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(Taking the First Step Into Society)

At that time, he only had a thousand dollars they had left for him in his pocket, along with what they said before they left.

"If you want to take revenge, you must see if you can do so."

Anything else wasn't necessary.

Even if he were to lose his life, they wouldn't care about him.

Therefore, Black Eagle quickly found a place to stay. If he wanted to take revenge, the first thing he had to do was to survive.

However, troubles never come alone.

He was scammed on his first attempt to look for a place to stay.

The rent was supposedly five hundred dollars a month. He said that he didn't have money and asked if he could make monthly payments.

Seeing that he was so young, they agreed.

He thought that he had encountered nice people. But when he arrived at the place, what awaited him was a group of people who gave him a severe thrashing.

Seeing that he came to look for a place to stay despite being of such a young age, they felt that he probably had no money and no one to rely on.

Therefore, they snatched away the last hundred dollars he had on him.

As he laid weakly on the ground, he thought to himself and wondered if he was going to die before he had even seen his enemy.

He didn't know how long he laid there for. There weren't any dramatic encounters, nor any kind souls to come and help him. In the end, he crawled back up with the last bit of strength he had.

This was the first lesson he learned when he walked out into society.

No one was to be trusted. There were no kind souls in this world.

Everyone was just bastards driven by interests.

Starving, he stood at the door of a shop. He drooled as he looked at the buns for sale.

The boss of the shop found him funny and said, smiling, "Heh, kid, come on. Call me 'dad,' and I'll give you some buns to eat."

Black Eagle found this funny.

His father was the person he wanted to kill.

This person wanted to be his father?

He squinted his eyes as he looked at this man. The man felt a chill running through him but thought little of it, considering that Black Eagle was just a teen.

He said outright, "How dare you look at me like this? Pui."

He spat on Black Eagle, chasing him off. "Go away. If you don't, I'll kill you and get you to eat feces here."

He then picked up something from the side and struck out at Black Eagle's face.

Black eagle still didn't leave. He fixed his gaze on the buns.

The boss was scared, but he kept on cursing, "What do you want? Do you want food? Crawl down under my crotch, and I'll give them to you. Otherwise, scram."

But at this moment.

Black Eagle suddenly grabbed a scorching hot bamboo steamer and threw it in at the boss.

The boss cried out loud. It was scalding.

However, Black Eagle couldn't care much about it. He grabbed two buns and ran out.

"Thief! Thief! Damn this bastard. I'll kill you if I get my hands on you."

Black Eagle kept on running, stuffing the buns in his mouth as he did so. After eating them, he no longer felt as hungry.

This was the first time he ate something outside. He knew that in the future, he'd have to live a life of not having full meals every day. However, he needed to persist.

Later on, he stayed at a dumpster under a bridge. It was very smelly and dirty. He found a job to help carry bricks and earned several tens of bucks every day. He thought that as long as he saved money, he'd be able to continue. There'd come a day where he'd be able to rent a house, find a job, have food, have a place to stay…

Revenge and anything else would be things that he could only consider later. He only wanted to survive.

He wouldn't mention these things to anyone else.

He only briefly mentioned some things, but he wouldn't share how things were really like back then.

He smiled and looked at Mu Feiran. "I'll support you in everything that you want to do."

Mu Feiran nodded. "En. It's just a reality television show. It won't be a problem for me."

The fact that Mu Feiran would attend a reality television show itself was already very shocking.

However, these shows were a hit recently. Many celebrities who had lost their popularity would take this opportunity to get new sources and popularity.

Mu Feiran hadn't lost her popularity, but she was stuck at a place where she wasn't good enough to get what she wanted but was unwilling to pursue something befitting of her.

Her status was still there, but her popularity had decreased. They even gave her the label as a poison for box office ratings.

When she came to the show, she saw two young female celebrities, Rui Xue and Zhang Tianming. There was also the host, a male idol singer, and an action movie celebrity who wasn't that popular. The group headed to the countryside together.

They had heard that Mu Feiran might come, and all appeared to be very polite and amiable. "I watched Sister Feiran's television dramas growing up."

"That's right. I also have Sister Feiran as my role model."

"We're so lucky to appear in the same show as Sister Feiran."

However, they were still secretly a little worried.

They thought that Mu Feiran was just someone whose popularity had declined, but her status was still there. When the time for the publicity comes, would they have to revolve around her? How should they deal with the situation then? They continued to think about a series of questions and thoughts when they saw that Mu Feiran had come.

"Get the cameras ready."

When she came, the cameras naturally had to be on her.

Everyone ran over like fans.

As it was rare for Mu Feiran to attend the show, the production team naturally held her in high regard.

But when it was really time for the publicity, she felt that the focus wouldn't be on her.

Although everyone would be curious about how she was like in real life, she had already decreased the number of fans. Everyone had a greater curiosity about how the temperament of the younger female celebrities was like.

The show required the group to experience what it was like to live in the countryside, fight for resources, and be the team leader.

This was a show that had both unity and competition.

Therefore, it was easier for it to create more controversy.

Mu Feiran was about to head out, and Rui Xue stayed around her. Rui Xue's popularity was slightly weaker than Zhang Tianming, so she made up her mind to get closer to Mu Feiran. She'd be able to get more airtime and more discussions about her.

She looked at Mu Feiran and said, "Sister Feiran, how do you take care of your skin? Your face is like that of a high school student."

Mu Feiran knew that the cameras were constantly filming. She smiled and said, "You guys must be speaking blindly out of respect for me. I know all your tricks. How I wish that I'm really a high school student…"

At this moment, Yu Minmin called.

Rui Xue had wanted to say more when Mu Feiran said, "Hold on, Minmin is calling me."

Rui Xue paused.

The production team quickly ran over.

"Oh my, is it a call from the First Lady? Can we keep the cameras on and film it?"

Rui Xue thought to herself, 'As expected of Mu Feiran. Her connections in the circle were really wide.'

This made her even more determined to stick close to Mu Feiran.

Mu Feiran quickly said, "Ah, of course. It's not a problem."

Yu Minmin had been in the circle for many years and would know what to say in front of the cameras.

Yu Minmin said, "Feiran, have you arrived yet? Has the show started? I'm at home taking care of my child and couldn't go to send you off."


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