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           ARROGANT 💋❤

❤️(My stubborn but sexy boss)❤

❤❤️ Episode 33❤❤

Landon's POV cont'd ♥️

‘What makes you...What makes you say that??'..I asked Lanie both confused and relieved at the same time and she chuckled loudly..

‘Ohhh Landon you're so funny sometimes, I'm in love with someone else and I...I'm having a baby for him'..

‘A baby?? Are you—

‘No I'm not pregnant but we're planning on doing so so I decided to let you know'..She said and I sighed deeply..

‘Thank goodness you told me this cause I didn't know how you'd react to knowing that i—

‘You're in love with Nancy?? You don't really have to hide it Landon I see it all over you'..

‘You do??'..

‘Yes I do and trust me she feels the same'..

‘No she doesn't,I'm way out of her league anyway,good luck with your boyfriend though'..

Nancy's POV ♥️

The Next Morning ⛅
I just couldn't concentrate at work because of how restless I was feeling and Landon only made things worse..

He didn't even say a word to me and there wasn't even any sign of him being angry..

He would just joke around with the other staffs and when I was coming over he would make an excuse to leave..

Why is he doing this to me??..

Why am I doing this to myself?!..

‘Someone is on the phone ma'am, it's Mr Mike'..My new personal assistant said and I shushed her up..

‘I'm not here,tell him I'm out of the country'..I whispered and she nodded..

Concentrate Nancy!!..

Nancy just bloody concentrate and forget about what happened a night ago!!..

Just forget about Landon and you'd be okay!!..

‘Nancy??'..A familiar voice spoke and when I raised my head up it was Lanie..

Oh boy..

Minutes later ♥️
We both sat opposite each other in the coffee shop and waited and when I couldn't take the silence anymore I spoke up..

‘Look Lanie i—

‘You don't have to apologize,he told me everything'..

‘He did??'..

‘Yeah and we broke up but not because of you,we broke up because we both loved different people'..She said and I gulped hard..

This just got awkward real fast..

‘Lanie I don't know where you're going with this but Landon and I aren't a thing'..I muttered and she nodded..

‘I don't have anything against you Nancy,I don't really and if you're not careful you might just lose the love you really deserve in your life'..


‘Landon is planning on leaving the country'..


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