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( Aren’t You Going to Criticize Those Murderers?)

Her eyes were still red, but no tears were to be found. And she held her stomach with one hand.

All the reporters captured this scene.

Everyone looked at her.

She calmly said, "The accident this time happened to my family members. No matter how bad they are, they are the parents who raised me. My father had always been considered the burden of my family. My mother followed him for her entire life and had never lived a blissful day. Later on, I dated Jingming and married him. Under a great deal of care, my father changed his ways, and my mother finally lived peacefully for a few years. He's not the only father like this in the entire country. In the world, we're not the only ordinary family with such difficulties. All of them were law-abiding citizens of C Nation. Now, they've been attacked and killed by unknown people. They wanted to kill me too, along with the innocent child in my womb who has never seen the sun. But now, you guys are criticizing me and not the murderer. What can I say? I hope this murderer gets caught soon after a thorough investigation so that the citizens can return safely to their everyday lives. Out of respect for my parents, who have just passed, I hope everyone won't get misled by rumors that some people have deliberately spread. It would instead bring about confusion. Thank you, everyone."

Outside, the crowd watched this scene.

She was not in the wrong. Because of her position as a pregnant woman and her resilient manner, all females sighed in admiration.

The First Lady, who only had a sense of presence in the past by publicly displaying affection with Gu Jingming, had her image for the first time at this moment.

Everyone collectively felt that it was worth learning from a woman like her.

She could still step forward and say these words while enduring her pain at a time like this. She seemed so resilient and elicited tenderness from people. No wonder their Mr. President had taken a fancy to this woman.

Gu Jingming also stepped forward at the first opportunity.

He held Yu Minmin's hand and said to the crowd, "During our wedding, I promised her in front of everyone that I would be her husband from then on. We would be together through thick and thin for the rest of our lives. Now, I will also stand by her side. On the other hand, her family members are also citizens of C Nation. As lawful citizens of our country, it is my duty and all government officials to protect every citizen's rights."

"Furthermore, she is my wife. Protecting my wife is also my duty as a husband. So, I, Gu Jingming, will investigate this matter thoroughly."

For a moment, everyone was also overwhelmed by emotions.

Even Yu Chengcheng could not help but feel incredibly moved as he watched from below.

He hastily went up to support Yu Minmin when he saw her come down.

"Elder Sister."

Yu Minmin held his hands and shook her head.

"Don't worry. I'm fine."

Yu Chengcheng nodded vigorously. "I know. I'm very proud of you. Elder Sister, you did very well. You are our First Lady."

But Yu Minmin could feel that her legs were still soft.

It was not easy for her to say this in front of so many people.

But she had no choice but to do that.

Outside, nearly everyone saw the live stream from the Glazed Tile Palace.

Everyone felt extremely resentful for a moment. They had seriously been unreasonable in making things difficult for a pregnant woman, for a person who had just lost both her parents.

They started thinking about getting to the heart of the matter and finding out who had done all this. That explosion had occurred right in B City. That person was way too audacious.

In no time, the personal guards at the presidential office, the special forces, and various police troops started investigating the matter collectively.

The site was in ruins. The people surrounding the area were all looking on.

Lin Che and Gu Jingze watched all this at home. Lin Che said, "The situation at the Presidential Office is messy now. I just went there and saw many people cheering at the entrance."

"Yu Minmin's earlier speech was effective. That's why everyone went to encourage her," Gu Jingze said.

"Yes… I felt so depressed listening to her. How could they do that? They even went to her house to kill her."

"I'll investigate this thoroughly. You can just keep Sis-in-law company," he said.

Lin Che could only nod her head.

When they left together, Gu Jingze also called for more people, "You guys go with Madam."

He said to Lin Che, "Since that place is very messy, bring more people with you. I'll be worried otherwise."

Lin Che sighed and looked at him. "But they're not targeting me."

"How do you know they aren't?"

Gu Jingze did not tell her about the An Family's matter. He let her leave before he continued settling with other issues.

Lin Che and Yu Minmin were resting in the Glazed Tile Palace. Outside, Gu Jingming once again released a proper notice, demanding a thorough investigation of this matter while criticizing all such violent behavior.

Although Yu Minmin had seen Gu Jingming release various notices from the Glazed Tile Palace, Yu Minmin never thought that they would release a statement because of her family members.

Her heart immediately ached even more. She covered her mouth with her hand and choked with emotion.

Lin Che hugged her. "They'll find out who did it."


Gu Jingze's people immediately rushed into the An Family's home.

However, it was empty by this time.

They searched the entire room and discovered that the family had moved out.

It seemed that they had moved out not long ago.

This news was very quickly reported to Gu Jingze, who muttered briefly to himself.

"I didn't expect the An Family to have such courage and insight. Indeed, if they didn't leave now, their entire family would've been exterminated. But…"

He stood up pensively. "Them leaving doesn't mean that we won't be able to find them."

He turned around with a bitter expression on his face. "Find where they went. They're such a huge family. They couldn't have left no clues behind."

Qin Hao said, "Yes, Sir."

The Gu family received the news in no time as well.

After hearing about this matter, Mu Wanqing called Gu Jingze to ask about it. She asked him worriedly if anything would go wrong.

Gu Jingze could only say, "Mother, don't worry. Everything is still under control."

"Then, regarding the funeral… since the incident happened because of our family, we must give them a proper funeral."

"Yes, I've instructed people to make the preparations."

Perhaps outsiders would not know about this matter. But all of them knew that the Gu family had implicated Yu Minmin's parents.

For sure, there would be a lavish funeral. Furthermore, no matter how grand it was, it could not make up for the two lives lost.

Yu Minmin did not want to bother about the funeral and handed the matter to her younger brother.

Yu Chengcheng watched the Gu family make arrangements without much thought. But because he had to take on the responsibility, he supervised each item.

The Gu family had arranged things very well. He felt overwhelmed by their favor.

Gu Jingze even came personally to give his respects. Yu Chengcheng hastily said, "Mr. Gu, you're so busy, but you still came to deal with my family affairs yourself."

Gu Jingze said, "This incident occurred all because of me."

"No." Yu Chengcheng shook his head. "It's no one's fault. My elder sister is right. Since she married Brother-In-Law, we must bear all burdens together. It doesn't mean that the Yu family would only accept the Gu family's benefits, but not the responsibilities that come with it. This is my parents' fate. If anything, I hate the people who threw the bomb. But then, this funeral is already very lavish. I'm very overwhelmed by your favor."


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