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(How Can They Get Into the Presidential Office“s Intrane)

Black Eagle's sudden appearance caused everyone to pause at what they were doing.

He walked over, and their gazes followed each of his every action.

Lu Qinyu said, "Jinyan…"

Lin Che was worried that Black Eagle might not be in a good mood and quickly walked over.


Black Eagle looked at her, placing his hand gently on her shoulder as if trying to calm her down. He said, "It's fine, I know what I'm doing."

Lin Che took a long look into Black Eagle's eyes.

There had been people saying that there were areas in which they bore a resemblance. She didn't think that it was the case.

But right now, looking into his eyes, she really felt that they really shared a resemblance in certain areas.

The stubbornness and ego in their eyes were where they were the most similar.

She believed in him.

Lin Che slowly let go of him.

Black Eagle walked up to Lu Qinyu, who appeared very agitated.

"For Lin Che, so that she can have a complete family, I'll comply."

Lu Qinyu's eyes flickered.

What was the meaning of this?

He agreed to be acknowledged into the family?

Lu Qinyu's eyes moistened up once again.

He grabbed Black Eagle's hand. "Jinyan… Jinyan…"

It was a very extravagant thought for him to want his family to be reunited. But was it going to be realized today?

Black Eagle's lips moved. Then, he let out the slightest sigh.

Only then did the people who were worried that Black Eagle would create trouble heaved a sigh of relief.

They were astonished as they watched Black Eagle and Lin Che stand together in front of Lu Qinyu. They hadn't expected that Black Eagle really doted on this younger sister whom he had only known of at a later time. Otherwise, he wouldn't have agreed to be acknowledged into the family for her sake.

They wondered what demonic allure this Lin Che had to get all the people around her to be so loyal to her.

The ceremony continued.

Everyone was shocked as they thought of how Black Eagle and Lin Che were now both children of the Lu family. Moreover, Lin Che was also the madam of the Gu family. With that, both the Lu family and the Gu family could be two strong powers joined together.

Who across the entire C Nation, or even the entire world, would be able to lay their hands on the joined forces of these two families?

At the side.

Lu Beichen watched this scene, feeling consoled. Gu Jingyan sighed and said, "After going in so many circles, yet still being able to return home… This might really be fate."

Lu Beichen turned and looked at her. "That's right, after so many circles… After so many circles, I can still stand together with you. Isn't this fate as well?"

Gu Jingyan glared at him.

Lu Beichen bumped her shoulder gently.

"Scram. Don't give me that smiling face."

"Yes, everything my wife says is right." Lu Beichen stood up straight.

Gu Jingyan almost failed to hold back her smile.

"Who is your wife?"

"She, who is my wife for a day, is my wife for life, [1. Adapted from the Chinese saying of He who teaches me for a day is my father for life.]" Lu Beichen continued.

"Stop changing sayings at will. Why haven't I heard of this before?"

He was really shameless.

Why didn't Gu Jingyan realize in the past that he was such a shameless person?

Lu Beichen said, "You haven't heard of it in the past, but you've heard of it now. This saying has always applied to me."


Lu Beichen wrapped one arm around her shoulder.

Gu Jingyan wanted to struggle, but the people around them were all staring at them. News of their divorce hadn't spread yet. She didn't want to make it too obvious either, and thus could only feel anxious as he took advantage of her.

Lu Beichen felt very satisfied. It was only now that he thought that his heart, which had been in a suspended state, now gradually felt at ease. This feeling was nothing like what he had ever felt before.

It was hard for him to imagine how he could have abandoned such a good life in the past, spending his days quarreling with Gu Jingyan every day.


It was true that she really liked to anger him. However, shouldn't a married couple always make up after they quarrel…

The news of Lin Che returning to the Lu family instantly appeared on the news.

Many people reported that wealthy lady Lin Che was really a winner in life.

She had a wealthy family to depend on, had married into a rich family, and she was rich as well.

There was no one else who was as lucky as her.

Audiences felt even greater admiration toward such a Lin Che. Many people continued working hard with Lin Che as their goal, hoping that one day, they could be like Lin Che, not giving up on herself despite being in such a wealthy family.

Suddenly, Lin Che's news filled up the internet again.

However, the few people involved only treated this as acknowledging the Lu family as her family and didn't think much.

That night, the family gathered together.

Lu Beichen raised his wine glass and proposed a toast, feeling very thankful. "Thank you, everyone, for your presence today."

However, Lin Che didn't dare to drink much. She only took a sip and said, "You guys can drink. I still have to go back and take care of the children later."

Lu Beichen said, "What's there to take care of? Just drink up. Niannian doesn't need you to take care of him."


Could everyone not doubt her existence as a mother just because Niannian was too impressive?

Lu Beichen couldn't even be bothered to say any more to her. He picked up his phone and called Niannian, saying, "Niannian, your mom might not be able to go back tonight. You can take care of yourself, right?"

Niannian immediately said, "Oh, you guys can go ahead and have fun. There's no need for my parents to come back tonight. We should let mom and dad have some time to themselves."

Lu Beichen was filled with emotions as he put the phone down and said, "Look, look, Niannian is so well-behaved."

Lin Che was speechless. "He pushed us out just like that?"

Seriously. Didn't children from other families tend to stick to their mother?

Why was it that in their family…

They tend to forcibly push her out?

Moreover, what she didn't know was that…

Right now, at home…

Gu Shinian was sitting there with his computer, typing away.

Next to him, Gu Shiyuan was looking at her brother in admiration.

"Brother, what are you doing? You're so fast."

"I'm creating a website."

"Huh? What is a website for?"

"It allows one to do some stuff."

"What stuff are you doing?"

"I want to gather some hackers."

"Huh? Hackers like Uncle KG?"

"That's right."

Gu Shinian had been working on this for a while.

Of course, there was no way that Gu Shiyuan would know about these things. She continued to eat potato chips in big bites, enjoying herself.

Thankfully, both their parents weren't at home. Otherwise, their mom usually won't allow her to eat at this time.

Gu Shinian typed away, and a website slowly took form. It was mostly done, with over ten sets of firewalls set up. Ordinary hackers wouldn't be able to get into this place.

At this moment.

A message suddenly popped up.

Gu Shinian checked the message and saw that someone had asked him a question.

"Are you a hacker?"

Gu Shinian paused for a moment before replying, "Yes."

The other party immediately asked, "I want to get into the presidential office's intranet. How much money would it take to engage your service?"


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