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(I’ll Eat You Up)

Gu Jingyu closed the car door. Embarrassed, Su Wan looked at him. "It's fine. You can leave first if you've something to get to."

She had thought of helping him to find an excuse, but instead, Gu Jingyu said, "I'm fine. Let's go get some drinks."

Emily was happy and started jumping up and down.

Excited, she walked with Gu Jingyu to one side.

This stall was small and felt dirty.

Su Wan wondered how he could eat something here when he was a privileged person.

However, Gu Jingyu sat down and asked, "What's there to eat here?"

Because he was so at ease, it did not make anyone feel that this place was a violation to him.

Because of his actions, this stall seemed to have been elevated.

Few people came to eat some skewer food at this time. But then, there were few people usually, just some regulars who came. So it was quiet.

Emily said, "Everything's nice at this store. Come, let me order, and you try it for yourself, Senior Jingyu. It's definitely delicious."

Su Wan smiled. Just that, she wondered if he would really find it tasty if he had never eaten such an item before.

Emily ordered a lot of items and beer.

As she drank the beer, Emily looked at Gu Jingyu. She looked with bubbles in her eyes, as though she was a blessed little girl.

Su Wan said, "Emily, drink less."

"It doesn't matter. Beer won't make me drunk."

"How can that be?"

As she drank on, Emily got drunk.

Not completely drunk but just that, she started talking very loudly and towards Gu Jingyu. She began not to have any restrictions.

"Tell me, Senior Jingyu, do you men like to do things this way? First a fight, then some coaxing, then a fight again. What's the meaning of this?"

"Well… life isn't interesting in the first place."

Su Wan said, "Alright, Emily. Didn't you say you won't care about him anymore? Why? Your heart got soft after some coaxing?"

"My heart isn't soft, not at all!" Emily pouted her lips as she spoke.

"I've been with him for so many years. He had nothing in the beginning. He was that poor. His family's combined salary was not as much as mine alone. I paid for food, drinks, clothes, university, travel, and it all came from me. After graduation, I bought him his work clothes. Then he didn't want to work anymore and wanted to start a business. I gave him 10,000 yuan as capital. Now…"

Emily bit her lips and said, "Now he's earning more than me with his business. Is he despising me now?"

Actually, Emily had been waiting for him to propose.

After so many years, both had reached the stage of talking about marriage. The dating was all done.

But that man did not take the initiative. Getting married is such a simple matter. Wouldn't it be done if they held hands and went directly to the Civil Affairs Bureau?

However, he had never once mentioned it.

Whenever Emily mentioned it in passing, he felt that she was forcing him to get married. His tone of voice became extremely bad.

Emily was forcing a marriage. She really wanted to have a family.

But hearing him say in an annoyed tone, 'Didn't you want to get married? Fine, I'll book a hotel, and we can get married. Will that do?'

Emily felt ugly. It was like she was begging him to marry her.

Emily felt this should not be the case when two people got married.

So Emily immediately suggested a break-up.

The guy immediately said, "Fine, so be it. Don't regret it in the future."

The two of them broke up just like that.

But the guy was knocking on her door once again.

Emily felt that she had had enough. She had enough of seeing their chat history every day.

However, it was unbearable for her heart.

Emily said, "Tell me, does he like me or not? Or does he not want to be the sinner and constantly makes peace with me?"

"You should know this better than I do," Su Wan said.

Emily bit her lips. "I'm just afraid that one day, I'm just a responsibility to him because I had helped him in his most tough times and didn't leave him. I've become his benefactor, and he doesn't want to have this on him, so he doesn't want to break up with me…"

Yes. Actually, she knew it clearly in her heart.

She had just been lying to herself.

"Alright, Emily, stop drinking. And you say beer won't make anyone drunk."

Emily got drunk and passed out there.

Su Wan said, "I just knew it… Now, what do we do?"

Gu Jingyu said, "Let's send her back."

Su Wan looked at Gu Jingyu apologetically.

The two of them pulled her up together.

Emily could still walk, but she was stumbling.

It was difficult to get her into the car and to send her home.

Su Wan felt both of her arms ache when she got down.

She looked at Gu Jingyu, "I'm sorry to have brought you here and made you do some work."

"Not at all. I think she's quite interesting."

"Yeah." She said, "She's usually a strong and lively girl, but just this matter is enough to make her distressed."

Su Wan drank some beer too. She leaned against the back of the chair and stretched her arm, taking a long sigh.

A night of nothing to think about: after finishing the skewer food and the beer, the day seemed to have become lazy.

Su Wan looked at Gu Jingyu. "Are you used to eating these?"

Gu Jingyu said, "Yes, it's delicious."

Su Wan looked at him.

She thought that no matter what he did, he looked so balanced. It was as if he could assimilate into the center of everything instantly. Moreover, he looked good at every angle.

Su Wan said, "Let's go home."

"No, I still want to take you to a place."


"You'll know when we get there."

Gu Jingyu started his car, and soon, the two of them arrived at an open grass field.

"Oh, here… we can see the stars."

The starry sky was beautiful. Gu Jingyu wound down the windows and pulled his seatback. Using his arms as a pillow, he laid down.

Su Wan said, "It's so beautiful."

Gu Jingyu smiled. "It's such a rare time that I'm feeling relaxed. It'll be a waste to go home."

She turned her head to the side and looked at him.

Gu Jingyu said, "Don't look at me."


"I won't be able to control myself from eating you up."


Su Wan froze.

Gu Jingyu suddenly turned his head around and embraced her.

He looked at her fresh face, lowered his head, and kissed her gently.

That sweet kiss made her close her eyes.

Su Wan's lips trembled. Her heart was pounding.

This man.

After so many years and the dust had settled, she felt like a youth again…

However, he let go of her soon after.



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