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(Who Dares Not to Give Her Any Acting to Do)

The next day.

The manager received a call from the director.

"Oh, we would like to invite Miss Mu to act in our new drama. Why not send the script over for you to look at? It's a big production."

The manager was pleasantly surprised. "Huh? Really, great. Send the script over for us to have a look first…"

Not long later, another TV drama also sent its invitation, hoping that Feiran would take on their female lead's role.

Then, an online drama also called and hoped Feiran would go over to take a look at the script.

The manager was a little dumbfounded. So many people came knocking on their door.

The manager quickly told Mu Feiran about this.

Mu Feiran was surprised too. "Aren't they afraid I would poison their box office?"

"Let's go over to have a look first. This time, we'll make sure we pick well and go with an excellent script."

Mu Feiran had no objections and went to the company to look at the scripts in the afternoon.

The scripts they had sent over were all not too bad.

But Mu Feiran did not see one that was exceptionally good.

She would always choose according to her preferences. For example, she wanted to challenge a character she had never taken on before. Sometimes, she was okay with playing the antagonist.

However, if it was the lead role, there were not many flawed characters.

At this moment, Mu Feiran noticed a character.

It was supposed to be the second leading female in the drama, but the character had many drama scenes. She started out good but turned bad towards the end. She fought with the male lead, and in the end, when the first female lead got together with the male lead, the second female lead sacrificed herself and was buried in flames.

Mu Feiran liked this character a lot.

She immediately took the script and told her manager.

The manager took a look and was a little worried. "This is the second female lead."

Mu Feiran said, "I think she still has many scenes."

The manager said, "I'm only afraid you'll be at the back. During publicity, you might not be published as the first female lead. I'm only afraid when that time comes, everyone would say that you have to play the second female lead because of the poor box office rating."

Mu Feiran knew. This year. Many were waiting to see her downfall.

But she looked at this particular character and felt it was such a rare one.

Mu Feiran thought for a while and said, "But I still want to act."

She saw the manager had a sad face on and went over to tug at her arm. She said, "Alright, Xiao Man, it's just a role. It doesn't mean that if I take this on, I won't take on others in the future. Anyway, I think it might be better with a little challenge. It had to be the first female lead in the past, and so, they were not suited for me."

Xiao Man did not dare to allow Mu Feiran to beg her as such. She quickly responded, "Alright alright, we'll do it."

They gave the script to the director and told them that she wanted to be the second female lead. The director looked and immediately agreed.

After all, it was not easy to find someone to play this character.

If you do not look for big names, the acting skills are not enough.

If you look for the big names, not all would be willing to play the role.

The initial intent was to let Mu Feiran try out for the female lead. Unexpectedly, Mu Feiran said she wanted to play the second female lead.

In an instant, their big problem was solved.

Mu Feiran immediately went to the other company to discuss the script.

After that, quite a few people had gotten wind that Mu Feiran wanted to play the second female lead of this TV drama, and they were all quite surprised.

"Why does the director dare to allow Mu Feiran to act?"

"Yeah, didn't they say she's the poison of the box office?"

Some thought it would be interesting to watch on and, naturally, did some mocking.

They seemed happy about watching this generation's big star fall.

Though it had nothing to do with them, it made them feel superior somehow.

At this moment, those who knew the truth scoffed at these idiots who had not experienced much.

Did they want to see Mu Feiran fall?

No matter how she fell, she would still be stronger than them.

Take a look at who was behind Mu Feiran.

"Alright you guys. Do you think she won't have any more films to do even if she's the poison to the box office?"

The wise one went over to say, "She has many films to do."

"How? How does she have many films to do?" The person beside quickly asked.

He replied, "Try to know who is backing up Mu Feiran."

"Who? Who?"

"Mo Jinyan."

"Black Eagle?"


Everyone sighed audibly.

"Even if every film she has doesn't sell and gets bad reviews, who would dare give her the cold shoulder? A word from Black Eagle, and there would be plenty looking for her. You guys should stop waiting for the day when she has no films to do."

After hearing that, everyone started to discuss Black Eagle's overbearing ways and Mu Feiran's fortune. One by one, they left.

Mu Feiran discussed the characters' details very quickly and got ready to sign the contract.

When she came out, Mu Feiran mumbled to herself, "These people are not bad at all. I thought everyone would just let me fall. I didn't think they're still quite enthusiastic towards me."

The manager sighed in silence beside her.

Pitied them.

It was unknown how Black Eagle had scared them that they were on their best behavior today…

However, Black Eagle was really good. It looked like she did not have to worry about anyone bullying Mu Feiran anymore with Black Eagle around.


Lin Che heard about Mu Feiran picking up a good script.

She was having a meal with Black Eagle, and she looked at him. "Does Feiran's script have anything to do with you?"

Black Eagle said, "These people should see whose woman she is. They dare talk about her being the poison of the box office. I've already gotten people to get rid of all these talks."


Lin Che said, "You're really… quite a protector."

"Of course."

Lin Che had wanted to advise him to be less overbearing.

But thinking about it, sometimes, it was not that bad being overbearing. At least, nobody would dare to bully Mu Feiran.

Lin Che finished the last piece of foie gras and told him, "I'm going to meet Minmin. She's giving birth soon, and her stomach isn't too well. Moreover, with the war going on, the President's Office is on edge every day. I'm worried she might be feeling vexed."

Lin Che called for Dong Zi and brought her guards to leave first.

Soon, they reached the mall, and Lin Che got down the car to buy some coffee.

After having a greasy steak piece, she hoped to get some coffee to wash off some of the greases.

When they sat in the cafe, Dong Zi noticed the people outside, signaling something wrong with the car.

He got someone to watch Lin Che and went out to handle the situation.

Lin Che put her chin on her hands and looked out.

A person inside the cafe was also watching over Lin Che.

That was great.

This was perhaps the only time she had the least people around her.

An Lan could still feel the pain in the lower part of her body.

For the past few days, she had looked for opportunities to get closer to Lin Che but to no avail. As for those guys who deserved death, they took the chance to mess with her every day, saying that they wanted interest.

Now, her chance was finally here.

She quickly walked over and held onto a coffee plate to get closer.

She put down the coffee. Lin Che said, "Thank you."

She looked up to see that it was An Lan.


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