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( Fine, If You Two Are Together, She’ll No Longer Be A Wesley)

Wesley had already stood up and looked over with great detest.

It was this man who had made his daughter so stubborn and put on a blind ear to everything he said that even until today, she was unwilling to marry.

Seeing Wesley like this, Ah Bi had already run over in panic. Soon, she stood in front of Xue Yang and grabbed his hand. She told Xue Yang, "Don't. Don't go over, Xue Yang."

She begged Xue Yang, worrying that he would get hurt because of her father.

Xue Yang looked at the girl he had always yearned for. Looking at her made him feel like he had all the strength no matter what.

He said, "It's fine, Ah Bi. Trust me, I'm only going to have a conversation with your father like mature adults. I won't disrespect him. He's your father no matter what."

Ah Bi shook her head furiously. "I'm worried about you."

"Ah Bi, I can do it. Trust me."

Trust the man you have chosen.

It was as if he used his eyes to tell the anxious Ah Bi in front of him.

As he looked at her like that, Ah Bi felt like her heart had melted.

With her might, she nodded. "I trust you."

She stepped aside.

Xue Yang finally walked over.

Wesley was standing there in front of him.

Seeing Xue Yang, he lowered his head to look. His eyes were full of disdain. "What happened to your face?"

Xue Yang did not mind and smiled. "I'm not here today to talk about my face. What I want to say is, Mr. Wesley, we've already been through so many years. Now, we've been apart for so many years. Do you still doubt our feelings?"

Wesley smiled coldly. "That's right. After so many years, my daughter became even more brilliant. And you? You're still just an actor. In the past, you had a face that was bearable to look at. Now, you have scars."

That insinuation was kind of like how he could have had the cheek to stand here.

Even Ah Bi thought it was overboard. She looked at Wesley. "Dad, how can you say such things?"

Xue Yang's face was blank. He even stopped Ah Bi and looked at Wesley and said, "I'm sorry, I haven't gotten myself to become more brilliant. But this is me. I've worked hard for so many years, and I've also decided to continue working hard. I'll work hard my entire life just to be able to be more brilliant and to match up to the goddess of my heart. But now, I can't look at my goddess. The only goal why I'm working hard for is being married off to someone else. So here I am. Mr. Wesley, I hope you can think about what your daughter needs. Is it a good family status and everything you've chosen for her, or what she wants?"

Wesley replied, "What do you know? When you get to my age and have a daughter, you can stand in my shoes and see if you're willing to let your daughter marry someone like you."

Xue Yang laughed. "I'm willing."

"Ha, you're too full of yourself."

"Yes, because I know for sure in my heart, there is a man who's willing to wait for so many years for a woman. He doesn't have anyone else that could take her place in his heart, and for her, he's willing to do anything. Why wouldn't I agree to it?"

It moved Ah Bi. She looked at him. It was like he only had eyes for her.

Wesley, however, only looked at him with mockery.

Ah Bi had already not given care about anything and pounced over.

"Dad, I really, really can't wait anymore. I've tried. It's been so many years, and he's the only one who can make me willing to keep waiting like this. I've thought about it too. Suppose it was just a phase of emotions. But it's not. I don't wish to compare any other guys I meet with him. Also, I think there's nobody as wonderful as him."

Wesley was furious. He looked at his disappointing daughter.

He looked again at the man who was equally determined in front of him.

He gritted his teeth and closed his eyes.

"Fine, fine. I'll allow you guys to be together. I'll give in!"

The few of them were stunned.

Even Ah Bi found it hard to believe.

She looked at her own father. "You… you've agreed?"

Xue Yang held onto Ah Bi.


Wesley was not done talking.

He looked coldly at Ah Bi. "From today onwards, you're no longer a Wesley."

Ah Bi was shocked.

Xue Yang turned his head around and looked at Wesley.

Wesley looked coldly ahead. He was absolute.

"If you're willing to go with him, then the moment you step out of the house, you're no longer a Wesley. I will take back all your assets, and you will lose everything; your house, car, your helpers, your servants. All gone. You can go. You can give up on your entire family and marry someone who can only give you a life of running around. Even if he works hard his whole life, you'll never have your current status and everything again. You can go."

Ah Bi lowered her head. Nobody could see her expression.

However, Xue Yang's heart ached deeply.

He wanted to love her, but he did not want her to be in agony.

He lowered his head to look at Ah Bi. "Ah Bi…"

Ah Bi slowly looked up at him.

Xue Yang held her hands. "I'm willing to give you everything I have. But if the price is losing everything you have, then I can back out. I'm not willing to pull you along to suffer with me. It's true. Ah Bi, I love you. So, I don't want you to live unhappily. So…"

Wesley started laughing loud. "So what? You don't want her anymore if she's not a Wesley?"

Xue Yang gave a cold smile. "Is money that important in your eyes? I just don't want her to regret it. If she's willing to come with me, I'll take her away immediately. I've said it before; my everything is hers only if she is willing to."

"I'm willing."

Two streamlines of tears flowed down her cheeks. Ah Bi looked up at him.

"I understand what you mean. You love me, and so, you're not willing to see me lose everything if I follow your plan. You don't wish to see me give up my comfortable life just because you love me. You don't wish to burden me. You only want me to be happy, right?"

Xue Yang nodded his head with vigor.

What else could he want when there was a woman who understood him so well?

Ah Bi said, "No, as long as I have you, I already have the world."

Ah Bi turned around. "Dad, I'm already very blessed to be able to be your daughter and have everything that others would never have in their lifetimes. Thank you. I've enjoyed it long enough. Now even if I leave, I'm contented. So… I'm still thankful towards you."

Xue Yang was holding onto Ah Bi. He looked at Wesley without any grief.

"Don't worry, Mr.Wesley. We'll leave and go far from here. We won't let you feel like we're in your way. As for me, I'll also use my life to protect her, love her, and not let her suffer. I believe that even if I can't measure up to the Wesley household, I'll still be able to give her a cozy home."


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