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( Mr. President is Your Support)

"Seeing how the President dotes on your little princess, it's obvious that he's a good father."

Yu Minmin knew that many times, people would just express compliments. So she did not bother too much.

She was seven months pregnant, and it was very inconvenient for her to walk. Compared to her first pregnancy, this was much better. Yu Minmin was content. At first, she was not even sure if she would get pregnant again. Since fate had let her become pregnant with Gu Jingming's child again, she was very content and felt blessed.

After all, when she was pregnant the last time, she had gone through quite a lot. The doctor could not confirm then if she could get pregnant again.

She touched her stomach. Though she looked a little bloated, she still looked good.

"Madam, we saw quite a lot of guards outside just now. Is there a problem? Why is there a need for so many guards?"

They had already noticed it before entering.

Even if the President's office was usually quite guarded, today was more than usual.

Yu Minmin knew they wanted to snoop around. She said little and only replied, "Oh, nothing much. Gu Jingming is just worried about my safety, so he got more people to come. I already said there's not a need to."

So, that was how things were.

They initially thought that something had happened and wanted to find out.

They relaxed when they heard Yu Minmin's reply.

They felt that her reply was very reasonable.

There was nothing wrong with the President being worried for his pregnant wife, so he added more guards.

Yu Minmin continued to drink her beverage, and her heart settled when she saw everyone's suspicions disappear.

For some internal matters, she could never tell these people. She knew that they would immediately spread the information out once they got wind of it. Soon, the entire world would get wind of it.

So, if she wanted something to spread, she would talk about it. If not, she would not spill any word about it.

If not, it might make a mountain of a molehill.

But at this exact moment…

Suddenly, a booming sound rang outside.

A few of them looked out with curiosity.

"What happened? I thought I heard a sound."

Yu Minmin's eyes moved, and she stood up.

Before she could say anything, something happened again outside.

The President's guards stood in a line and headed out with guns in their hands. It looked like they were fully prepared.

"Oh gosh, they're taking their guns out. Is something going on?"

A few of the ladies were frightened stiff.

"So scary. Did something happen outside?"

"What should we do? What should we do…"

A few of them panicked in an instant.

Just then…

Someone hit the table behind.

The rest of the people were stunned. Then they realized that the First Lady was still around.

As they turned around, they saw Yu Minmin standing there with a stern face.

"Don't scream about as though something major happened. What can possibly happen at the President's office? Moreover, even if something did happen, this is the President's office in C Nation. Do you think someone can actually kill someone on this premise?"

True, true…

They responded after hearing Yu Minmin's words. Really…

They were too agitated just now.

Someone smart already turned around and smiled at Yu Minmin. "Yes, we're not as experienced at Madam. We panicked at the sight of guns."

Everyone looked at the wife of the foreign minister. She really knew how to take the chance to bootlick.

They did not dare to ignore her words and quickly clapped.

When they looked at Yu Minmin, they wondered.

Did she not say nothing was going on just now?

It looked like something happened at the President's office.

Everyone wanted to find out what was going on. When they looked at Yu Minmin, they looked at her differently.

Yu Minmin smiled coldly. The thoughts of these people. How would she not know? She looked out and smiled. "I might need to go for my maternity check-up. I've made an appointment for today, and I almost forgot about it. The doctor should come soon. You ladies leave first."

Everyone looked, and though reluctant to leave, they had no choice but to go one after the other.

After watching them leave, Yu Minmin hurried out.

"What happened outside?"

"Madam… someone charged into the President's office."

The subordinate said.

Yu Minmin said in shock, "Charged into the President's office…"

"Who is it?"

"Looks like a spy."

"Where's Mr. President?"

"The President is at the front handling it. The President said there's an unknown person around. For your safety, he hopes you can leave first."

Yu Minmin quickly nodded and followed the subordinate out.

"Where are we going now?"

"Going to another place. I'm just worried others will start thinking…"

"Then let's head to my mother's. I'll say I'm not feeling well and I miss home. So I returned to my mother's to stay for a while," Yu Minmin said.

"Oh yes, Mrs. President's way is right. Let's go."

They hurried to Yu Minmin's mother's place.

Her parents were pleased upon seeing her return unexpectedly.

"Minmin, you're back. Why are you running back when you're not in good shape?"

Mother Yu asked.

Yu Minmin sat down and said, "I'm fine. Where's Brother?"

"Oh, he's not back from work. He recently went to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at ZF. He's dead serious in his work."

Yu Chengcheng immediately entered ZF after he graduated.

Though he was capable enough, they cannot deny it that it was because of Yu Minmin.

However, since he had this position, she knew that there was no way they could avoid this.

Mother Yu was thrilled. Because of Yu Minmin's ties, their son could step into a life that others could not, making others envious.

"Hurry in. Sit. Oh, you brought so many people with you." Mother Yu noticed the many people who had followed outside.

Yu Minmin smiled and assured her. "It's fine. I brought some food over. Mom put them into the refrigerator first."

"Oh, alright, alright."She only thought that there were many guards around because Yu Minmin was pregnant. She did not let her thoughts wander.

Father Yu looked at the men outside and was pleased.

"Is Minmin getting more and more formidable? She's looking more and more like the First Lady, and it should be the way like what I've said before. Why do you have to keep a low profile? You are the First Lady."

"Alright, Dad. This has nothing to do with it." Yu Minmin frowned. "Don't be such a show-off when you are out."

"Why not? My daughter is the First Lady. This is something to be proud of. You're not robbing or stealing. Why can't I say it?"

Father Yu enjoyed this status and was incredibly proud.

Yu Minmin shook her head. She did not know what to say about her father.

Father Yu continued, "You'll look good too. Look at you being all fragile. What are you afraid of? The President is your support."

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