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(One Who Truly Loves You, Will Not Make You Unconfident)

Robert only looked at these after he went back.

Fellow actors from the same production crew said that many people from C Nation are reprimanding him. They were criticizing him on INS.

Robert went to look. Sure enough, it was true.

He looked at the contents. They all said that they did not want to watch his shows anymore, and they felt that his real character must have been very terrible. Otherwise, Baby Che wouldn't have said that she would not follow his show soon after meeting him.

If Baby Che was not watching, they would not watch it either.

Robert wondered who Baby Che was.

He only realized after searching…

That woman whom he thought was an ordinary fan was actually…

One of C Nation's top stars?

Furthermore, she was publicized as the strongest husband-wife duo with Gu Jingze. One was the wealthiest person in C Nation, the other was an immensely famous person in C Nation. It was a strong combination with hordes of fans. They had a particularly strong appeal.

Not only that, she wasn't just an artist. She had her own company and promoted many other celebrities. One of the more famous ones was Xue Yang.

Oh my, he even met Xue Yang at the Oscars.

Little did he expect…

He instantly regretted it. He really thought that she was an ordinary fan.

Who knew? One could never be proud and complacent. Who knew when they would meet someone who would make them disgraced?

Lin Che and Gu Jingze took Charlotte home.

Charlotte was miserable. Her head hung low the entire journey.

Lin Che looked at her. "Do you really love Robert that much?"

"Of course," Charlotte said. "Otherwise, why would I follow him all the way out here? I've always watched his shows. I like him."

"But there is quite a huge age gap between you two." Charlotte had only just turned legal, and she looked very young. Robert was a celebrity, but he wasn't the young and fresh type in the country. Instead, he was bearded. There were many handsome and bearded men around, but he looked very fierce with no ounce of elegance. He was a completely different style from Xue Yang. It was not too much to say that this was a beauty who got hooked by a fisherman.

Charlotte looked like an underaged girl, while Robert looked like a middle-aged uncle.

"So what about the age gap? I like mature, stable men like him."

Lin Che laughed speechlessly and shook her head. "But even if he doesn't love you, would you still throw everything aside for him?"

"Who says he doesn't love me?" Charlotte immediately exclaimed.

Lin Che said, "If he loves you, why did he let you leave?"

"I…" Charlotte looked down. "Because I hid the truth from him and made him angry."

A young girl in love was really naive.

"Really?" Lin Che sighed and did not say much further. She knew that there was no point in saying all these. "If a person truly loves you, you wouldn't need to be so careful around them. You wouldn't need to worry about angering him. You would always be proud and confident. You wouldn't be living in submission, got it?"

Charlotte scoffed. "Don't you think about tricking me into going home for the arranged marriage. No matter what, he's better than those royalties."

"How would you know if you've never interacted with them properly? You can just go take a look. If it's no good, you should tell the royal family about your original intentions instead of running away. Nevermind that you made your family worry about you. Still, you might have caused the royal family to be unhappy with your own family. You implicated your family."

"I…" Charlotte said, "How can that be? My family wouldn't get beaten up by others so easily."

"If that is truly the case, they wouldn't be so careful. Because of you, they're even willing to give away the family ginseng."

Charlotte was still not willing to believe her.

Lin Che also did not say anything more.

She only looked ahead plainly and asked Gu Jingze, "So what are we going to do now?"

"We'll go to Sweden. I've already informed Lu Beichen to make the arrangements there."

"Oh, that's great."

Lin Che did not say much after that. They brought Charlotte to the residence.

This residence belonged to the Wesleys. Mr. Wesley allowed them to stay there for free, so he would not chase them away.

Charlotte had a room to herself, but it was guarded.

Charlotte originally wanted to escape. When she went out and saw nobody around, she really thought that she could escape.

But as soon as she wanted to walk out the door, she saw the Gu family's secret guards were already rushing over. They towered over her with a majestic aura. She instantly rushed back to her room fearfully.

Charlotte initially did not think much about them. But here, she really felt that they were not worse off than the William family.

Firstly, she had never come across such strong guards in the William family.

After that one encounter, Charlotte became much more obedient.

The important thing was that she got scared. After all, no matter how stubborn she was, she was still a young girl, and she was not that courageous.

After that, she saw Lin Che and Gu Jingze together.

Lin Che sat there and read while Gu Jingze looked at his tablet. He seemed to be handling some matter.

His slender fingers swiped across the tablet as he leaned in his seat. His side profile was extremely perfect.

Needless to say, eastern male beauty was different from western male beauty. They initially did not like eastern men's faces, but that did not apply to Gu Jingze.

Whether Asians or westerners, anyone who saw him naturally thought that he was very beautiful.

Thinking back to his prowess just now, anyone would know that this man was impressive.

But next to him, Lin Che did not seem to be uneasy at all. Neither did she seem eager to please him.

Neither were depending on the other. The two sat there so naturally that there could not have been a more harmonious picture than that.

They could not be any more compatible either.

As Charlotte looked at them, even her heart became quiet.

She also sat down but still unconsciously looked in the direction of the couple. She thought that their image was very captivating. It was so captivating that she couldn't resist investigating. She was curious about how two people could be so harmonious. They were doing completely different things, but they looked like one entity.

Lin Che patted her stomach and said, "I'm thirsty."

Gu Jingze nodded and reached out to take a grape. Lin Che naturally opened her mouth and ate the grape.

Lin Che then said, "More."

Gu Jingze then fed more to her.

As they fed one another, it warmed one's heart more and more.

Gu Jingze was so good to Lin Che.

That was fine, but any woman would feel envious.

She couldn't help but be reminded of what Lin Che told her previously.

If a person truly loved you, you wouldn't have to tiptoe around them and worry about angering them.

Standing here, she finally could not watch any further. She went back to her own room.

The next day.

She was in low spirits, too.

Lin Che went to her and offered her some food.

"I heard that you haven't eaten. Why? Have you no appetite?"

"I don't want to eat."

"Don't be like this. There is plenty of good food in C Nation. Gu Jingze especially got a chef to make these. I guarantee that it's better than any Chinese food you've tasted. Give it a try."

She looked at the food and instantly felt hungry.


"Can I give Robert a call?"


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