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(Young Master, Checking On Them Might Not Be Impossible)


Gu Shiyuan supported her head and stared closely at Yu Yuan.

Yu Yuan asked, "Why are you looking at me?"

Gu Shiyuan replied, "I'm seeing how good little brother looks."

"…" Can she not be so direct?

Yu Yuan blushed.

Even though many little girls liked him and complimented on his good looks.

However, she was the first to be so direct about it…

He was not quite used to such a direct girl…

Gu Shiyuan said, "Little brother, which kindergarten do you go to?"

"I'm already in elementary school…"

"Ah, which one?"

"Experiment One Elementary."

"That's great. I want to go to that school too. I'll let my mother know when I get back. Then little brother, which class are you in?"


Yu Yuan said, "You're still too young. You can't start elementary school."

Gu Shiyuan felt wronged. "I'm not young anymore. Boohoo, I want to go to elementary school. I want to sit with little brother. I want to attend classes with little brother. I want…"

Yu Yuan was taken aback by her sudden outburst. He quickly said, "Alright, alright, don't cry. Two more years and you can come over. When that time comes, we can go to school together. You can even sit beside me. Also, we live so near to each other, and you can come over to play anytime."

When Gu Shiyuan heard that, she slowly held back her tears and looked up at him. "Really? I can come over anytime to play?"

"Of course…" Yu Yuan felt like he had made a promise that could cause him some inconvenience without much thought. But he had already said it…

"Awesome, then I'll come and look for you every day!"

"…" Indeed.

Over that side, the few adults were amazed.

Especially Father and Mother Yu.

"I just saw Shiyuan crying, and I thought our kid had bullied her. I didn't think… our Yu Yuan could coax people."

Lin Che looked over that side and smiled. She found the two kids quite adorable.

After playing for a while, Lin Che and Gu Jingze brought the reluctant Gu Shiyuan home.

When they reached home, Gu Shinian listened to Gu Shiyuan's non-stop harping. 'Little brother is so handsome. Little brother is so good looking. Little brother is such a nice person, little brother…'

Gu Shinian was so annoyed by whatever he heard, but he could not throw his temper at her.

He wondered if it was not his real sister. Why was she so cruel to him?!

Just then, Qin Hao called. Gu Shinian quickly picked up the phone.

"Uncle Qin."

"Young Master, I've managed to find out."

Gu Shinian met up with Qin Hao.

Qin Hao said, "Look, Young Master. It is the source of their funds, but we haven't found any specifics. I think they'll look for you soon. If they can't find any clues on you, they'll think of something to lure you out."

Over that side, Gu Shinian was typing something into the computer. He narrowed his eyes and looked at the notification that popped out.

"Uncle Qin, you're right. They're trying to lure me out."

"So soon."

The note wrote, "Are you willing to do another job for us. However, it's more complicated this time. There will be more money. We just need to talk face to face."

Gu Shinian said, "How do I know if you won't do something to me when we meet?"

"Of course not. We only want your help more than your life."

"Whatever job it is, we can speak here."

"This is more complicated and more important. We don't have faith if we don't meet you."

"I can even get into the presidential office's intranet. What's there to not have faith in?"

"This requires much more involvement. We need to talk in person. We've already collaborated the other time. If you don't trust me, what would I want your life for?"

Gu Shinian pretended to evade for a good half day. Finally, he accepted the job because he wanted the money.

They arranged to meet at the highest point of B City. The rooftop of Century Building.

It was a good selection. Nobody could snipe any of them at that level, so they need not be afraid of any snipers.

Qin Hao reminded Gu Shinian, "You need to be very careful, Young Master. We're really worried for you."

"Don't worry." Gu Shinian had confidence.

Soon, it was well laid out at that side.

They thought that they could take the hacker's life. So, they arrived at the location very quickly and set up an ambush.

Not long later, Qin Hao was seen standing alone.

Someone found Qin Hao familiar.

Since he was Gu Jingze's right-hand man, quite many people knew who Qin Hao was.


"Oh no, isn't this Gu Jingze's assistant? That hacker. How can it be him…"

"Oh, I remember. He was a hacker when he was younger. Then he surrendered to Gu Jingze."

"Is he earning extra money on the sly and betraying Gu Jingze?"

This made some sense. After all, a hundred million was too tempting.

They thought about it and walked out. Right away, with a gun, they hit Qin Hao's chest.

With the sound of a bang, Qin Hao fell to the ground.

The group rushed out.

So smooth?

Someone among them went to take a look at Qin Hao. In a pool of blood, Qin Hao's face was still warm.

Lowering his head to have a closer look…

Suddenly, Qin Hao opened his eyes.

"Ah crap. He played us."

Qin Hao had a bulletproof vest on!

At this moment.

"Did you think that only you guys were capable of an ambush?"

A child's voice drifted from inside.

The guys outside turned around to look. That boy with a smirk on his face was walking over coldly.

"Ah, Gu Shinian!"

They wanted to run but did not have anywhere to go. They stood there and watched themselves get caught and surrounded by the guards of the Gu family.

"Why is it you, guys?" They could not believe that they fell into the trap of this young chap.

Gu Shinian said, "You should have checked. If you wanted to harm someone from the Gu family, why did you come knocking on the Gu family's door?"


That hacker was Gu Shinian!


To avoid getting exposed, they intentionally found an escape route. It looked like this hacker was naive.

Never did they think that this kid in front of them, at such a young age, was already…

Gu Shinian asked, "What, can't I?"

In a state of shock, they had forgotten to respond.

"Who are you guys exactly?" Gu Shinian turned solemn.

A few of them responded.

They looked at one another, thought about their families and all the promises they made…

In a moment, suddenly, someone fell to the ground.

Qin Hao was stunned.

"Oh no, Young Master, they've been poisoned."

Gu Shinian's expression changed.

It was too late. They collapsed onto the ground one after the other.

They had taken some biochemical drugs. The heart stopped beating in an instant, and very soon, they stopped breathing.

Gu Shinian walked over and looked at the pile of bodies. He frowned. "Can't we find out who they are?"

Just then, Qin Hao replied, "Young Master, look. There's a clue here."

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