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           ARROGANT 💋❤

❤️(My stubborn but sexy boss)❤

❤❤️ Episode 49❤❤

Landon's POV ♥️

In my subconscious mind🌬🌬
‘Nancy?? Nancy where are you??'..I asked as I walked through a white plane..

‘Landon?? Landon??'..I heard her call me but I just couldn't find her..

‘Nancy is this some kind of hide and seek game?? Where are you??'..I called out again and this time I heard a baby's giggle..

What is going on and why am I here??..

‘Landon come here'..I heard Nancy's voice again and this time it grew louder..

‘Where are you??'..

‘Follow my voice Landon'..

‘Follow your what?? If this is a game then it's annoying'..

‘Follow my voice Landon'..

Nancy's POV ♥️

With every forward step I took my legs felt heavy as hell and when I got to his room I couldn't bear it anymore..

‘ that him??'..I asked Mom and she nodded..

He was attached to a life support system and the tears just gushed out of my eyes..

‘This just isn't fair!! This isn't fair and it's my fault!!'..I cried out and sat next to him..

‘Landon,I know you pretty much hate me right now and I....just...I will never forgive myself for what I did to you'..I said and rested his limp hands on my belly..

‘Just wake up Landon and follow my voice,just follow my voice and come back to me please'..I pleaded and I felt his finger move..

‘He moved!!!'..

‘No he didn't'..Mom said.

‘He moved mom,I put his hand on my belly and he moved'..I argued..

‘No he didn't move Nancy,you just gotta—

‘I'm telling you he moved mom!! He's gonna come back to me'..

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