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           ARROGANT 💋❤

❤️(My stubborn but sexy boss)❤

❤❤️ Episode 22❤❤

Nancy's POV cont'd ♥️


‘What are you doing here?!!'...i yelled and held my bat very strongly..

‘I...I came here to see you Nancy,I... I thought about what you said and I couldn't go on with the wedding any longer'..He replied...

‘So you sent Irene off??'..I asked releasing my grip on the bat a little..

‘She also didn't want to marry me Nancy,I made a mistake and I have been paying for it for years now and I want to make things right between us'..He said and the look I saw in his eyes was one of pure regret..

‘Maybe you should give him a second chance honey'..Mom said as she leaned onto the doorway and I turned around sharply..

‘Give him a second chance?? He's the reason I'm like this!!'..I yelled and then I remembered the fake stunt Landon and I pulled on him..

‘I...I know Landon isn't your fiance Nancy,he called me and told me everything'..He said and my mouth dropped..

The nerve of that bastard!!..

And to think I was going to apologize and make everything right between us he then comes and betrays me in this manner??..

Why would he snitch up on me like that?!!..

‘Now that you know the truth what next??'..I dropped the bat finally and he smiled at me..

‘I want you back Nancy'..

Landon's POV ♥️

The Next Morning ⛅
The building was buzzing with gossips as I walked in and I quickly noticed that Nancy's office blind was on..

‘What's going on??'..I asked one of my colleagues..

‘Miss Arrogant brought a man in today'..He replied and my eyes broadened..



‘What?!! How's that—

‘Everyone is as shocked as you are Landon, trust me no one believed an actual man would date her'..He bit into his pretzel and walked away..

Miss Arrogant has a new boyfriend now??.

I thought she was on a no date policy??..

I mustered enough courage to go into her office only for me to walk in on her kissing the last person on Earth I expected..

She was kissing Mike?!!...

The same guy who hurt her??..

‘Okay this is a dream right??'..I totally went nuts...

‘Why Landon?? Are you surprised?? Weren't you the one who snitched on me and told Mike everything?? Just because I acted pro—

‘Hey hold your horses!! I never told your ex anything lady'..I quickly stopped her and she walked in front of me..

‘You're fired'.. 



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