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(You“ll Know If You Meet the One)

Lin Che looked at her pitiful state and sighed.

"Alright, you can call, but don't regret after that."

Charlotte smiled. "Of course not."

Lin Che handed the phone over.

Charlotte quickly picked up the phone and started dialing.

Seeing how loving Lin Che and Gu Jingze was, she really wanted to experience romance.

It did not have to be too romantic, just as harmonious would be good enough.


The call went through, and Robert picked up the phone.

"Why are you still calling me?" Robert sounded like he was panicking.

"I… Sorry, but I miss you very much."

"No, you can't. Charlotte, you have a marriage arrangement. You can't get me into trouble."


"There's no but. You should go back and settle your matters properly."

Charlotte hung up and felt her heart sink.

She felt distraught, not knowing what she should do.

Did Robert really not love her?

Yes, he didn't.

It didn't seem like he loved her.

Charlotte covered her face and started crying right away.

Lin Che watched. Her heart was already soft, but it was softer now.

"Alright, Charlotte."

She looked at Lin Che. "He doesn't love me. He really doesn't love me. Then why was he so nice to me?"

Lin Che shrugged. "Perhaps he doesn't love you at the moment. Love is complicated. Sometimes, it reveals itself bit by bit. Sometimes, it shows right away. Sometimes, it's profound, and sometimes, it's very shallow. Perhaps what he has for you was more shallow. Perhaps you guys have not gotten to the deep stage. Perhaps, for now, he absolutely doesn't love you."

Charlotte wanted to cry even more.

Lin Che said, "Of course, you won't understand what I've just said. But trust me. When you meet the one, you'll know what it's like."

Charlotte held back her tears. "Can I still meet the one?"

"Of course you can." Lin Che smiled. "You'll meet someone who would be especially nice to you."

Charlotte smiled.

Suddenly, she thought of that Royal Family again. "But I don't think it'll be the Prince."

"Why not? You don't even know him."

"I met him when I was young. He's very irritating."

"Maybe he has changed."

Charlotte sighed. "I'm prepared to see when I get back."

Suddenly, she thought of something again. She looked up and said fiercely, "Hey, you wanted me to say this, am I right?"

Lin Che did not deny it.

"If you can go back, you can save my… my father. My biological father. He might not be able to make it at any moment. I need that ginseng to save him."

Charlotte looked at her with some change in her face. She said with some empathy, "If your father is dying… can this ginseng save him?"

Lin Che nodded. "Although it's not definite, it is the only way left. I don't know what to do. There's only one road to go. I think, perhaps, it can't really save him. But if I don't give it a try, I will regret it for life."

"Oh… alright. I think there's no big deal about the ginseng… I don't know why they see it as a powerful item. If it's to save someone, then it's much better than keeping it around at home."

Lin Che looked at her gratefully. "Thank you for thinking like that."

Charlotte made up her mind to return obediently.

Lin Che was very grateful too. She told Gu Jingze, "Looks like she's a sensible child after all."

Gu Jingze said, "It's thanks to you too. Because you're so nice, whoever's in front of you would not bear to."

"Would not bear to what?"

"Would not bear to reject you."

Lin Che could not contain her smile.

Gu Jingze lowered his head to kiss her lips. The two of them snuggled and enjoyed the moment of warmth.

The group of them arrived in Sweden very quickly.

Gu Jingze did not let her return informally.

Once off the plane, the Williams had already called to check on the status.

Gu Jingze said he would do it, but he would not hand the person over.

Charlotte was quite relaxed staying over at their place.

She did not mind if they did not bring her back so soon.

Lin Che watched her eat and look outside. With a face of melancholy, she told her, "Well, we can't let you go back for now. You better find something to entertain yourself with."

Charlotte said, "Are you afraid that my brother and family would not give you the ginseng?"

Lin Che shrugged.

Charlotte said, "Oh, then they're not keeping their promises."

"It's not for sure. Just that… we better be cautious."


Lin Che said, "Oh yes, you've been here for quite some time. Haven't you been able to see the Prince that you're being matchmade to?"

"No, he's very well-protected. The present Queen is still around, and he doesn't appear much because he's the next successor. So, he's always received education overseas. To learn without disturbance, there's more security. To prevent anyone from knowing his status, which may lead to getting kidnapped, he has hidden his identity on purpose as well."


After some thinking, Lin Che said, "But do you want to know how he looks like?"

Charlotte's eyes brightened. "Of course I do."

Lin Che smiled and turned around to tell Gu Jingze.

After some thinking, Gu Jingze said, "I can take you guys to meet him. Let me get someone to find out where he is. But promise me, don't expose your identity."

Charlotte immediately said, "I promise!"

Lin Che smiled. She said to Gu Jingze, "I hope it's a handsome guy."

Gu Jingze said, "Don't worry, he won't disappoint."

Gu Jingze had already checked that the young Prince had been in Sweden recently.

He had returned during the summer vacation. He was having his fun over here, as though oblivious to the fact that the Williams were burning themselves trying to find his future wife.

In the bar, the heatwave came with alcohol, and hormones were clearly raging everywhere. Wild men and women were dancing. This nightclub was clearly trendy.

Lin Che brought Charlotte in, and the latter looked around curiously.

"Oh, guys who come to this sort of places are not good guys."

"It's alright to let go once in a while. It's not illegal. Bad guy or not doesn't depend on where he is. It's what you feel after interacting."

Charlotte thought it made sense. She continued walking down and looked with curiosity.

"Woah, so many people."

Lin Che looked at how enthusiastic she was and could not help smiling.

Over that side, a guy who looked to be about Charlotte's age was sitting inside.

There were quite a few people on the deck having drinks. They clinked their glasses and chatted enthusiastically.

Lin Che saw Gu Jingze's man was already standing behind one guy. That meant that he was the one they were looking for.

Lin Che immediately nudged Charlotte.


Charlotte looked over and saw the guy that she was going to marry.

Her eyes brightened.

"Ah… He didn't look like this when he was younger."

Lin Che smiled. "Really?"

"Really… He was very ugly when he was younger," Charlotte said seriously.

"Oh, then what about now?"

"Now…" Charlotte looked over seriously. She saw he had golden hair, white skin, slightly curled red lips, and a pair of lake blue eyes that were clear and pure. Moreover, he looked very tall too. Clean and neat, he looked… very full of sunshine.


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