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(An Autumn’s Tale)

Su Wan looked toward Gu Jingyu.

She looked in silence for quite a while.

"Keep the things."

Someone shouted.

Su Wan allowed Sun Rourou to keep the things.

Sun Rourou hurried over.

"Senior Gu…"

From behind, someone in the shop had noticed Gu Jingyu.

"Ah, Gu Jingyu."

Sun Rourou was immediately shoved aside as the fans charged over.

Gu Jingyu was buried among them and was smiling a little.

From behind the scenes, the co-ordinator was laughing loudly. "We're done. We're done. They have surrounded our Gu Jingyu. His identity is completely exposed this time."

Just then, the director appeared from behind.

"Alright, all the staff in the cafe saw it. For today, the store's acting manager would be Gu Jingyu!"

Everyone responded.

So, he was here to take part in the program and be the acting manager.

Gu Jingyu raised his hand and smiled at everyone. "These must be my staff. Thank you for all your care today."

Su Wan looked at him, while Gu Jinyu could not help but glance back at her.

He smiled faintly in her direction.

Everyone looked at Gu Jingyu in excitement.

Lin Che treated them well, too. By inviting Gu Jingyu over, it looked like she wanted to groom them.

Emily held her cheeks. "Oh my, Gu Jingyu in person…"

The program was still running, and Emily said, "Look at Sun Rourou, she's been hovering around him."

"You can go over and do the same."

"I'm not that shameless."

"So what are you going to do?"

"Fine… Sigh, it's a pity that Gu Jingyu doesn't really film anymore."

"Perhaps he has filmed too much and can't be bothered to do any films anymore."

"I heard that when Gu Jingyu started as an artist, his family was extremely against it. I think it's not bad being an artist, having so many fans and hundreds of responses. Perhaps this makes our families different. I always thought that having a smooth-sailing life like him… can be quite boring on the contrary. You see, he's like the family's black sheep when he came out to be an actor instead. I heard that once, he did not return home for over ten years. This shows how bad it got at home."

"Didn't go home for over ten years?"


Su Wan looked in the direction of the man who was looking seriously at his bill.

It seemed familiar, but in the past, perhaps in her heart, she had resisted knowing anything about him. Hearing his name was hence, not at all familiar after all.

This was the first time she had heard these about him.

He sat behind the bar counter with his head down. With such a tall figure sitting on a high chair, it made his pants ride up to his long legs. He was very lean, with just all muscles on his body. His slim ankles exposed his slender physique, and his fair skin exposed tender ankles.

The sports shoe, casual trousers, and the red apron made him stand out among the ordinary.

He was like an angel. So beautiful.

Pity. He might have been happier if he was an ordinary handsome fellow.

So, on that gorgeous face was always some impatience, exhaustion, and some confusion towards the world.

Raising his eyes, he looked at Su Wan. One look, and he smiled.

Su Wan smiled too and felt that among everyone, his smile was the warmest.

Sun Rourou could not help but look over. She really wanted to see who Gu Jingyu was smiling at.

Su Wan began wiping the coffee cup on the table. After washing and patting it dry, she put it in the disinfectant cabinet. Her actions were neat and clean.

On a small road outside was an entire floor of yellow leaves that gave off a very warm feeling.

Though it was chilly during the autumn, it always made one think about warmth. A cafe always reminded people of its aroma and the gentle yet bright music.

Suddenly, she felt that opening a cafe was an enjoyable thing.

They finally finished cleaning up.

A day of filming had ended.

Su Wan stood by the door and got ready to return home.

It started to rain as she stood there watching everyone leave. She was responsible for locking up the doors, so she left a little later. Instead, she was trapped in the rain.

Just as she was thinking about this autumn day's continuous rain and not knowing when it would end, she saw a car stopping by the roadside.

Gu Jingyu winded down the car window. "What's up? Are you going home? Let me give you a ride."

"Oh, that's unnecessary. It's not on the way."

"It's fine. I'll drive. Come on."

Su Wan looked and decided not to be hypocritical and got into his car.

She had wanted to sit in the backseat, but he had already reached out and opened the door to the passenger seat.

She could only sit on it.

Gu Jingyu said, "It's cold. You can have this. Take them, the clothes."

He took a piece of clothing from the backseat and tossed it over.


His scent from his clothes covered her body as she spoke.

However, the rain outside stopped after a short while.

She felt like the heavens were joking with them.

She said, "It stopped raining."


"My house's upfront."

He looked out and saw that it was a rented basement.

He asked, "Didn't your company prepare accommodation for you?"

"I didn't want it. The company still has to pay for the rent. It's so expensive. It's only a few hundred yuan a month staying here. The cheapest that the company rents are at least seven or eight thousand yuan a month. It's not worth it when it's just me alone."

Gu Jingyu looked at her.

The space between his brows continuously matched the autumn air outside.

"Alright, I know I'm being stupid."

"What have you been doing recently?" Gu Jingyu asked.

"Oh, me? I do filming in the day and attend classes at night. I've signed up for an English language class."

"You're learning English?"


"I can help you."


"I've lived overseas for many years. What kind of English are you learning?"

"Just English for Business."

Gu Jingyu said, "Bring your books to the cafe next time. I'll teach you."

Su Wan looked at him and thought about it. She readily accepted it. "Okay."

The next day, she brought her books to the cafe.

There were few people around.

When there was nothing to do, Su Wan got her book to read.

Gu Jingyu walked to her side and sat down. "If you don't understand anything, you can ask me."

Su Wan said, "Nothing much I don't understand. It's just my oral communication that's horrible."

"Then we can converse in English right now."

He spoke fluent English.

Su Wan did not understand some words.

Gu Jingyu slowed down.

Su Wan asked, "So, what should I say?"

"You can tell me about your past, your family. For example, the simplest is, where were you born."

"I was born in a small warehouse."

Su Wan recalled. "It was midnight, and my mother's stomach hurt suddenly. She wanted to call for someone, but she was all alone. To be with my father, she had cut off ties with her family. However, my father didn't want her as well. She was alone and lived in a rented warehouse, with a small bed and a simple cupboard. She was in pain for an entire night, and she was worried if the labor was a false alarm. Because if it was so, she had to spend money to acquire hospital services. So, she waited until she couldn't hold it any longer. Just when she was already in excruciating pain—that she could only use her hands to grab the bedhead—it was already too late to call for help. She tolerated the pain, and she grabbed the bed until there were deep marks."

The people around felt it was strange when they saw Su Wan and Gu Jingyu talking.

"What's up with Su Wan? Is she chatting with Gu Jingyu?"


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