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(This Must Be a Conspiracy)

Lin Che looked in shock at the person who had trespassed.

"Hey, come with me." He immediately went in front of Lin Che, and he looked rather vicious.

Lin Che looked up. "Do you think I'll let you enter my room that easily? Don't you think I'll have something up my sleeve?"

As soon as she finished her sentence, a few guards rushed over from the back.

The black chap did not think that she would lay an ambush. He was immediately pinned to the ground, and he started shouting, "Let go, let me go…"

Lin Che looked at the man on the ground. "What's your motive? Who sent you? Speak."

The young lad looked up at Lin Che in red eyes.

"Please, help me. Save my younger sister…"

Lin Che froze.

What did this mean?

He said, "Follow me, follow me, and you'll know."

Qin Hao was at the side. "Madam, don't believe him. Perhaps it's just a ploy to get us over."

Lin Che stopped and pondered. She looked at him. "Where do you want me to go?"

"Just outside. It's not far. Please, come with me and have a look."

Lin Che looked at Qin Hao. "Take our men and follow me."

Qin Hao hesitated.

Lin Che looked at that boy and believed that his eyes were red for a reason.

"Let's go."

Since Lin Che had already made her decision, Qin Hao had no other choice but to follow.

They followed this youth out.

As they walked, the men held the chap as he pointed the directions.

He said it was not far, but they still needed to drive. They drove for more than ten minutes before arriving at a shabby area.

Here were their slums.

It was a very dangerous place.

After they had entered, everyone vigilantly looked outside.

Qin Hao could not tolerate any further and immediately asked the youth. "Where exactly are you taking us to?"

The youth pointed inside.


Qin Hao worried and headed over first. He pulled away a curtain.

Then, Lin Che heard a weak voice coming from inside.

"Brother, is that you?"

Lin Che froze.

She walked over and saw on a broken bed what looked like a young black girl, and she was lying on it. She looked about eleven or twelve years old. From the looks of it, she had dry lips and a very skinny frame. Amid the rubbish, she was invisible.

The youth broke free in an instant.

Lin Che signaled that they were fine.

The men let go of the youth.

The youth ran over and knelt beside the bed. He held the girl's hands. "I'm back. I've brought people to save you."

Lin Che walked over. "What happened to her?"

Just then, Qin Hao noticed it.

"Oh no, she's ill. Quick, Madam, get out."

There were all kinds of diseases here. Many were contagious plagues.

Qin Hao was very nervous. He worried that Lin Che would get infected.

Lin Che retreated and went out. Her heart ached at the sight of the girl.

She looked at those eyes that seemed to have lost all hope and was used to losing hope…

It was truly unbearable.

Soon, the youth came out as well.

This time, Qin Hao was determined not to let him get near.

He immediately blocked Lin Che's front and looked at the youth. "What is the meaning of this?"

The youth dropped to his knees right away.

"I beg you. Save my sister."

Lin Che stood there. "Is she really down with an infectious disease?"

He looked up and silently nodded his head.

Lin Che was horrified.

It was impossible to not be afraid.

The youth said, "I'm Andrew, and my sister is Hazza. She's ill. I know that only you guys have the means to save her. If not, she'll be dead for sure."

"Why?" Lin Che asked curiously. "She's sick. You should take her to the hospital. Why is she here?"

"No. We can't go to the hospital," Andrew roared. "If she goes in, she'll never come out. I can't send her there."

Was this disease that serious?

Though one could tell that this area was the slums, it did not seem like there was a plague going around.

Andrew had tears in his eyes. "My uncle, my aunt. They're all the same. They never returned. I only have her now. I can't lose her."

Qin Hao noticed the abnormality. "Did a lot of people die here?"

"That's right."

"But there's no news of it outside."

Andrew's eyes were filled with hatred. "Because when they knew you were coming, they told us to hide the news. Now, they would take anyone on the street who is ill to the hospital. If they end up dead, they would be buried secretly at the back. Nobody is allowed to walk on the streets. I've hidden my sister here for a few days now, but it's getting unbearable for her… I know, you have good medical treatments at your side. There are good doctors. You definitely can help my sister, right…?"

Lin Che and Qin Hao looked at each other.

Qin Hao spoke in Mandarin. "Madam, they have hidden this news and did not let anyone know about it. This is a conspiracy. We have to let the Master know."

Lin Che said, "Isn't this trampling on lives like grass? How can they do this? The sick should be treated. If they can't treat them, contact others for help. Why did they have to hide?"

"That's right. There's something amiss."

Lin Che nodded. "You inform Gu Jingze."

Lin Che looked at the youth on the ground.

"Also, get our guys to put on protective gears and bring his sister along."

Qin Hao said, "Madam…"

Lin Che said, "Take her for examination. Find out what epidemic is going on here. Also, it'll be great if we can save her life too."

Qin Hao thought it made sense and immediately relayed the orders.

Lin Che looked at Andrew. "We'll save your sister. However, you can't continue to stay here. Come with your sister. You need to get a check up and get quarantined too."

Andrew looked at her with gratitude. "Really…? Thank you. Really…"

Lin Che raised her hand to get her men to return.

Unexpectedly, outside.

"Oh no, Madam. We're surrounded."

Qin Han came running back right away. He did not look well.

Lin Che asked in surprise, "What happened?"

"We've been surrounded."


Qin Hao did not have a good feeling. "I think this must be a conspiracy…. Don't tell me that Sir is facing some danger on his side."

Lin Che's heart croaked. She was extremely worried at the thought of Gu Jingze being in danger.

She gritted her teeth. "How many people do they have? How many people do we have? If we charge our way out… can we make it?"

Just then, Andrew suddenly spoke. "Are you guys in trouble?"

Lin Che looked at him. "We can't leave. We have been surrounded."


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