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( It Was Not A Difficult Thing From the Star)

Black Eagle looked at Mu Feiran. "What are you thinking about? Didn't you say you wanted to help? Come here, get something for me."

"Oh, sure."

Mu Feiran got herself together and quickly helped him on the side.

Though Mu Feiran did not have a good family environment since she was young, she had never experienced any arduous moments.

The worst was just not having food on the table.

She always felt that a situation like Black Eagle's was only in the movies. A situation whereby he could die at any moment.

She and Black Eagle quickly put together an electric car.

It was the simpler kind. Humble and simple.

However, Yunyun was still very happy and was incredibly proud when she rode it out.

She kept telling people that it was a homemade electric car.

Mu Feiran smiled as she watched on.

Black Eagle had already become some overlord but yet he was still a little childish. It was quite strange.

Mu Feiran went to a party during the night.

Black Eagle sent her to the door.

When she entered and sat there, she noticed some people were discussing where to place her.

"This kind needs to be placed in the center."

"That can't do. Xie Zhuangzhuang is now the talk of the town. If she weren't in the center, her fans would make a din."

"Then wouldn't it do to place her beside her?"

"No way, the second guest is also very popular now."

"But where should we place Sister Feiran's status? It's not very suitable to put her at the side."

"That's right. So I'm worried as well."

Mu Feiran could only stay at the back.

When did she become a headache for people just because of a place?

Just then, Lin Che arrived.

She came as the producer.

From far, she spotted Mu Feiran and quickly called out, "Feiran, Feiran."

Everyone quickly welcomed Lin Che upon seeing her arrival.

Lin Che quickly said, "Don't, don't. I'm the producer today. Don't lick my boots."

Everyone knew Lin Che did not want that. In fact, it was not her public appearance today.

Lin Che embraced Mu Feiran and went in.

Both sat in a corner and did not care about others.

Mu Feiran looked at the stage. The new little flowers were smiling and teasing vibrantly in front of the cameras.

She smiled and said, "It's true. It's easy to fight your way to the top, but it isn't easy to keep your spot. In the past, I've never thought how difficult it would be."

She felt that Lin Che had chosen the right path. Slowly, she only acted in the dramas she wanted to be in. She channeled her other experiences into managing the company.

Today, Lin Che's company had some newcomers to bring into the industry and respected in the industry.

However, Mu Feiran knew earlier on that she would have such a day.

How early did she know?

Perhaps she already knew it on the day she gained fame after entering the industry.

Waves come and go, and many artists would have such a day from being famous to being silent. Whatever honor one should have was already in the pocket, and would become a senior in the industry. At the same time, one would slowly not have his or her name mentioned in the waves.

Recently, this was happening to Mu Feiran.

Her life had reached another stage. Just as it is, after going back and forth, she had landed in this phase.

As for Lin Che, she was rising like the phoenix, unlike her.

Mu Feiran said, "I think I need to think about it since I've reached this stage. What should I do after this?"

Lin Che knew that she had it tough recently. The box office had been pathetic, and her reputation had fallen.

Lin Che pulled her. "Whatever you do, you must be happy. Let go of what makes you unhappy."

Mu Feiran smiled bitterly. "I thought the same in the past. But now, thinking about it, this doesn't just involve me. Look, my studio is still around, my manager, my team, my reputation is their reputation. My prestige is their prestige. I can choose to quit, and they have to exit at the same time. So…"

Mu Feiran looked ahead. "I think I can't leave it be, and I can't hold back anymore."

Lin Che said, "So you…"

"I think I need to plan for my future properly and can't leave it as it is anymore."

She had been too missive previously, not caring so much.

But now, she felt that she had to stand up and fight again for everyone.

"After all, I'm from your company. I can't let you lose money, can I?" Mu Feiran joked.

"Forget it. You can afford to lose."

Mu Feiran may not be like the newcomers who could ring in all the money, but it was certain she could still earn some money.

Mu Feiran did not have many expectations for the function this time.

She went over keeping a low profile, trying her best not to let the organizers worry.

The organizers were wondering why Mu Feiran was so easy to talk to.

"Is it really because she knows that her time has passed and so she doesn't put on airs?"

"Then that's really…. Some self-awareness."

Everyone thought so.

They were happy that Mu Feiran did not find any issues. The function ran smoothly.

At the company.

When Mu Feiran entered, everyone was waiting for her.

"Sister Feiran, your performance at the function was not bad. It's been hard on you. Would you like some coffee?"

Mu Feiran looked at the people and stood there to have a look around.

"I heard there's a reality TV program that's contacting us, am I right?"

The jaws of the group of them dropped as they looked at Mu Feiran.

How did she get wind of this?

They just felt that it was not worth wanting to let Mu Feiran know.

"Let me take part. You guys get ready," Mu Feiran said.

The guys inside stood up quickly.

Looking at Mu Feiran, they said, "But we might not have much screen time."

"It's alright. I can't laze around when I'm not taking on TV dramas. Doing a reality TV program can also be fun."

Everyone looked at her gratefully. They did not expect that Mu Feiran would take part in a reality show.

It was great now. Mu Feiran had something to do, and they had something to do as well. They did not need to idle anymore.

At night, Mu Feiran sat there to browse through the materials of the reality show. At the same time, she also looked at some other reality shows.

Otherwise, she worried that she would not perform well after not having accepted such programs for such a long time.

Black Eagle entered and saw her being diligent. He could not help but smile.

"What are you looking at?"

"The reality show."

"You're going to do it?"

"Yeah. I'm starting from the beginning. Anyway, I've been famous before. How can I not have more experience than those fresh faces, am I right?"

Black Eagle smiled and sat down. "Absolutely. Whatever you want to do, you can do."

Mu Feiran looked at Black Eagle. "Yeah. When one goes out, he doesn't think of what he would become or succeed. But slowly, as he works on, success would come as long as there's this goal. Back then, you didn't know that you would be here today one day, yeah?"

"That's right…" Black Eagle looked at her. "When I went out, I had nothing at all. I was young, and I only knew I wanted revenge on someone. This person was powerful. If I didn't become powerful, I might see him at all in my life. So…"

Black Eagle stood on the streets for the first time and looked at the long lonely road alone.

It seemed like a long way to the future, without an end and a lot of darkness.

It was still vivid in his mind.



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