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Pregnant for him... He deceived me! 


             🏁 Nine🏁  


He fed me till I was filled up, he sighed getting up to go but I held his hand 
   "What is it? "
  "Pack the plates"I ordered and he scoffed 
   "What! Who's the wife here"
"Am pregnant! "

  "Are you giving birth to stone or to human being?!!! "He yelled unaware that his mom was behind him, the next thing he heard was a knock on the back of his head 
   "Mom!! "He grumbled when he turned his face to his mom holding his head

I loved seeing him beaten, it felt like they were beating off all the deceitful attitude he had been to girls especially me cuz if he didn't deceive me, I will still be in school studying and not sitting at home learning on how to be a mom

    "What! Huh! How dare you call my grandchild a stone! "
  "She's getting on my nerves mom! Can't you see that? She acts like a good girl when you're around but then acts bad when you're not there,she's.... "

   "Shut your trap man! You talk too much! Is that why you called my precious grand child a stone? "
   He kept mute and I smiled sheepishly staring at his face 

  If he had the magic powers of telling me to die, he would've done that without wasting time, if he had powers of strangling me to death, he would've killed without a trace but he couldn't and that got much amused 

He haven't seen anything yet 
   He began to leave the house and I cut in almost immediately 
    "I want to go with you"
  "You can't go with me, you're pregnant and can't move around"he said calmly respecting his mom's presence

    "I need some exercise and you've got to help me"
He stiffened staring at her mom who was staring at me and him
  He stepped closer to me
  "Mona darling... You can't stress yourself now okay? "
  "I don't want to stay alone, "I argued frustrating him the more 

    He sighed almost bursting up if not for the eyes of his mom
    "What do you want me to buy for you when I get back? "He grinned out patting my shoulder 
   "I don't want you to go if you don't want me to go with you"

   "Okay fine fine, let's go out together "
  I beamed hurrying upstairs to go dress up but mistakenly I hit my toe on the stair case
   The sharp pain transported its way from my censory nerves straight to my brain 

   "Ouch! My leg!! "I screamed cuz of the pain 
   "Yes!! Serves you right!!! "Nathan snapped laughing and before he knew it, his mom have already gave him two knocks on the head
  "Mom! "
  "How dare you say such words to your wife! Is that how you rush to your pregnant wife? "

   "But... "
  "What! Go and attend to her! Must I teach you everything? Huh! Maybe your dad will tutor you how to take of your wife since you don't know how to"
Nathan came to me when his mom's yellings became too much 

    He was smirking and rolling out his tongue at me and touching my legs too to know where I wounded 
   "Are you okay? "
 I didn't even say a word to him, I continued with my cries and yellings until he scooped me up in his arms carrying me into the room and dumping me into the bed gently 

   "I'm so happy for the stair case today"
 I didn't speak to him as he did most of the talking and laugh of mockeries to me
   He began to rub my leg applying pain relief cream on it and massaging it over and over again 

    "Ahhhhh"I moaned when he kept massaging it in a sweet way
   I bit my lower lips and I noticed that he was staring at my lips 
  "What? "
  "Why did you moan like that? "
 "I didn't moan"I lied 
He pressed my knuckles softly and those moans came flying out of my lips again 
   "Will you stop that annoying sound of yours "
  "Shut up Nathan!! "


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