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(An Lan Got Caught)

Lin Che did not expect to see An Lan around.

An Lan? Isn't her home in the old country of Africa and fighting with the country?

Then, why did An Lan dare to appear in C Nation?

Lin Che looked at An Lan. "You?"

Though An Lan looked down on Lin Che, at that moment, she heaved a sigh of relief in her heart when she finally saw her.

"Lin Che, don't call your men. I'm not here to cause you trouble. I came here because I want to say something to you."

An Lan anxiously said.

Lin Che looked outside. She knew they were all outside and could come in anytime. So she sat there calmly and looked cautiously at An Lan. "What do you want to say?"

"The old country is having a war with C Nation, and this is unnecessary. It's our families who have a conflict, and now it escalated into a war between two countries. Don't you think it's too scary and too exaggerated?"

Lin Che knew that it was exaggerated and scary.

When she went over, she did not expect to witness a war happen in front of her. Moreover, she knew who had started it.

However, these were out of her control.

She did not understand. And she would not make any decisions for Gu Jingze.

An Lan noticed Lin Che did not say anything and eagerly said, "From the start, this was just between Gu Jingze and me. Why does it have to become such a big matter now?"

Lin Che looked at her and still did not say anything.

It made An Lan feel terrified.

In the past, she had never thought that Lin Che was scary.

However, upon seeing her again, it was the first time that she felt that this woman…

Was now more powerful.

She was no longer like what she had imagined - someone you could easily lie to, a naive actor or perhaps a foolish woman.

She narrowed her eyes and looked at her. She seemed so unfathomable.

No, no, it must be because, at present, she was no longer the young mistress of the An family who could get anything she wanted. So, when she looked at others, she lacked self-confidence.

After all, she was now begging someone.

"Lin Che… say something, please. The war started because of you. You… Can you bear to see people dying because of you?"

Lin Che smiled.

"I'm afraid I can't afford to wear such a big hit. An Lan, it is your family who started this issue. If you guys didn't want a deadlock and picked Africa, things wouldn't be the way they are now."

An Lan gritted her teeth and looked at Lin Che. Though indignant, she was the only soft spot that Gu Jingze had.

It would be impossible to persuade Gu Jingze.

Unless Lin Che did it.

So, An Lan could only put down her pride.

"Fine, Lin Che, take it as I'm begging you. We didn't want the war. I wasn't in the right mind for a moment that time, and so I bore a grudge against Gu Jingze. It wasn't successful, was it? Just because of this one thing, you guys can't possibly ignore the entire country, right?"

Lin Che laughed. "Sure. You guys retreat, and that will be the best form of sincerity. If you want to end this, then show your utmost sincerity. We might consider."


"Otherwise, forget it."

Lin Che wanted to get up.

An Lan anxiously tried to stop her.

It would be great if retreating were up to her.

She only wanted to continue living the good life of being the young mistress of the An family. She did not wish for a war to happen at all.

She quickly blocked Lin Che.

"Lin Che, listen to me…"

However, at that moment, she saw that the people outside had noticed that something was going on in here.

An Lan knew she could not be caught and quickly stomped out.

Outside, Dong Zi rushed in.


Lin Che narrowed her eyes and did not allow Dong Zi to stop her.

"Let her go."

"But Miss…"

"She came alone. I'm only afraid there would be reinforcements. Let her go, don't take the risk," Lin Che said.

Dong Zi thought about it and agreed.

It was Miss who had thought things thoroughly.

Lin Che looked outside. "Get someone to check. If she dared to come here, there must be some preparations. Who's her aid, who's helping her? Find out."

"Yes, Miss."

Dong Zi got to work very quickly.

That afternoon.

An Lan was preparing to leave C Nation.

However, outside, a group of people suddenly appeared at the underground bar of the house she was in.

This bar had been around for more than a decade and had some status in B City.

The affluence on the streets was as such. Though they would always hit them, they would get back on their feet again.

The people in the bar noticed guards from the Gu family had charged in. The manager of the bar cursed under his breath, damn it.

Who was it that came to their doors without a word?

Lin Che and Dong Zi walked in.

A group of personal guards had already surrounded the place. The people inside squatted on the ground, not daring to look up.

The manager saw Lin Che come in and said nervously, "Mrs. Gu, we didn't cross any boundaries or harmed anyone. I don't know what's the meaning of getting so many people to come to my bar."

Lin Che's eyes swept through this bar.

It looked ordinary, but one would not know if one did not check. If you checked, you would get a shock.

The owner of this bar had extensive connections. He knew her whereabouts.

She smiled. "Where's An Lan?"

The eyes of the manager moved, and he feigned ignorance. "Mrs. Gu, you've got the wrong person. I don't know…"

Dong Zi pointed his gun up.

The manager did not say anything more and quickly knelt on the ground.

"Don't, don't be like this. Why do you have to be so violent? It's not very nice to kill in B City."

Lin Che smiled. "Are you in doubt that I wouldn't dare to take action?"

This statement sent a shiver down the spine of the one in-charge.

"I-I-I… I'll talk. She's inside."

Lin Che thought this was indeed useful.

She would not kill someone that casually, but she had to admit that this method was quite useful.

"Dong Zi, get someone to go in and look. Nobody here can move."

An Lan was frightened and ran for her life.

Lin Che felt that the existence of this place was affecting her safety.

So she waved her hands and got someone to think of a way to get rid of them.

Her 'getting rid of' did not mean killing people. It was to get them to leave B City and break up their team. Then they would naturally fall apart.

An Lan ran for her life. She did not expect that Lin Che would come knocking on the door when she did not care at all then.

She saw from behind that Lin Che's lackey had already caught up.

She remembered that this man's name was Dong Zi.

She cursed in her heart—damned Lin Che's lackey.

Dong Zi saw An Lan very quickly.

An Lan panicked and was in a mess. "You, you can't touch me. If you touch me, I'll kill myself. Then the An family will never let you off."

An Lan did not care about her image anymore, so she laid on the ground and rolled over, which exposed her thighs and underwear.

Along the sides, the crowd who did not know what was going on was watching this strange woman.

Nobody would have guessed that she was connected with the famous An family.


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