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(The War Is Inevitable)

Lin Che looked down at Andrew. "Yes, we've been surrounded. We can't get out now."

Andrew looked at his sister. "I know a place out."

Lin Che's eyes lit up. "Where?"

"Come with me."

Qin Hao was still somewhat worried.

Lin Che said, "Now, only we can save him. Besides, we have no other choice too. Either we fight our way out or choose to believe him."

Qin Hao looked and knew there was no other choice. He nodded his head.

Andrew said, "We often have fights here. So we've prepared a good location for escaping."

Lin Che believed him.

A person who had frequently faced battles should have experience in this aspect.

Soon, Andrew brought them to a manhole cover. He opened the manhole and jumped in. Then, everyone followed in.

They walked ahead underground, all the way to the outside.

When they saw the sunlight, Qin Hao heaved a sigh of relief.

When Lin Che got out, Andrew asked, "Where are we going now?"

"I'll get someone to send you and your sister for treatment. But we need to go to the President's Office. Since you were able to enter my place discreetly, do you know of any place that we can get closer to the President's Office?"

Andrew thought for a while. "I know a place that you can discreetly get in. But… why do you want to go there?"

Lin Che said, "We're in trouble with your President. You've seen it for yourself. They just sent people to surround us. If we die, you and your sister might not get any treatment. Also, you will get executed immediately for being in contact with us."

Andrew's face displayed horror. "Is there going to be a fight again?"

Lin Che took in a deep breath. "I don't wish for it to be so. But your President chose to provoke first. I think, this time, it's inevitable. But how it will be will depend on our progress later."

Andrew sighed. He said, "This used to be a place where we played around. But now, look. How many people are left… Some of my friends I went to school with and played with when I was young have already died, and some escaped… Forget it. I know. I can't look back now."

He pointed the direction to Lin Che, while she smiled gratefully. With Qin Hao, she walked ahead.

It was a circular, unobstructed manhole cover as well.

"Here, it's here."

Qin Hao went up first and got the guards to go up as well.

When they reached the President's Office, they found it empty.

"It was still full of people yesterday. How is it like this today…"

Qin Hao was still in shock when he saw someone with a gun. "Who's there? Come out with your hands up."

Qin Hao immediately took his gun. However, he saw that the person…

"Ah, don't move. It's me, Qin Hao. I'm with Madam."

It was Gu Jingze's personnel…

That guy relaxed when he saw Lin Che.

"Madam, Assistant Qin, it's good to see you guys. Sir is anxious beyond words."

With the leadership of this guard, they followed into the President's Office.

It was Lin Che's first time getting into the front. She passed by yesterday and only went to the back. She did not see how the President's Office of this old country looked like.

In the country, she would often go to the Glazed Tile Palace. Being here, she could feel the difference between a big and small country.

But it was still a President's Office, and the atmosphere was solemn.

Gu Jingze was seated inside when he saw Lin Che hurrying over.

"Something just happened. I couldn't find you when I got back."

Lin Che hugged Gu Jingze.

She wondered if he was in danger as well.

The good thing was, they were both fine.

Lin Che said, "What happened exactly?"

Gu Jingze said, "They got us to come. It's a conspiracy."

It turned out there was no negotiation. Gu Jingze found out that it was an ambush.

Fortunately, Gu Jingze was prepared when he arrived.

The guards outside were much stronger than theirs. It was not a problem for one to fight off ten. The President had run off upon seeing things getting bad and had temporarily abandoned the President's Office.

Gu Jingze did not dare to leave without seeing Lin Che. He was worried that she was lost and so he stayed back.

Lin Che said, "Seriously… he doesn't even want the President's Office?"

Gu Jingze replied, "Because there are frequent fights and the people change here very often. The President had not been in the position for long and managed to take his office back. It's normal to have it taken away and so, he doesn't really mind."

Lin Che found it astonishing. After that, she remembered about the plague and quickly said, "Oh yes, we just found out that there's a conspiracy here."

Lin Che told him everything.

Gu Jingze thought silently. "Perhaps the powers here have already hooked up with the An family. They might have pulled everything together and lured us here intentionally."

"Then… what should we do?"

"Let's leave first." Gu Jingze did not want Lin Che to stay around since he was worried about her safety.

"That An family…"

Gu Jingze said, "If the old country wants to work with the An family, then this war is inevitable."

Lin Che was stunned. Was a war really going to happen?



An Beiguo from the An family walked into the old country's President's temporary residence.

"I've told you. Gu Jingze isn't easy to lie to. You guys did not believe me, and now…"

"We didn't expect that the guys he brought would be so powerful." The President of the old country had just gotten his authority as the newly elected President.

They were working with the An family because the family supported them politically and gave them a fair amount of ammunition support.

"Ah, now we're in a deadlock with the Gu family. I'm afraid we have to fight." An Beiguo looked up and narrowed his eyes at him. "We need help from your forces."

The President got a fright and waved his hand frantically. "No way, no way. How can we beat C Nation?"

"Relax, we're quite far from C Nation. They're fighting this long distance. Moreover, there's bound to be someone who will disagree with this fight on an international level. They might not be able to fight."

"But what if the fight starts…"

"Why? We've supported you with so many finances. If you disagree with activating everyone for the battle, I promise you that I'll let everyone know how you got your power and covered up the plague outbreak. When that happens, your current position, the power you've gained, and the support of the citizens will be gone immediately!"


It was hard to object to this threat.

An Beiguo looked at him with a sinister smile. He thought cruelly, 'Gu Jingze, didn't you want to come? Anyway, we're not afraid of going barefoot and being in a deadlock. But even if our An family wants to die, we'll make your Gu family the scapegoat. We'll make Gu Jingming unable to continue as President with all the prestige.'

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