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(I Want A Cute Brother Too)

Gu Shinian did not think it was fun after a while.

He wanted to get into the presidential intranet, too.

Who exactly were these people?

"What do you guys want me for?"

"Just get in."

"That's easy. A hundred million."

"Sure, a hundred million."

Gu Shinian's eyes narrowed.

A hundred million was a big figure for common folks. Being so willing, it looked like these people were not joking.

"I'll start when it's in my account."

"Start first, and the money will be wired to your account before you get in."

They were quite cautious.

Gu Shinian thought about it.

"Since you guys were able to find me, then you should know my capabilities. If it's not in my account, there will be consequences."

"Don't worry."

Gu Shinian knew that there was nothing much to be said about this matter. If they wanted to get into the presidential intranet, then they would never let anyone discover it. If not, it would be fatal to their plans.

However, if everything went smoothly and after it was done, it would be him that they would keep silent first.

Gu Shinian agreed.

He had wanted to get into the presidential intranet himself and still had some questions. So, he gave a call to Qin Hao.

Qin Hao got a fright when he heard what he had said. But after listening to Gu Shinian's explanation, he immediately hurried over.

"Oh gosh, my dear young master. Are you sure you don't want to let the master know? I don't think this matter is as simple as it seems. Better…"

"It won't be too late to tell him after I've checked things out clearly. Why? Don't you have faith in me?"

"Ah… no, no, how can that be? How can I not have faith in the young master?"

Qin Hao had been too used to relying on Gu Jingze. He had to report every matter to Gu Jingze before daring to do anything. After letting Gu Jingze know, Gu Jingze trusted the young master and had always wanted to train him up. So he reckoned the master would not be too bothered with matters like these.

"Then alright, let's start. But Young Master, if anything happens, we have to let Sir know."

"Don't worry."

The two made an agreement, and Qin Hao started work.

Invading was relatively easy for Qin Hao. After all, he had often entered the presidential intranet. He was very clear on the internal structures.

In less than half an hour, it was almost done.

Gu Shinian gave the other party an account number, and they immediately wired the money over.

To prevent the unforeseen, the account number that he gave was a Swiss bank account number. Nobody would know whose account it was; only the person who opened it would know.

Gu Shinian immediately checked upon receiving the other party's message.

"Uncle Qin, do you think we can find out who wired this money to us?"

"Young Master, this is not easy to check. They know how to prevent it, and they would also know about it. But it's not all impossible. It just needs some time. Give me some time to do it."

"Alright then."

Gu Shinian was still wondering who dared to touch the presidential office.

They did not know that they had made a miscalculation.

The palace and Gu family were in the same line—they were a family. Touching the presidential office meant you're also dealing with the Gu family.

So, in other words, messing with the Gu family meant you're taking action against the presidential office.

So, who exactly was this other party who wanted to deal with the Gu family?

Most would stay far away from the Gu family's current affluence, even if they did not like the Gu family. They would definitely not want to provoke the family.

What about those grudges previously held against the Gu family?

Gu Shinian thought about this category and started looking into the people that the Gu family had feuds with in the past.

Not many who were still alive and had such capability.

Every morning, Gu Shinian would go to school with Gu Shiyuan. But Gu Shinian already started elementary school while Gu Shiyuan was still in kindergarten. So upon arriving at the kindergarten, Gu Shiyuan would alight the car herself, while Gu Shinian would continue his way to his school.

Gu Shiyuan was a precious gem in the kindergarten. Her teachers and schoolmates liked her, along with the fact that she had a famous pair of parents. Attention was on her wherever she went.

The kindergarten was going to organize an event. It was an academic performance, and everyone recommended Gu Shiyuan to dance. The chubby Gu Shiyuan did not have much coordination and was not suited for dancing. But then, she still liked dancing. Since everyone recommended her, she readily agreed.

When practice officially started, Gu Shiyuan realized that she could not keep up.

At night, she stood there disappointed. When Gu Shinian came over and saw his sister dropping her little head down, he frowned and walked over in big steps.

"Shiyuan, what happened? Did someone bully you?"

Gu Shiyuan said unhappily, "Brother, I can't dance."


So what if you can't dance?

Gu Shinian thought that someone had bullied her and almost wanted to look for the culprit.

Gu Shiyuan said, "I want to perform in the program, but my dancing is rotten. Everyone says I dance well, but it's rubbish. What should I do?"

Gu Shininan sighed and shook his head.

It looked like Gu Shiyuan had inherited their mother's clumsiness and poor coordination skills.

On regular days, Gu Shiyuan could fall from just walking. It was no surprise if there was a problem with dancing.

"I'll help you sign up for a dance class. Cheer up."

Seeing Gu Shiyuan unhappy made Gu Shinian sad as well.

When Gu Shiyuan heard that, she immediately looked up in delight. "Can I dance really well after I go to class?"


Gu Shinian wanted to say that it's hard, but it should be enough for the performance this time.

Very quickly, Gu Shinian got someone to register.

There were many people in the class since parents these days like their children to learn some skills. Dance and musical instruments were popular.

Gu Shiyuan's registration for the dance class had ignited a celebration.

Everyone knew who Gu Shiyuan was and thought that she was a little celebrity. Many little buddies came up to greet her. Gu Shiyuan smiled and said, "Alright, alright, thank you,, everyone. I'm not a celebrity. I'm Gu Shiyuan."

Gu Shiyuan did not pick up the skills fast, but the teacher was very patient. She learned a few moves during the night, and it made her feel content.

When she headed out of the door, she noticed a boy at the side. He was carrying a small bag and walking out. He did not even know that his mobile phone had dropped.

"Little brother, little brother. You've dropped your phone." Gu Shiyuan ran over.

Although young, she liked to help others.

The little friend in front turned his head around and paused when he saw Gu Shiyuan.

He only reacted when he noticed the phone in her hands.

As for Gu Shiyuan, at that moment, she had forgotten all about the phone. His delicate face had attracted her.

Oh my, what a good looking little brother.



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