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           ARROGANT 💋❤

❤️(My stubborn but sexy boss)❤

❤❤️ Episode 50❤❤
(Quarter Finale)

Landon's POV ♥️

Still in my subconscious mind 🌬
I kept on walking and following Nancy's voice until I got to a very funny looking house..

It was like a mix of my house and hers all into one funny looking thing..

‘Daddy!!!'..A little girl ran over and hugged me.

What in the world is going on right now??..


‘Ohh you're here??'..Nancy said as she kissed my cheek..

‘She's our daughter?? When was she born??'..I asked..

‘Ohh you're so funny,she was born three years ago silly'..She chuckled and my brows perked up..

Has time run so fast??..

The last time I checked I was just about to get pizza now I have a three year old daughter??..

‘Daddy?? Daddy look at my painting'..The little girl showed me and I gasped..



Nancy's POV ♥️

‘Is there a procedure or something that we can do?? is there something we can do to wake him up??'..I asked the doctor..

‘We just have to give him time Nancy it could take weeks,months or even years'..He said and I sighed deeply..

‘I don't have time don't you get it?? There isn't time and I miss him so bad'..I whimpered and he sat on the edge of his seat..

‘Can I be honest with you Nancy??'..

‘Yes you can'..

‘Well there's a system in the hospital for life support patients,we can use their organs to save other patients with a lot of mo—

‘Are you saying I should sell his organs??'..

‘Well if you put it that way—

‘I don't care what you mean but Landon is going to wake up and come back to me so keep your bloody system to yourself!!'..

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