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(Something Happened With the Yu Family, Damaging The President’s Reputation)

Just when Yu Minmin was about to say something, she suddenly heard a bang outside.

Yu Minmin immediately frowned.

In an instant, she felt something fall to the ground, and the sound of an explosion reached her. The house rumbled and started swaying immediately. In a split second, dust mixed with heat waves traveled towards her.

A bomb…

Yu Minmin hastily shouted, "Run!"

Yu Minmin's father was still saying, "What's going on…"

Yu Minmin turned around and pulled him with her as she ran out.

However, Yu Minmin's father suddenly remembered something.

"No way. There's still money inside…"


Yu Minmin shouted but could not stop him.

Because her belly was too big, she could only move forward one step at a time.

On her side were her guards, who had caught up with her a long time ago. They immediately escorted her out of the room.

She shouted to the guards, "Go back and search for my parents."

"Yes, Ma'am. Quickly go to a safe place. Leave the rest to us."

Yu Minmin turned back to look. Then, she glanced at her belly and had no choice but to leave.

No sooner than when they stepped out of the room…

They heard a rumbling sound…

Behind them, the house collapsed.

Yu Minmin immediately sprawled onto the ground.

The sounds of gunshots, artillery, and police sirens continued ringing amidst the dust.

Yu Minmin looked up in a daze.

But by then, the house was already in ruins behind them.


In the hospital.

Yu Minmin woke up in a stupor.

Gu Jingming was already in front of her.

She sat up instantly.

"What happened? My parents…"

Gu Jingming looked at her and pressed her hands down.

His eyes gazed at her, but he could not speak.

Yu Minmin's heart immediately sank right to the bottom.

"My parents… they're dead, right?"

She choked with emotion as she said this.

She knew it. She knew it the moment she saw the house collapse…

Gu Jingming lowered his head. He gestured for everyone in the room to go out.

Only then did he clasp her hands and said, "When the rescuers came and cleared the debris, your father was already devoid of any signs of life. It looked like your mother pulled him from behind when he went to look for the safe at home. Both got buried under the debris at the same time."


Yu Minmin immediately bit her lip and let out a whimper.

Gu Jingming swiftly enveloped her into his arms. He knew that no words of comfort would be of use now. He could only say repeatedly, "I'm here. I'm here. You still have our child, our baby. Our entire family is around."

Yu Minmin once thought that their family never lived a peaceful day because of her father, and in recent days, she felt that it was getting better.

She also once thought that if her mother died one day, it would definitely be because of her father. But she did not expect…

She did not expect that such a day would actually come.

Just then…

"Elder Sister. Let me visit my elder sister. I won't do anything. I just want to see her."

Yu Chengcheng's voice traveled in from outside.

Yu Minmin quickly let go of Gu Jingming.

"Let him in. I'm fine."

Gu Jingming glanced at her deeply and then nodded.

"Let him in."

Yu Chengcheng pushed the door open and looked at Yu Chengcheng.

When he saw that she was already drenched in tears, he immediately felt like crying too.

But the good thing was that he had already become an adult and was sensible.

He walked towards her. "Elder Sister, it's fine. I'm still here. I'm fine… Even if our parents aren't around anymore, you still have me."

The people who had passed away were important. But no matter how important they were, they still fell short of the people who were alive, right?

Yu Minmin nodded. The two siblings sat together, and Gu Jingming said, "Luckily, Chengcheng wasn't there at the time."

Yu Chengcheng sighed. "But I wish I were there. If so, I may have been of help."

Gu Jingming said, "So many personal guards were there, but there still wasn't enough time. The house collapsed too quickly."

Yu Chengcheng said viciously, "Who exactly was it?!"

Gu Jingming said, "I'll investigate thoroughly. This person targeted Minmin."

Yu Chengcheng said, "But there are reporters everywhere outside now. It's very chaotic. Brother-in-law, go ahead if you're busy. I'll keep my sister company."

Gu Jingming was indeed very busy. But how could he not worry about Yu Minmin right now?

He shook his head and continued to hold Yu Minmin's hands.

"Linda will deal with the matter first. I'll stay here and accompany Minmin. I can go out when I'm needed later."

Only then did Yu Chengcheng properly look at Gu Jingming. The fact that he could still stay by his wife's side showed that he genuinely cared.

His sister found a good brother-in-law.

Indeed, the situation outside was a complete mess.

Yu Minmin switched on the television in the afternoon and saw that they were reporting about her.

'The First Lady's parental home had suddenly encountered an explosion. The bomb had killed both her parents.'

Within a short time, many people discussed as they panicked.

Even the First Lady's house had encountered an explosion.

In that case, wasn't something huge going to happen?

It seemed that C Nation was very unsafe at the moment.

Since there were words of sympathy, pain, and anger, of course, there were words to the contrary as well.

Someone dug out past affairs relating to Yu Minmin's family.

It was all about how Yu Minmin's father gambled in casinos, of how he owed debts, of how he was a regular in casinos, and of how he was hunted down in the past.

Some people said that they did not expect the First Lady's family to be like this. It seemed that they deserved to die.

Others said that perhaps it had nothing to do with the President. Perhaps they died tragically because their family showed off too much. Why did Mr. President marry such a woman back then?

Maybe this woman had implicated him?

For a moment, doubts about the First Lady immediately rose to a peak.

After going back, Gu Jingming first asked Linda, "What happened?"

"We need you to go there. Parliament is in a huge frenzy now. They're very alarmed and may need you there to take charge."

Gu Jingming nodded silently.

Just then…

"I'll go too." Yu Minmin's eyes were still red when she walked out from behind.

Gu Jingming immediately said, "Go and rest."

"No. The matter arose because of me. I should step forward."

"Of course, it wasn't because of you. I was the reason your family got looped into this."

"No. We're husband and wife, so your affairs are my affairs. We're a family. Now that the incident occurred in my family and concerned the entire C Nation, I won't hide behind you."

Since she enjoyed the honor of being the First Lady, she could not refuse to do what the First Lady ought to do.

Perhaps she had not felt this way in the past. But over the past few years, she now understood that every move taken by the Presidential Office affected tens of millions, even hundreds of millions, of citizens.

"Don't worry. I know my body. But perhaps everyone will only be kinder towards us if I appear like this."

Because she was pregnant, they might not be so hard on her either.


Gu Jingming grasped her hands and walked out with her.

It was also Yu Minmin's first time coming to a place like a parliament.

The head of each department, the heads of the military, and everyone else were gathered around. They decided all the national affairs here.

Yu Minmin drew in a deep breath. She saw a row of people look at her in unison. She nodded her head slightly before walking to the front under everyone's watchful gazes.

"Hello, everyone. I know that a woman like me shouldn't be here."


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