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           ARROGANT 💋❤

❤️(My stubborn but sexy boss)❤

❤❤️ Episode 32❤❤

Nancy's POV ♥️

Oh what have I done this time??..

What happened last night was definitely not a mistake so why was I afraid to say the truth??.

Whenever I had s*x with Mike and some other men it was just driven by pure lust and nothing else..

But last night...

The first time I had s*x with Landon we were both drunk so we didn't know what we were doing but last night was different..

He made me feel so safe..

He made me feel loved..

His touch was gentle on my skin..

He made me feel like I was a diamond and he kept whispering how beautiful I was and how I was lovable..

And i said it was a mistake??..

It wasn't a mistake at all and I was the one who kissed him first..

I just couldn't resist how handsome he looked and all..

‘Landon I...

‘Ohh you don't have to say anything I get it pretty much,uhhh I'll see you at the office'..He said trying to put on a brave act but I could clearly see the hurt in his eyes..

What have I done again??..

Landon's POV ♥️

A mistake??..

She said last night was a mistake??.

Of course i knew the first time we did it was a pure mistake but last night wasn't anything like a mistake at all..

I wanted her more than anything and not out of pure lust..

I wanted to love her more than anything..

I wanted to protect her and I wanted to be with her..

I love her goddamnit!!..

I guess I got to realise that fact now but I love her!!..

I have always been in love with her and that's why I hated her for going back to Mike..

Not because of what he did to her in the past but because he didn't deserve to love her like I did..

‘Lanie we need to talk'..I murmured as I walked into the house..

‘Okay I'm listening cause I also wanted to speak to you'...She replied and I gulped hard.

I might have to break her heart and I don't want to..

Jesus help me..

‘Well I have been thinking about something lately and i don't want to hurt you but....I don't think this relationship is really working'..I finally dropped the bombshell and the look I got from her was surprise..

‘Lanie i—

‘Ohhh thank God cause I wanted to speak to you about this!!'..


‘I don't want to be your girlfriend Landon!!'..

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