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(See You Again, Or Never Again)

But who exactly did they like? Did they like him or the person on screen, the person they imagined Gu Jingyu to be?

He smiled and coldly tossed his handphone into the pool beside him.

After that, he turned to look at the blue skies of B City and immediately got onto the plane.


Su Wan ought to thank Gu Jingyu.

She had never thought that there would be a turning point in her life.

Although from that day on, she had encountered many schemes, a lot of ill-will, and a lot of darkness.

In retrospect, she felt that she had been so simple-minded in the past. From a fan who liked Gu Jingyu—felt so inferior—she dared not say any fond words to him, to later being framed by people and cursed out by so many fans.

And now.

She had competed for many roles and had obtained many opportunities. During this time, she had debunked all the false accusations against her. When she was used to creating hype, she also fought for her rights. When people criticized her, she sued them as well.

She only knew afterward… That a lot of the darkness in this industry was unavoidable. Since it was inevitable, she could only face it head-on.

And the manager whom Gu Jingyu had gifted to her taught her many methods to face it head-on while not getting implicated.

After a brief autumn shower, the entire B City became cool and refreshing.

The annual Panda TV Festival was still scheduled for broadcast at the same time this year.

Su Wan had advanced very quickly. In the blink of an eye, she had become this year's Panda Goddess.

When she alighted from the car, she entered secretly from the back.

To prevent her appearance from being revealed in advance, she had a private room allocation.

So, she fixed herself up inside. As she watched her manager make calls while cursing out the people in front, she could not help but look at the live broadcast on her phone.

The front part of the broadcast was very chaotic. During the interview, some people mentioned what they thought of this year's Panda Goddess.

Of course, among the people interviewed, many of them were Su Wan's competitors.

They coolly said, "Well, we don't know who's the Panda Goddess either. But this is just a platform for us to interact with the netizens. It's not some international award. We don't have to be so concerned about it."

"So, everyone still doesn't know who the Panda Goddess is?"

"Yes. We don't know."

They went indirectly while saying this.

But the reporters were not fools either.

How could they not know?

Everyone knew well that those who could walk the red carpet were all those who had fallen short.

Everyone had vaguely guessed that the Panda Goddess was probably Su Wan.

This year, one of her period dramas had been very popular and became the best drama of the year. Her popularity also skyrocketed, and she became the hottest female celebrity of the year.

Su Wan smiled speechlessly backstage and placed her phone at the side.

Beside her, her manager Li Xiao said, "These people really don't even know how to tell lies. Each generation is worse than the next."

Su Wan smiled. "How many times have you attended the Panda TV Festival?"

"Dear me. It has been over ten years since the first time Jingyu attended."

Su Wan looked at him. "Did Gu Jingyu get an award at the time?"

"Yes. He has been very popular since his debut. His journey has always been smooth sailing."

In no time, the festival began.

When Su Wan flew down from the sky and became the Panda Goddess, everyone below cheered.

As they watched her descend, many people felt that the past few years had not been easy for her.

She had skyrocketed in popularity from being a complete nobody, and she had also fallen into desolation and controversy.

But everyone in this industry had been through the same things.

The people below looked at Su Wan in envy.

There were also jealous people scoffing.

"Seriously. Her manager in Lin Che's work studio used to be Gu Jingyu's ace manager. Of course, she's famous now."

"The Panda Awards are so boring now. Last year they gave the award to someone from Lin Che's work studio as well. Is it related to her somehow?"

"Even if it has nothing to do with her, she's the Madam of the Gu family. The Panda TV Festival is nothing. They still have to curry favor with her."

"We're just here to make up the numbers. What are you thinking about? It's fine once you get used to it."

When the festival ended, Su Wan exited the television station. There were still many fans waiting outside to congratulate her.

Su Wan smiled at everyone and got into her executive van.

She was exhausted and leaned backward with her eyes closed.

Li Xiao said, "If you're tired, take a break for one day. I can postpone your schedules."

"What's in my schedule for the next few days?"

"Uh. You have an interview, a poster shoot, a meeting regarding a new movie, promotions for your new drama, and not much else."

This already filled up all her time for this month.

Su Wan said, "Once all this is over, can I take a break next month?"

"Why? Are you tired?" Li Xiao smiled and looked at her.

"Yes, a little."


Su Wan looked at him. "By the way, recently, there has been…"

Su Wan's eyes darted about. Each time she wanted to ask, she was very careful.

But Li Xiao already understood. "News of Gu Jingyu? No."

Su Wan's heart sank.

"But he's probably having a perfect time." Li Xiao said, "Eh. Seriously. This chap is too rebellious. He left without saying a word. I wonder where he's hiked to now. In any case, he must be very blissful…"

Indeed. He had not taken a proper vacation since becoming famous. He was finally taking a break now.

He was probably feeling very blissful.


Where exactly was he now?

When she thought back on it sometimes, she always wondered…

If they would not have the chance to meet for the rest of their lives?

After busying about for a month, the exhausted Su Wan finally took her first break after becoming famous.

The company cleared her schedule for a month so she could go on vacation.

Su Wan was carrying her bag.

Li Xiao said, "You must be careful since you're alone. Make sure nothing happens."

"Don't worry. I will contact you as and when."

"You're not allowed to disappear." Li Xiao said, "The last time that damned rebellious chap ran off, he also left like this with a bag in tow. He didn't say a word. Since then, he hasn't come back at all."

Su Wan smiled even more widely. "Don't worry. I won't."

In the end, Su Wan hugged Li Xiao before going through the safety check.

The airplane flew all the way to the high-altitude region.

Here, there were simple and honest folks, azure blue skies, barren deserts full of vitality, and… snow mountains, the favorite of many hikers.

She got off the plane wearing large sunglasses. Then she saw many people below shouting. There were hiking tour groups with professional guides to accompany the hikers, which was what hiking beginners liked the most.

When she signed up, they looked at her. "Hey, I think you look like someone."

"Ha, really? Everyone says that I have a celebrity face," Su Wan joked.

At the back.

Someone added, "I think I've seen you somewhere before."

"Huh?" Su Wan laughed dryly.

"I've seen you… oh, in Bantu's phone."

Su Wan merely thought that Bantu was one of her fans here.

"Bantu's phone? Bantu isn't looking for a wife because he likes someone like you, hahaha." Everyone started laughing.


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