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           ARROGANT 💋❤

❤️(My stubborn but sexy boss)❤

❤❤️ Episode 19❤❤

Nancy's POV cont'd ♥️

‘Ohhh so now I'm dumb huh??'..

‘Yes you are dumb to think that after all these years you still have over me Mike! I dumped your sorry ass a long time and I have moved on but it seems like old habits die hard when it comes to your case....your wedding is tomorrow so I suggest you have some sleep'..I whispered and wanted to walk away but he held me back..

‘You think anyone is going to love you?? You think your fiance loves you?? You're unlovable Nancy!! You're so unlovable that I had to cheat on you twice'..He said and then all of a sudden someone dragged him away..

Thankfully it was Landon and before I could say anything else he punched Mike right on the face..

‘What the f**k man?!!'..

‘You don't talk to a woman like that you piece of trash'..Landon said and punched him in the gut this time..

‘Come on let's get out of here'..He added and led me away from the beach..

Minutes later ♥️
‘You aren't unlovable'..

‘What??'..I popped my head up..

‘You aren't unlovable'..Landon repeated and I rolled my eyes..

‘He's kind of right you know??'..

‘No he isn't,no one is unlovable no matter how bad they are'..He said and patted my back..

‘Are you always this optimistic??'..I asked.

‘Yep,but let's forget about this and get out of here it's obvious that your ex isn't worth impressing'..he replied and drove away..

Landon's POV ♥️

Two Days Later ♥️
I whistled lightly as I walked into my newly furnished office and went into Nancy's only to find out why she had been ignoring me for the past two days..

‘What can I do for you Mr Landon??'..She asked and I was shocked to the core at her formality..

‘I uhh I just wanted to ask why you've been ignoring me lately'..I replied anyway and she frowned deeply...

‘We are at work and there really isn't any room for ignorance in this place Mr Landon,I only talk to you when necessary and now isn't necessary'..She said..

Is she serious??..

Is she really being serious right now cause I don't know where this dude burst of attitude is coming from..

‘Nancy are you—

‘I expect you to address me formally Mr M
Landon and this attitude won't be tolerated the next time, now leave my office'..

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