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(Do Me A Favor, Sign Her On)

Lin Che looked at him. "Of course I remember her. What happened to her?"

"Well, I'm wondering if you can help me out…" Gu Jingyu scratched his head and did not know how to say it…

It turned out that Su Wan was on bad terms with her company. Because she had taken on a commercial, she became famous overnight. Within a short time, that commercial moved countless people. People started following her on Weibo and online, so her company suddenly demanded that she do some things she was unwilling to do. As a result, she started arguing with the company.

Now, Gu Jingyu wanted to help her, but…

"I don't want her to know that this has something to do with me. I hope that you don't tell her either."

Lin Che was a little confused when she heard this. "Why? Since you want to help her, why don't you tell her?"

Gu Jingyu looked in front. "If I say it's me, she may not accept my help."

Lin Che shook her head. She felt that matters between them seemed to be slightly complicated.

"Did something happen between the two of you?"

Gu Jingyu looked at Lin Che. "Perhaps my way of thinking had been wrong at the start. I just feel a bit sorry towards her because I had initially messed with her."


"Back then, I forced her to stay in my house. In reality, I did so completely out of selfish motivations. Now that I think about it, it was quite laughable. She thinks I'm that type of person because of that."

Lin Che tilted her head and looked at him. "When there's a will, there's a way. Since you're not that kind of person, others won't think you're that kind of person. It's just a matter of time. I think that she may soon understand that you're not that type of person - when she finds out that you've done a lot for her."

Gu Jingyu smiled and looked at her. "But I don't want her to find out anything."

"Don't worry. Since you rarely seek help from me, I will definitely help you."

"Of course. After all, you're my sis-in-law now. And you're the queen of C Nation too."

"Damn you. When did I become the queen?"

"For sure. Haven't you seen the recent ranking online? You're top on the list of the most influential females."


Lin Che had been extremely busy of late. Of course, she did not have the time to care about some ranking.

Gu Jingyu said, "I took a quick look. There are so many titles related to you there. The movie queen, the big boss of the entertainment industry with countless celebrities under her banner, the Young Madam of the Gu family."

"Why do your words sound so bitter…"

Lin Che said.

Gu Jingyu said, "It makes people envious, jealous, and hateful."

He clicked his tongue twice and looked at her. "I guess you can say that I watched you grow. Eh. That's why thinking about it makes me feel that I've grown old. I can't believe you've become so impressive."


Lin Che scoffed at him.

The two of them joked around for a bit. Then, Lin Che took out her phone to look at the ranking he had talked about.

Sure enough, she was on the ranking.

The most influential male was her husband, Gu Jingze, while the most influential female was her.

Yu Minmin ranked in second place. Because of what had happened at the presidential office, her reputation had significantly improved of late.

Lin Che raised her eyebrows. "How did they come up with this?"

"It's a popularity contest based on everyone's votes."


The funeral ended smoothly, and everyone went back home. The news came from the investigation bureau stating that they had already found the remains of the bomb. It was clear that it was a suicide bombing, which was why it evaded so many checkpoints. That person had directly driven into the villa, and the bomb exploded inside. The three personal guards inside lost their lives because of this, as did Yu Minmin's parents.

After arriving home, Lin Che first switched on her computer to look at the commercial that recently had been very popular.

It was a story about a female's growth. It advocated women's rights. Because it was close to life and down to earth, many females found it extremely relatable. As a result, Su Wan, who was in the commercial, also became very popular.

The number of views for the short film commercial also shot through the roof immediately.

Lin Che watched Su Wan and felt that her performance was indeed very worthy of praise in reality. She did not wear much makeup, and the small freckles on her face showed a lot of character. She immediately appeared very human and not at all pretentious.

She got off her phone and asked the company staff to contact Su Wan.

The next day, the staff immediately contacted Su Wan.

Su Wan came to Lin Che's company in a daze.

Recently, Lin Che had seldom come to the company. The moment she arrived, she attracted a significant amount of attention.

Hearing that Lin Che had come because of Su Wan, everyone looked at her one after another.

Su Wan felt everyone's attentive gazes on her the moment she walked in. She was a little unaccustomed to her overnight popularity. She could only force herself to face it and smiled at them slightly awkwardly.

Although she had graduated from a film academy, no one in any of the companies she had been with had ever trained her properly. She had never been with a proper manager, so she was a little lost when faced with her sudden popularity. She did not know what best to do.

The only thing she knew was that the small company she had been with wanted her to drink with people after becoming famous. That was absolutely unacceptable.

"Sister Che is already waiting inside. Go in," the staff said to Su Wan.

Su Wan smiled and walked in. She saw Lin Che sitting inside and smiling while looking at her.

"Sister Che." She walked over to her and breathed in deeply.

Lin Che said, "I won't talk nonsense anymore since we know each other. I won't make any small talk either. I asked you to come here because I heard you're planning to cancel your contract with your previous management company. Are you interested in joining our company?"

Su Wan had gone through many twists and turns. For the past few months, she had been switching from company to company. She did not know if it was because of her bad luck; there were problems wherever she went. Su Wan looked at Lin Che. "Can I?"

Lin Che said, "Of course you can. What's wrong with that?"

Su Wan said, "But I had some contractual disputes before this too. If you sign me, you may have to pay for all this."

Lin Che said, "Since I dare to sign you on, it means I dare to take into account these past disputes."

Of course, Lin Che was not afraid. Since Gu Jingyu had asked her to help out, she would hand all these matters to Gu Jingyu to settle.

In any case, he would take the initiative to settle her matters since he considered her his. Hence, Lin Che could take her in without worry.

Su Wan looked at her gratefully. "Really? Thank you, Sister Che."

Lin Che wanted to tell her that she was thanking the wrong person.

The person she should be thanking was Gu Jingyu.

But she would not say too much since Gu Jingyu did not allow her to say it.

"Alright. You can get someone to look at our contract. Remember to read it more this time. Don't get duped by the contract again," Lin Che reminded her.

Su Wan could not help but smile. "Of course not. You don't even mind those disputes. There's no way you would deceive me."

"Even so, that won't do. You should still read it carefully."

"Yes. Thank you, Sister Che. I will."

Su Wan did not think that Lin Che would select her. She looked at Lin Che and remembered how Lin Che was related to that person…

She involuntarily opened her mouth, knowing that it was slightly improper for her to ask this.

"Well, I want to ask why you decided to sign me on."


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