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           ARROGANT 💋❤

❤️(My stubborn but sexy boss)❤

❤❤️ Episode 30❤❤

Nancy's POV Cont'd ♥️

‘I...I know it's too much to ask but can you please stay for a while??'..I asked Landon and he chuckled loudly..

‘I was already planning on staying over,you might kill yourself in this position so I'm not taking my chances'..He said and took off his shirt...

I almost drooled at how sexy he looked but still managed to keep a straight face as he handed me a bowl of popcorn for the movie we were about to watch..

I managed to keep a distance between the both of us as we watched Maze runner..

‘You okay?? you seem uncomfortable'..he asked and I gulped hard..

‘Ohh I'm fine'..



He's right in front of me looking so sexy and he's asking if I'm okay??..

Of course I'm not okay because my brain is playing back the drunk s*x we had months ago and I can't seem to shake it off..

‘You know when I was in highschool I had this girlfriend who I would usually take to the mall and we would sneak into the cinema to watch R-rated movies'..He said and I instantly found interest..

‘Were you ever caught??'..

‘Many times but we still kept doing it until the security gaurd eventually got tired of chasing us and just let us in,what he didn't know was that my step dad owned the place'..He replied and I snickered..

‘My highschool dating life was different,I was taken to french dinners and boring operas'..

‘Yikes?? You dated Prince's or what??'..

‘Yeah I did actually and trust me it was a nightmare,although one of them was kind of fun but he was a player'..I shrugged and he winked at me..

‘Lucky for you,Mike isn't a prince'..

Yes Mike isn't a prince...

He's the evil soccerer from Aladdin and I so badly want to get rid of him from the conversation that moment..

‘Nancy why are you looking at me that way?'..La ndon asked and when I just couldn't bear it anymore I took off my shirt..

‘Whoa...Uhhh what...what are you doing??'..

‘I don't know'..

‘ don't?? You're naked Nancy and I'm pretty sure you're drunk'..He stuttered and I grabbed him and crushed my lips to his..

‘Nan... Nancy this isn't..

‘I want you Landon'..I whispered and he started to kiss me back...

‘But I've got a girl...

‘Just this once Landon,just this once'..

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