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( We Must Work Together to Cheer Mama Up)

Very soon, Gu Jingming sent the military stationed at the coast of their allies with other allied countries. They then slowly got closer to the Elder Country.

The other party was on their guards since the two countries were like nocked arrows in this confrontation.

The An family didn't have any other way out. Having let Gu Jingze leave, their only option was to reprimand the Gu family for their dominance on the international level, hoping to put them in a compromised position.

The An family went through a lot of trouble, going around everywhere.

And for that, there would always come the time they would exhaust their money resources. They went around too much, and their reserves were gradually being used up.

The An family were strapped for cash, and all of them started to cut down on their daily expenses.

An Lan was someone who used to spend a lot of money. But after they brought her to Africa, she felt furious to lead such a harsh life, unable to eat or buy anything she wanted.

With the situation developing to its current state, she felt even more exasperated.

Unable to take it any longer, she looked at the food in front of her and flipped the table.

"What is this rubbish? I don't want to eat a single bite of them."

There were two dishes and one soup and all tasted horrible.

In the past, their family would have a big table worth of food, and she'd be full from just taking a few bites from any of them.

She could not take such a wretched lifestyle anymore.

At the same moment, An Beiguo heard her outburst. He walked in and said, "Alright, if you won't eat them, then forget it. You can just go hungry."

"What?" An Lan asked angrily. "What do you mean? Where is my fund? The fund that my dad left is enough for me to spend an extravagant life. You took away my fund and fed me this trash?"

An Beiguo said, "Your fund? I already spent it."

"What?" An Lan's face burned up from fury.

She was so angry that she kicked over a chair at the side and then headed out.

The people below wanted to stop her.

An Beiguo said, "Let her go around as she pleases. She doesn't have any money. I shall see where she can go."

It was true that An Lan didn't have money, but she didn't want to live such a life any longer.

She thought it was all because An Beiguo wanted to fight the Gu family that he spent a lot of money on purchasing military manpower and arms.

If they didn't have to go to war, would they not need to spend so much money then?

An Lan gave it some thought. In fact, this matter arose because of her.

But as long as she went to beg for forgiveness, things might turn out well.

Therefore, after An Lan went out and tried to think of ways to head to C Nation.

After Lin Che and Gu Jingze arrived at home, Lin Che spent the past few days feeling down.

Seeing that, Gu Jingze immediately came back to cheer her up. "I'll bring you out. Don't always just coop up at home."

Lin Che whimpered, " I don't feel like moving."

"Don't feel like moving? I'll carry you out." After he said this, Gu Jingze turned over, for he wanted to carry her.

"Ahh, no, I don't want to go out…"

Hearing that, Gu Jingze lowered his head, wanting to take off her clothes. "Then let's do some exercise at home."

"Ahhhhhh, I was wrong… I'll go out."

Lin Che didn't know what to do with him.

She could only put down the thing in her hand and said to Gu Jingze, "Then, let's not go too far."

"We'll bring the children to the aquarium. Will that work?"

Bring the children out to have fun.

Lin Che gave it some thought. It had been very long since they brought the children out.

So, she nodded and went off to make preparations.

Gu Shiyuan and Gu Shinian knew that Lin Che wasn't in a good mood and behaved exceptionally well.

They had long been waiting outside, waiting for Lin Che so they could go out together.

When Lin Che saw the two little angels, it was as if a beam of light had shone down on her dark heart.

"Ah, you guys are so well-behaved. Come, give mama a kiss."

Gu Shiyuan immediately went near.

Although Gu Shinian was unwilling to do so, at the thought of how his mother wasn't in a good mood, he went along as well, kissing her on the face.

Lin Che felt delighted and took their hands and then headed out.

Gu Jingze followed behind them. The family of four went to the aquarium to look around at the animals from the ocean.

Lin Che didn't have to worry about Gu Shinian taking care of Gu Shiyuan. Gu Shiyuan was at the age where she would keep asking endless 'why's' Children her age love to ask questions, and other parents would feel troubled if they couldn't answer their children's problems.

However, with Gu Shinian around, this mission was entirely left to him.

Gu Shiyuan kept on asking, "Brother, what fish is this?"


"What about this?"


"Brother, this one looks so pretty."

"This is a jellyfish."

"Brother, this one looks good as well."

"This is…"

Gu Shinian kept on answering questions. Lin Che felt very satisfied when she saw this.

It made her feel proud to have such an intelligent son.

The two adults just needed to stay back and watch.

After they came out, Gu Shiyuan took Lin Che's hand and said, "Mama, are you in a bad mood?"

Lin Che said, "That's right? Who told you that?"

"Brother told me."


Gu Shiyuan said, "Then, what can I do to make you feel better?"

Lin Che smiled and said, "I don't know either. What do you think you can do to make me feel better? "

"Why not… we make good food for mama?"

Lin Che heard that, and her eyes lit up. "Really?"

But with this young child, Lin Che had her doubts. "You know how?"

Gu Shiyuan said, "I don't."


"But Brother does."


There was still this way.

This Gu Shiyuan was too dependent on her brother.

Moreover, in her heart, there was clearly nothing that Gu Shinian couldn't do.

Gu Shinian, who was at the back, paused for a moment. "Gu Shiyuan!"

Gu Shiyuan took his hand and shook it. "Brother, pretty please. Look, mama isn't happy. Brother, let's make good food for her."

It was fine to make wonderful food to cheer their mother up.

However, Gu Shinian felt that it wouldn't be them making the food.

In the end, he would be the one cooking the good food…

And Gu Shiyuan would just join in to eat.

However, after seeing his mother and then Gu Shiyuan, Gu Shinian could only nod.

Forget it. There was no other way out since men had to give in to women.

Lin Che saw that Gu Shinian, who usually appeared as if he was above everyone else and didn't have any interest in family and other things, said that he was going to cook for her.

She immediately felt happy, like a little child. "That's great! We'll go to the supermarket to buy ingredients and then cook together. Oh right, let's not go back to the Gu family mansion to cook. There are so many chefs there, and the kitchen has everything. It won't be any interesting at all. Let's go to another villa to cook."

Gu Jingze, who was at the side, looked at Gu Shinian with pity in his eyes.

Lin Che and Gu Shiyuan were really the two children in their family…

But they couldn't do anything about them.

Gu Jingze could only get someone to prepare the car, and they all drove the car to the supermarket with their children.


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