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(There Are Other Shows We Can Attend)

Even though the rumors this time around weren't that openly spread, it was widely circulated in a story form. All netizens, regardless if they had joined in then or more recently, found out about it.

Mu Feiran's manager sighed when she saw this. "What should we do? These people are really… Why are they bringing up all these matters from the past?"

Everyone felt that it was challenging to give a response.

There had been such rumors in the past as well. A particular celebrity was allegedly said to be a big boss' mistress, and a golf ball was stuffed inside of her, which led to hospitalization. After that, when other people saw that celebrity, the first thing they thought of was golf.

This was something that made people speechless.

However, there was no way that she could give a response to this.

It destroyed her image since then. The goddess of the past became a senior that everyone ridiculed whenever someone mentioned her.

Although they admitted that she was beautiful, they felt that she was a sinful woman who steered toward being a kept mistress. She was someone who revered money and being promiscuous.

Mu Feiran replied indifferently, "Stay calm, take it slow."

After the filming was over, she went back home.

The moment she arrived home…

Black Eagle was on the sofa, giving out instructions, "Remember to inform all the brothers what they must do tonight. Understand?"

The person on the call immediately replied, "Watch sis-in-law on television!"


Mu Feiran felt…

She looked at Black Eagle and said, "There's no need for this…"

Black Eagle said, "I can't buy the numbers for you, and it isn't something you'd want either. I'm just letting them watch it. This is factual, right?"


Mu Feiran said, "I'm exhausted. I'm going to lie down."

"Do you want to eat anything? I'll make it for you."

"I want to eat… make it noodles."

"Then I'll cook noodles for you [1. Having a slight insinuation to the direct translation, 'I'll let you eat my part below.']."


What did this sound so…

Black Eagle hadn't noticed anything. He put on the apron and headed into the kitchen.

Mu Feiran, on the other hand, stood there as she looked at him, feeling increasingly interesting as she thought about it.

Not long later, the noodles were done.

He brought it out and gave it to Mu Feiran, saying, "Have a taste."

Mu Feiran immediately picked up the chopsticks and had a bite.

It didn't taste bad.

She smiled and looked at him. "The noodles aren't bad."

"Of course. My noodles are top-notch. How many years do you think I've been cooking it for?"

Mu Feiran snorted.

Black Eagle looked at her. "It tastes good, right? Have more. You can have all of them."

"Aren't you eating?"

"I'm on a diet."


Mu Feiran didn't believe him. She was confident that he hadn't cooked enough, so he wanted her to eat more.

"I'm on a diet as well. Come and have some. Otherwise, no one will look for me to film television dramas if I get too fat. I'm a celebrity. I need to take care of my figure."

"Who dares?" Black Eagle snorted.

She pushed the bowl to him. "Have some. Have some."

Black Eagle looked and picked up the chopsticks. Seeing that it was the same bowl she ate from, he smiled and started eating.

He looked like a young boy who had just experienced what love was like.

He felt like someone who would secretly feel happy for very long just because he had used the same cup as the girl he secretly admired.

Black Eagle didn't have any prior love experience before.

It was true. Although he had many women in the past, things were for people in the triads. It wouldn't look good for one not to have a woman with them.

However, he hadn't really gotten into a love relationship with someone.

Thinking about it, it was really a regret.

But then, what he encountered in the past led to meeting her in the future.

He also felt very thankful that he had met her at his best possible moment. In the past, he wouldn't have the time to think about love.

Back then, when he was working at the car wash company, he already had taken half a step into the triads and would get into fights every few days. In the beginning, he received a massive beating, but eventually, he developed his skills and defeated others.

At 16, his lifestyle underwent another change.

Back then, A Nation's Mr. Big [2. Used as a nickname for the big boss of the group in the triads.] was unwilling to pay for his meal.

He was working as a security guard at the restaurant, and he came out to ask what had happened after hearing about the situation.

There were many other people at the restaurant then. Black Eagle, Mo Jingyan, wasn't called Black Eagle yet, but they called him Brother Black.

Everyone made way for Black Eagle when they saw him coming out.

"Brother Black, look, they are the ones."

Black Eagle pushed the people away and walked over. "What's the matter?"

The group looked at Black Eagle.

"Who are you?"

There were six to seven people at the table, each appearing more arrogant than the one before. They sat there and looked at Black Eagle as if they weren't interested in him at all.

Black Eagle said, "Brothers, you need to pay to eat. You should know that, right?"

"Hah." One of them, who was bald, got up and slapped the table. "How dare you speak to Mr. Big like that!"

Black Eagle didn't know who Mr. Big was. He looked at the guy and said, "Even people with the greatest power and prestige would have to pay for their meals here. Of course, beggars are an exception. If it's a beggar, then I'll give them food out of charity. They won't have to pay."

"Heh, who the hell are you calling a beggar? Mr. Big, is he talking about us?"

Mr. Big raised his brows and looked at Black Eagle, saying, "So you're saying that I can't even compare to a beggar?"

Black Eagle snorted.

A cup smashed out toward Black Eagle.

Black Eagle was used to such situations and dodged them. He then pressed the person down onto the table.

The group all attacked.

There were three people on Black Eagle's side, including himself. The other two weren't that capable, but Black Eagle wasn't scared, especially when he only had to take care of a few people.

The people around them quickly dodged when they saw the chaos.

The group still appeared arrogant in the beginning but eventually realized that something was amiss.

They only started howling when Black Eagle badly beat them.

"Aiyoh, aiyoh, this is… Who is this guy…"

"Don't you guys know? This person is Brother Black. He's a good fighter here."

Mr. Big's eyes flickered, and he dashed off.

Everyone felt great admiration and praised Black Eagle after seeing what had taken place.

As expected of Black Eagle. He was amazing.

At this moment, a group suddenly dashed in from outside.

They held baseball bats and knives, charging in.

There were several tens of them.

Only then did the others panic.

"Ahh, what's going on…"

"Oh my, don't you guys know? That guy from earlier is Mr. Big. He's well-known in A Nation. Your Brother Black is courting death by beating them up."

Black Eagle hadn't expected so many people to appear at once. Moreover, they seemed to have surrounded the place.

There was no room for retaliation.

The bald guy, whom he had beaten up badly earlier, kicked Black Eagle to the ground.

"Heh, weren't you powerful earlier? Come on, beat me up. Come on."

He kept on punching again and again on Black Eagle's head. Black Eagle's nose bled, and his white T-shirt was dyed red.

Black Eagle didn't say a word. He knew how he should act and that he could only take this beating today. He was no match for them.

The bald guy kicked him to the ground, and only then did Mr. Big sauntered out.

"Kid." He stepped on Black Eagle's head, looking at him. "You're still young. It's not that you can act like a hero just because you can fight well, understand?"


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