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( It“s Just Being Acknowledged Into the Family, Why Make It Such A Big Deal)

The news of how the Lu family wanted Lin Che acknowledged into the family created a great commotion in the circle.

Acknowledged into the family.

How could the people in the Lu family agree to this?

Being acknowledged into the family was different from just a verbal calling of each other as family.

Being acknowledged into the family meant that Lin Che would be Lu Qinyu's daughter from now on. She would be a member of the Lu family.

She was Lu Beichen's younger sister.

Would that mean that if anything were to happen to Lu Qinyu, he would give a portion of his assets to her?

Was Lu Beichen willing to accept this?

Therefore, many people started to pay attention to this.

When everyone focused their attention on that matter, many wanted to witness the ceremony, which was acknowledging Lin Che into the Lu family.

However, the Lu family didn't wish to invite many people over to this event. They only called over a few people they were close to as witnesses.

The Lu family was in a joyous state.

There was another young miss added to the family. Moreover, it was the well-known Lin Che.

Some people also wondered if Lin Che's entrance to the family would create trouble instead. They found it strange to have another person they had to wait upon.

However, looking at Lin Che, some people immediately said in disdain, "What do you know? Lin Che is Mrs. Gu. Would she still hanker after the Lu family's money? She has a husband and two children. Even if her husband's belongings aren't hers, what about her son? He'd inherit the Gu family's businesses, anyway. Her life is taken care of, and she probably won't care for the Lu family's things. Understand?"

Everyone felt that this made sense. It was true that the Lu family was a good one, but the Gu family was a top-notch wealthy family themselves, too, same as the Lu family. Who would still care about things like the money?

Lin Che was also very speechless toward a ceremony like this.

She woke up early in the morning, together with the two children at home.

Since Lin Che was going to be acknowledged into the family, then the two children would have to come along to see their grandfather as well.

Gu Jingze woke up at six a.m. as he did every day. He sat there and watched as she put on makeup.

Outside, the makeup artists the Lu family had prepared entered in waves. They chattered as they looked at Lin Che, discussing in detail how they should go about with her makeup.

Lin Che said speechlessly, "Why did so many people come?"

Gu Jingze said, "The Lu family called a few makeup teams over to discuss what makeup look you should wear for today."


It was no wonder that she found some of them a little familiar.

One of the teams was that top-notch makeup artist team that had been very popular a while back.

"Isn't it just being acknowledged into the family? Wouldn't it work just to go and give a kowtow?" Lin Che asked.

Before Gu Jingze could say anything, someone brought in a beautiful dress.

The dress was a light pink color, decorated with many diamonds, so it was glittery.

Although it looked very luxurious, exquisite, and was very expensive, this style was really…

Lin Che opened her mouth wide. "What is this…"

"Miss, Mr. Lu especially picked this out for you. The designer rushed this piece out and had it delivered to you. The designer personally sewed on every thread on it, and every diamond was carefully selected and embedded. This unique dress is for the unique you…"

Lin Che said, "Why is this like a wedding gown…"

"Uh… How is that possible…"

But on a careful look, it looked a little like a wedding gown…

"Uh, this is… light pink. How can it possibly be a wedding gown? Miss, you really like to joke."

Lin Che was only wondering why… things had to be made so complicated when it was just being acknowledged into a family.

There was all the fuss about the makeup and the gown…

Was this a wedding?

Not long later, Lu Beichen sent people to pick the family up.

Lin Che was dressed up, and Lu Beichen's extended Lincoln had also arrived.

When Lin Che saw that luxurious car when she went out, she was speechless once again.

They got into the car and headed for the Lu family's residence.

On the way there, Lin Che kept on saying, "I shouldn't have agreed to this, I shouldn't have agreed to this. What is up with this…"

Gu Jingze pursed his lips and smiled.

He acted as if this was none of his concern, and it made one want to give him a beating.

Gu Jingze didn't seem to mind this. He was happy to see the Lu family going through all the fuss.

The reason the Lu family was going through all these fusses was primarily them taking the matter of Lin Che being acknowledged into the family very seriously.

Lin Che heaved a sigh of relief when she saw that there weren't that many people at the Lu family's residence.

There were only a few of them, yet they all dressed so formally…

Lu Beichen entered, feeling very happy. He felt delighted when he saw what Lin Che was wearing. "How is it? The clothes prepared by the designer I found aren't bad, right?"

Lin Che said, "You were the one responsible for this?"

Lu Beichen said, "Of course. I have incorporated some of my ideas into this work. It's great, isn't it?"

So that was it…

Lin Che only had one comment to this: male chauvinism.

This dress was so pink. Did he think that he was dressing up a barbie doll?

However, when Lu Qinyu rolled out in his wheelchair, his eyes immediately moistened when he saw Lin Che.

He said, "Little Che… come… come…"

Lin Che walked over and squatted down.

He was still seated in the wheelchair. Although his complexion looked a lot better, he was still very skinny.

"It's the greatest wish of my life for you to be acknowledged into the Lu family. With you dressed so beautifully, I'm really… When you were young, I never bought a single dress for you, didn't give you a good life, and didn't even know of your existence. Right now, you're dad's little princess…"

Oh, alright. It could be hereditary in the Lu family to have poor judgment…

And they were all chauvinists.

Lu Beichen said, "Alright, alright. Dad, the ceremony will be starting. This is a happy event. Don't be like this."

"Right, right, this is a happy event." Lu Qinyu immediately broke into a happy expression.

Seeing that the preparations were ready, everyone watched as Lin Che stood in the middle.

They sighed as they looked at this family.

There had been a young miss in the Lu family before, but she was nowhere to be found now. It was all because of Gu Jingze and Lin Che.

What they hadn't expected was that Lin Che would become the Lu family's young miss, eventually.

It was probably all destined.

Lu Qinyu looked at Lin Che and nodded, feeling very satisfied to have such a docile daughter like Lin Che in this lifetime.

Moreover, Lin Che was the only child that he had with Su Cen. Their only connection.

Thinking about this, he felt satisfied.

However, at the thought of Black Eagle…

Sigh, forget it. He will leave it all to fate.

Lin Che picked up a teacup and walked over, wanting to proceed with the tea offering.

Just then…

Someone suddenly saw Black Eagle outside.

"Ah, Mo Jingyan came."

Everyone was stunned.

They turned and saw that Mo Jingyan was there.

He entered by himself, taking big strides with a great disposition.

Everyone couldn't help but feel even more surprised.

Black Eagle's sudden appearance…

Was he here to create trouble or to enjoy the lively scene?

Lu Qinyu immediately stood up.

The doctor next to him had a big fright. "Old Master, Old Master, you mustn't be agitated. You mustn't stand up."

However, Lu Qinyu just looked at Black Eagle.


Lin Che also turned and looked at this man whom no one knew what he was here for.


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