well in reality shows. The ones who stood out would be the seniors.

Mu Feiran followed the group to the village.

As expected, there was nothing there. The filming schedule was also quite packed and tiring.

From the very first day, Rui Xue stuck close to Mu Feiran.

Mu Feiran presented her true self. She kept saying that she wanted to maintain her image, putting on face masks and taking care of her beauty regimen. In the beginning, people found this boring and thought she was doing this to uphold her image. However, at a later time, her image would all be destroyed, forming a harsh comparison from the earlier scenes. It would pique more interest then.

The director would say in private that it was expected of Mu Feiran. Look at her capabilities.

In the beginning, she really didn't think of doing things well. Otherwise, with her emotional intelligence, how could she possibly lose her popularity?

On the way there, Yu Minmin had called her again, feeling worried for her. She instructed Mu Feiran on the things to note in the show.

Yu Minmin said, "Your manager is still too inexperienced. It's useless to ask for her opinions. You might as well do things yourself."

Mu Feiran replied, "I know. That's why I didn't ask her anything this time around."

"Be careful. Those young female celebrities know nothing except to attract negative criticisms. This is especially so in reality television shows."

"That's right. Don't worry, I know."

"I believe you. You are a lot more experienced than them. Shows like this aren't that much different from acting. No one isn't acting."

"That's right."

They knew about this privately. They had prepared the characters, and they would only need to perform accordingly.

In the beginning, the production team might not be clear of your character setting yet, but when the recording starts, the director will bring out your character based on your performance.

For example, Mu Feiran tried to maintain her appearance at the beginning and eventually get it destroyed toward the end. The production team immediately created a setting where her attraction point would be the harsh difference between her exterior and interior. One newcomer who didn't have any reputation would attract negative criticisms. She would act superfluously and say unnecessary things, leading to becoming an outcast and getting disliked by others.

However, this was the only route she could take to attain fame.

If such a newcomer could appear in a well-behaved manner, they wouldn't get much airtime, and it wouldn't be interesting at all.

The young female celebrities had their thoughts. They didn't want to attract too many negative criticisms and wanted to uphold their image. Those who had negative criticisms outside would try to clear them up in reality shows. Those without any would put up a front and appear more well-behaved and just try to compete for a little for more airtime.

To begin with, they had popularity and didn't need to perform too well in the show. Anyway, they were invited by the production team to garner popularity for the show and wouldn't be given too little airtime.

This time around, the filming for the reality show was very tiring. After Mu Feiran went back, she fell limply at home.

When Black Eagle saw that, he smiled and came over to give her a massage.

"How was it? It has been very long since you've been this tired, right?"

"That's right. It's been very long since I've been involved in all these schemes."

When she first debuted, she had fought a bloody path for herself. Those plots and schemes from back then weren't any lesser. Since then, she had put in a lot of effort to climb up.

Over the years, after gaining some fame, she didn't put in as much effort.

Right now, to ensure that the people around her didn't get negative criticisms, she got herself to calm down again.

Black Eagle smiled and continued to give her a massage.

"When will the show be aired?"

"The first episode will probably be aired next week."

"I'll get my brothers to show support."

"Ah… No need, no need," Mu Feiran quickly said.

She didn't want to blow things up.

Mu Feiran looked at him and found it strange. This guy always acted so frivolously. What was he like when doing something seriously?

He couldn't possibly act in the same manner, right?

Otherwise, how could he uphold his prestige as the boss?

Mu Feiran said, "Oh, right. You didn't finish what you said. What happened back then after you entered the society and found a job?"

Black Eagle smiled and said, "Then I started working."

"Moving bricks?"


"It must have been tough."

"It's good that I could stay alive."

Black Eagle thought back. It was the only thought he had back then. It'd be fine as long as he could survive.

In the end, he finally saved a thousand dollars and could finally rent a house.

He encountered another problem.

The people who worked with him knew that he had saved up some money and stole it from him while they were drinking.

Those people weren't good souls either. Otherwise, why would they be taking the job to move bricks when they were all adults?

Before doing this job, many of them had gone through police stations and had criminal records.

Therefore, they bullied this young man who had no one to rely on. They didn't think about how long it had taken for him to save up the money.

Black Eagle noticed it very quickly that someone had stolen his money.

Although he was young, he was no fool. He knew who were the ones who had stolen his money and went to approach them to ask for it back.

They looked at Black Eagle, thinking that it was easy to fool a kid like him. Therefore, as if trying to chase off a beggar, they gave him a hundred dollars and said, "We're afraid that you'll lose it. You're still young. It's better to keep it with us."

Black Eagle's eyes narrowed as he looked at them.

If he were to bear with things when he got bullied, he would just continue to get bullied to the very end.

Black Eagle threw a punch…



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