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(Why Did They Not Believe His Words)

Did they not have a chance to object?

An Beiguo looked at him and smiled triumphantly.

However, after going out the door, the sadness on his face was only for himself to know.

When he returned to the residence, An Lan lay down as he watched the news.

Holding onto the remote control, he laid on the torn and tattered sofa without a smile on his face.

"Second Uncle, for how long more are we going to wait? This broken place has nothing at all. This sofa is so rotten. This TV doesn't have any channel that I can understand, and it's so dirty outside. The food's disgusting too. I want my khaki sofa, my two-meter waterbed, my massage chair, and also…"

"Enough." An Beiguo sat down and looked at An Lan.

"You've caused such a big mess, and you're still not reflecting on your actions."

An Lan's face became dim.

She did not want it to happen either.

Who would have thought that Gu Jingze would take such revenge on their family?

Now they were driven to a corner and had to come to this shabby place. The family worried and insisted that they wanted to fight the Gu family until one became dead. If it were up to her, she would beg for mercy. Perhaps Gu Jingze would still let them off.

She had to stay at this place, and it was unbearable.

"Enough, what else can I do?"

She snorted.

An Beiguo fiercely slammed the table. "Now that you're here, you want to leave? Don't even think about leaving at all."

An Lan was really frightened at the sight of her second uncle.

She thought her family members were going mad. They wanted to make use of this side to ignite a fight.


Lin Che arrived at the airport with Gu Jingze.

The airport had suddenly shut down. Now the only open route was guarded by Gu Jingze's men.

It was the first time that Lin Che had seen such a desolate airport. There was nobody in sight, just their people standing by and keeping a lookout.

"Sir, the plane's ready. We can board immediately."


Gu Jingze embraced Lin Che and went over.

At a far distance, they brought along Andrew and his sister.

However, due to the treatment of their plague, they could not step into C Nation. This is to prevent the disease from spreading in C Nation. Instead, they would go to another location where Chen Yushen would treat them personally.

Not that there was no treatment for the plague, but this side did not have much medicine and resources.

But at this exact moment…

"Bad news. They're here. The aggressor here got us surrounded. They say none of us is allowed to leave here."

One of the personal guards ran in from outside.

Lin Che was astonished. She asked, "What's the meaning of this?"

"They've activated their men, and they're saying that we're taking away two of their children."

How could they be like this…

Lin Che looked up at Gu Jingze.

Why did they have to believe this sort of lie?

Gu Jingze said, "Alright, the important thing now is to solve the problem."

Lin Che asked, "So what should we do now?"

Gu Jingze said, "Get someone over to have a look."

Gu Jingze got onto the rooftop of the airport and looked at the people below. Indeed, many people were surrounding them.

Gu Jingze said, "Can't the plane take off now?"

"It can't take off. I'm afraid they would obstruct us. If someone has a gun and hits the plane, the plane can't fly and might end up in a disaster."

"Okay, ask what they want."

Qin Hao got a local to shout to the people below them.

"Don't listen to some false tales. They're taking Andrew and his sister for treatment. It's not like what they claim, that they want to harm them."

However, the people below knew that Gu Jingze and the gang would deny. So, they shouted back at the local, "Don't believe them. A bad person wouldn't say that they're the bad one. They just want to see us extinct."

"Yes, hand over the two kids. You're not allowed to take away any blade of grass or wood."

"They're ours. Hand over the two poor kids."

"We have our treatments. It has nothing to do with you, outsiders. Don't even think about taking away our children."

Andrew heard the voices outside.

He climbed up in an instant.

"Lin, what's the problem now?"

The personal guard quickly held onto Andrew, not permitting him to go any closer.

Lin Che looked outside. "Nothing much. We're trying our best to solve it."

"Are they asking you to hand us over?"

Lin Che looked outside indifferently.

Andrew asked, "Will you hand us over?"

Andrew's whole body was dark as charcoal. However, he had a pair of bright eyes.

Especially since Lin Che had promised to take them away, his eyes turned from being in despair to being filled with hope.

How could Lin Che bear to diminish this hope?

"No, we'll not let them take you away."

It was the most beautiful thing that Andrew had ever heard.

"Thank you. Thank you so much."

Lin Che shook her head. "Look after your sister first. We'll find someone to treat you both."

Andrew went down feeling comforted. However, he took a look outside and saw many people from his hometown. They were hitting the airport's entrance aggressively and throwing things towards inside, cursing these people.

Why was it like this?

Why did they want to protect these evil people?

Andrew did not understand. He wanted to tell everyone that it was his own choice to leave. These people were helping him and saving his sister's life.

But these people did not seem to be able to hear him.

He saw these agitated people cause the personal guards inside to bleed from the head. He felt even more worked up.

He looked at the people above and quickly ran over.

"Let me go up. Let me talk to them."

Qin Hao looked at Andrew, and after some thought, he waved his hand to let him come up.

He took the loudspeaker and shouted to the people below.

"Hey, I'm Andrew. They're here to help us. They're not harming us."

The people below were his representatives, and instead, they shouted back at their own. "Andrew must be under their threat. That's why he's saying as such. They're scared. They're taking our people as hostages. They might kill Andrew."

These people got even more worked up when they heard that.

Andrew said what he wanted to say but did not get the ideal response. Instead, he saw them getting more aggressive and started shouting about saving him and not to kill him.

Andrew started to get anxious.

Why? Why did they not believe his words?


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