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( You Can“t Go Back On Your Words)

Lin Che froze.

She thought that she saw it wrongly.

But after that.

Lu Qinyu's hand moved again.

"Ah, Uncle Lu is awake."

Lin Che quickly cried out and saw that Lu Qinyu had really woken up. His eyes were opened, but it appeared very listless.

Some immediately entered.

The doctor also quickly came over to check.

After giving Lu Qinyu a checkup, there was finally a conclusion.

"Mr. Lu, wake up… Can you see me?"

Lu Qinyu's eyes flickered a little, and he nodded. "I can."

"Then, who is this person next to you?" The doctor pointed to Lin Che.

"My daughter, Lin Che."

"What about this person? "

"My son, Beichen."

The doctor nodded, satisfied with the results. He smiled and looked at the others. The happiness he felt was definitely no weaker compared to what they felt.

Although Lu Qinyu wasn't his kin, it still meant that he didn't have to worry that the operation was unsuccessful. He wouldn't have to deal with these tricky family members then.

"I'll have to congratulate Mr. Lu. From the checkup, it seems that all his stats after the operations are normal. The operation is a success. If he continues to recover at this rate, he'll be able to get off the bed in a week."

Everyone finally heaved a sigh of relief.

Lu Qinyu's eyes swept past everyone, moistening up.

Lu Beichen heaved a sigh of relief. It seemed that things should be fine then…

Lin Che went home together with Gu Jingze.

After a week.

Lu Qinyu was really able to get off the bed.

Under his steady recuperation, there hadn't been any other problems.

During this period, to stabilize the Lu family's businesses' stock prices, Lu Qinyu greeted everyone while he was still in bed, letting everyone have peace of mind. This also served to let those people who were harboring alternate thoughts to give up.

They thought that with Lu Qinyu gone, they could take this opportunity to attack the Lu family, but this thought became just wishful thinking.

One week later, Lu Beichen decided to invite everyone to a banquet to celebrate Lu Qinyu's operation's success.

This was something that had to be done. All the wealthy families had this tradition. It also served to let others know that things in the Lu family had already returned to normal, and Lu Qinyu was fine. Hence, a banquet was necessary.

The Lu family gave Lin Che an invitation letter, and Lu Beichen brought it over personally. He looked at Lin Che and said, "My father is recuperating very well. Thank you, Lin Che. It's thanks to your effort in Sweden that allowed us to obtain that ginseng."

Gu Jingze listened at the side, but only calmly flipped through the newspaper and said, "Don't think too much about it. Although that ginseng has some nourishing properties, it isn't that amazing to bring forth miracles. Despite that, I agreed to go get that ginseng so you'll have some determination and courage to make the decision."

Lin Che realized that Gu Jingze wanted to let Lu Beichen become confident.

She had to say that he had really given things a lot of thought.

Lu Beichen understood this as well. He smiled and said, "Anyway, it's thanks to everyone's help. You must attend the banquet."

Lin Che agreed, then sent Lu Beichen off. She then ran over to Gu Jingze. "Is that true? That ginseng really wasn't useful?"

Gu Jingze patted her on the head. "What use can it have? It's not as if there is really miraculous medicine out there."

Lin Che pouted. "That's true…"

However, as long as Lu Qinyu's operation was successful, the process didn't matter.

Lin Che then recalled that she hadn't told Black Eagle about this yet. Therefore, she left a message for him.

The next day.

Quite a number of people attended the Lu family's banquet.

Some of them were here to offer their sincere congratulations, while others were here to ascertain if Lu Qinyu was really fine.

The Lu family was in a happy atmosphere, no longer as gloomy as it had been a few days back. It was as if they were celebrating the new year.

It had been very long since Lin Che had attended such a lively event, so she also put in extra effort to doll up.

When she arrived at the door, Lu Beichen personally came to welcome her in. He didn't bring her to the hall where most people were at but brought her straight inside the living quarters.

Even though Lu Qinyu could now walk, he recuperated from a major illness and thus still spent most of his time lying in bed.

Seeing that Lin Che had come, Lu Qinyu immediately wanted to get up.

Lin Che quickly walked over. "Alright, Uncle Lu, don't move. Your wounds haven't recuperated completely."

Lu Qinyu wasn't happy. "Lu Qinyu, I heard it very clear that you said that as long as my operation was a success, our family would be able to reunite, and you would agree to acknowledge and return to the Lu family.

When did she say that?

It was true that she had said that their family would be reunited.

She had said that out of anxiety and couldn't afford to think of any other things back then. The only thought on her mind was that as long as there was a hint of hope, she wanted Lu Qinyu to be fine.

But now…

She quickly said, "I only… I only…"

Lu Qinyu said unhappily, "Why? Were you just lying to me?"


"I took it seriously. Back then, the only thought on my mind was that no matter what, I'll have to tide through this. I still have some regret that I haven't yet resolved in this life. That's you and your brother… The two of you haven't returned to the Lu family yet. I really feel very regretful about it. The reason I hung on and didn't die was that I hadn't fulfilled this wish yet. But that day, you said that… Do you know how much you're hurting me now…"

Lin Che felt sad from hearing his words.

What he said hit her hard.

Lu Beichen said, "Hey, Lin Che, you can't go back on your words. It's just asking you to acknowledge your family. It's not as if we're asking you to leave Gu Jingze. Why are you thinking so much about it?"


"I don't care. We've already set a good date, which is the day after tomorrow. You'll come to the Lu family to officially be acknowledged into the family, and we'll be reunited. You've said this in the past. I still have the voice recording from the hospital. Don't think of reneging on your promise."


To think that Lu Beichen had a voice recording. He was really perverse.

With things coming down to this, she probably couldn't get away with this.

How would she have expected this? She said those words back then because Lu Qinyu was unconscious and never expected to keep them.

But now that the words had already been said, it would be inauspicious for her to go back on it.

Lu Beichen knew that things were going well when he saw Lin Che's helpless look.

Lu Qinyu was still the one who felt the happiest.

He looked at Lin Che, looking forward to officially acknowledging her into the family as soon as possible.

It was just that Black Eagle…

He sighed. One must learn to be satisfied with what they had.

It might really be a lifelong regret, but having died once, he had understood many things now.

Regrets might be the true essence of life.

Everyone saw at the banquet that Lu Qinyu was recovering well and was beaming and feeling very happy. He looked a lot more energetic than he had been in the past.

Lin Che didn't return to the banquet after that. Seeing that Black Eagle didn't give her any reply, she could only go back for her preparations.

Three days later, the Lu family really came to pick Lin Che up to attend the ceremony of being acknowledged into the family.


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