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( How Could Sister Feiran Be the Poison to the Box Office?)

"You need to find a safe place for me to see Lin Che and to escape safely."

"Oh, you're troublesome. Take a look for yourself. Do you think you can see Lin Che whenever you want to?"

"I… I'm begging you. Once this is over, I'll give you all the money."

"Haha, how much can all your money be?" That person looked at An Lan with contempt.

An Lan shivered.

"Hey, get this clear. A skinny camel is still bigger than a horse. Even if I don't have much money, the money I have on hand is still more than any average person."

"Ha, why should I believe you? Let me see."

An Lan's face turned red.

She did not have it now. "Don't you have it?" That person looked at An Lan without trust.

"How could I not have it? I really do. But…" She thought for a short while and continued, "It's just that why should I let you have a look? So what if you've seen it? In any case, if you help me, I'll definitely give it to you. If not, I'm here, and if I don't give you the money, you can hand me over to Gu Jingze right away."

He sized An Lan up.

The high and mighty eldest young mistress of the An family had come to this day.

He smiled and walked over. "Alright, you're right. But if I can't see the money. Then you… have to put a deposit first, yeah?"


An Lan looked at his weird gaze and felt something was not right.

The next moment, he immediately pinned her down onto the table.

"Ah… What are you doing…"

The man slapped An Lan's face. "Scream. Shout. The louder you shout, the more I like it."


"What? Do you really think you're still that arrogant and uncontrollable, Miss An Lan? Now you're a wild chicken. Behave. If you make me feel better, I'll help you see Lin Che. If not, just you alone and you want to see Lin Che? Impossible in your life!"

Humiliated, An Lan looked at the man in front of her.

Since when did she ever have to endure this sort of hardship?

However, as of now, she could only grit her teeth and endure. She pinned all her anger onto Lin Che.

If it was not because of Lin Che and Gu Jingze…

The next day, Lin Che and Yu Minmin appeared at the company together.

They would attend the company's monthly meeting, no matter how busy they were.

This month's agenda was about nurturing some of their newcomers.

Among the names on the list was Su Wan, who had just started on her development.

The manager assigned to Su Wan was one of the more capable ones. She sat inside and said, "We've successively given Su Wan some youth-related TV drama to act. Her image is very suitable for these dramas."

"Okay, what about the lawsuit?"

"We won the first trial because they did not do as per contract after signing Su Wan on. Su Wan can sue them for putting her in cold storage and did not go according to the contract to nurture her. After much consideration and since we don't want this to drag on, this is enough."

"Okay." Lin Che sat there and then saw Mu Feiran in a box office movie.

Very gloomy…

She said, "What happened to Sister Feiran's movie?"

The staff also sighed.

They looked at one another, and everyone did not know what to say.

"President Lin, Sister Feiran's show hasn't been doing too well recently. We overestimated that the viewership ratings would be high. But the results weren't much. Oh, it's not just the sad situation in the box office, there's also a word of the mouth going…"

The more they spoke, the softer their voices became.

Word of mouth had been atrocious.

At first, everyone had been quite quiet about local movies. But now…

Many said that Mu Feiran was the poison to the box office.

From being a goddess in the past to being the poison to the box office now…

Everyone really had nothing more to say.

It could not be denied that luck was very important in this industry.

Lin Che said, "Is it really that bad…"

They sighed. "Oh, the film is Big IP. A lot of producers were confident that it would be profitable. They would then film whatever IP they saw was more popular, thinking that it would have excellent results. But the problem is, whatever they filmed was not what they were good with. Those who were good in action films went to film youth films. Those who were good at small productions went to do the big films. Isn't that… a mess in filming?"

Lin Che frowned and said nothing.

"But Sister Feiran is very blessed now. She can't be bothered with all these. Whatever she films is just about, she likes it or not. Whenever she picks her films, it's all based on her moods. Now… just this month, someone mentioned that Sister Feiran's timing isn't too good, and they will not look for her to do films for the time being."

"Yeah, they're too much. They even said they don't want Sister Feiran to drag them down. They should look at those directors and screenwriters they find. What are they all doing, pushing all the blame to Sister Feiran?"

"Moreover, they're unbelievable. So unprofessional, and they insist on meddling."

Lin Che held onto her forehead. What should they do now…


Over that side, Mu Feiran did not know about this matter.

Her manager was anxious and hesitated to make calls.

"Tell me, Sister Feiran has been the queen with superb acting skills for so many years. That film itself held her up. Our acting skills are as good as gold."

"Oh, we know. But really… the upper management said it. We need to find…. Someone who has a better effect on the box office and word of mouth. If we really can't find one, then we'll find some newcomer. With Sister Feiran's level, we can't give too little remuneration, but word of mouth is still…"

The manager snarled, "You guys…"

She hung up and looked back. Mu Feiran heard everything.

She said, "Sister Feiran, these people…"

Mu Feiran sighed. "Forget it. They're thinking for themselves."

It's not wrong that they were thinking for themselves. With her status, they could now shortchange her on her pay. Comparing the prices, a newcomer's pay would not be as high.

She said, "I'll take it as a time to rest if there's no filming to do."

The manager could only sigh. If Mu Feiran was not anxious, she had no reason to panic.

Over at this side, Black Eagle felt it was weird that Mu Feiran took a break.

Mu Feiran had always been a hard worker. It was impossible to do less than two films a year.

He immediately went to look for Mu Feiran's manager to ask about it.

"What exactly is going on with Mu Feiran?"

The manager did not dare to lie in front of Black Eagle.

"Sister Feiran… isn't doing so well recently."

She grumbled immediately, "People are saying that Sister Feiran is an expired queen. It's infuriating…"

Very well…

Black Eagle said angrily, "Ha, I would like to see who would dare to tell me they don't want Feiran to act."

The manager watched as Black Eagle walked out. She wondered what Mr. Mo was going to do.

Would he cause any trouble…


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