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( The Operation Must Go On)

The group of them quickly followed.

Lin Che cursed. "This Black Eagle. Does he have a limit at all? How can he run so fast?"

Gu Jingze said, "It's best if he kept him alive."

As he spoke, Gu Jingze quickly gave chase as well.

He was only worried that the offenders might not have a life left if he didn't chase after them, especially with Black Eagle's raging temper.

Unsurprisingly, Black Eagle charged down like a crazy person and had frightened them off.

Those people did not think that Black Eagle would become inhuman when he got mad.

They shot their guns to the back and hurried to escape.

While back at the hospital, Lu Beichen looked at his father, who was in a deep comatose, looking paler and paler.

"Somebody, quick! Do the operation!"Lu Beichen shouted relentlessly.

The doctor was shivering on the ground. As he heard Lu Beichen's voice, he lifted his head and saw that nobody was left in the operating theatre. It had become a mess.

Lu Beichen saw the equipment, and on it, the numbers were already dwindling. He quickly pulled the doctor up from the ground. "Continue with the operation. Hurry."

The doctor's head was full of sweat. "But this operating theatre now…"

"What about the operating theatre? I've spent so much money to get you here to see you do nothing! Do the operation immediately!"

The doctor had not even recovered from the accident that just happened. He was still languishing.

But at this time…

"Alright, I'll be the assistant. Doctor, you do it."

Outside, Chen Yucheng had rushed over after getting the news. He was in a white coat as he walked in.

Lu Beichen's eyes lit up when he saw Chen Yucheng. "You…"

He had gone to America previously and rarely returned. This time, how…

Chen Yucheng said, "Coincidentally, I'm in the country. You're lucky. Come on, let's hurry. All who's not helping, get out."

The doctor looked at Chen Yucheng in a daze. Then, he recognized him and walked over with a face of glee.

"Doctor Chen. I've long admired you. It's my honor."

"Alright, we'll talk when the operation's over. Now, time to operate."


Having a doctor like Chen Yucheng around, the doctor had to keep his thoughts to himself. After all, he was a renowned doctor, and he did not have many chances like this to work with Chen Yucheng. He had to keep his spirits up no matter what and continue the task.

"Tidy up a little."

"Get a new blood pack."

"Turn on the equipment…"

Seeing that everything had resumed inside, Lu Beichen took the idlers out.

However, he did not dare to leave and asked everyone to keep a lookout at the operating theatre, all the way until they finished the operation.

On the outside.

Black Eagle watched the car get further. He immediately kicked aside an innocent man on a motorbike and got on it to give chase.

When Lin Che arrived, Black Eagle was already gone.

The innocent citizen was beyond confusion and looked ahead in shock.

Lin Che noticed that and quickly helped him up.

"Sorry, sorry, I'm sorry. I'll compensate you. If you're hurt anywhere, there's a hospital here."

"Ah… Lin Che…"

The person had joy written on his face when he saw Lin Che.

Behind, Gu Jingze's face darkened, and he came over.

He went crazy again. "Ah! Gu Jingze…"

For a moment, he had forgotten that someone had taken his motorbike away for no reason. He was only smiling while looking at the two of them.

Lin Che quickly got people to handle the matter. Then, she started to get worried when she saw Black Eagle in front.

If Black Eagle wanted to get hold of someone, he would not let go until the very end.

"Damn, he caught up again. Is he crazy?"

"He's still chasing like mad at this point. What the hell does he want?"

"Quick, think of something to shake him off."

"Ah, he's gone."

"No way. How can he just be gone? Go look for him."

Everyone panicked at that moment. Just as they were searching around for Black Eagle's trace, they heard a bang on their car's roof.

"Ah… on the car's roof. This damn Black Eagle. What the hell does he want?"

"Don't you know that there's no good end if you offend Black Eagle?"

"How would I know that he would be here?"

The car started to shake on the road.

Black Eagle grabbed onto the top and fired a shot down.

The driver landed on the car wheel.

His control of the car was immediately lost.

No matter how the passenger beside tried to turn the wheel, it was of no use.

The car suddenly hit a rail on the side. Bang.

Next, Black Eagle did not let them off. He immediately opened the car's door and pulled them out.

"Ah… let me go. Someone hired us!"

"Let you go? Why not look at who you've offended. Who can get out alive under Black Eagle's hands?"


"Black Eagle, don't move." Gu Jingze hurried over from behind.

Black Eagle's gun did not shoot in time. He turned his head back.

This meddling Gu Jingze. Of all times to come, he had to arrive now.

Gu Jingze pressed Black Eagle's shoulder. "Leave them live. I want to ask who directed them."

Black Eagle could only say, "Alright, alright, alright. We'll listen to everything you say."

Black Eagle scoffed. "Who cares about him. In any case, whoever comes will die. I don't believe that he'll keep coming at us."

Gu Jingze did not bother about him and immediately looked at the people on the ground. "Who directed you? If you don't wish to die for others without worth, then tell the truth. If I find out it's not the truth, you guys won't die… but you'll wish you were dead."

The few of them trembled in fear as they saw Gu Jingze's cold-blooded behavior.

"We're hired to eliminate someone… It was the Han family who hired us…"

The Han family?

That was impossible…

Even so, Su Cen had married over to the Han family. The Han family and Lu Qinyu had some feud, but not until they wanted him dead.

However, a few of them swore by their words. "Look, this was our message. We kept it just in case."

Gu Jingze narrowed his eyes and looked.

Black Eagle was also in doubt and said, "How is it?"

"It's fake." Gu Jingze tossed the thing onto the ground.

"I'm only afraid that someone will blame the Han family and wash their hands off it."

"So, now…"

"I'll get to the bottom of this. Now, the important thing is Uncle Lu's illness."

Black Eagle only just remembered. "That operation…"

"I've called Chen Yucheng to come over in advance. I don't think anything will happen."

They then returned to the operating theatre.

After some twists and turns, they finally finished the operation.

Chen Yucheng came out and said, "Looks like there shouldn't be a problem anymore. The operation was a success. However, whether or not he wakes up will depend on his will."

Lu Beichen looked inside and sat on the sofa in fatigue. He felt like he could fall asleep immediately.

Lin Che said, "Why not you guys go over first? I'll watch."

"No, thanks."

Lin Che walked over without warning and grabbed Lu Qinyu's hands.

"Wake up, wake up…"

She sat there just watching over Lu Qinyu as time passed.


Lu Qinyu's little finger moved slightly and touched Lin Che's hands.


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